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Had a great PA opener today with Tracey harvesting a nice Tom.
roosted a long beard and two hens last night, and set up her blind up 3 benches higher about 150 yards above them .
This morning I tree called and the roosted bird went nuts.
He gobbled non stop for half an hour, cranking up four other toms.
had him come within about 75 yards, when he wouldnt budge any more.
a bunch of toms went to him where he was putting on a show for his hen.
around 7 they all walked off.
Then at 8 I was getting a bunch of birds gobbling together, ended up being 5 long beards following another hen.
They passed us 1 bench down the same as the birds did in the morning.
we stuck it out in the blind till 930, hearing birds around us but nothing working our way.
Hit three other ridge tops, seeing one lone hen. so I said lets go back to the blind to finish out the day as we have been seeing birds there alot this week.
At 1045 I had one going real good, but he hung up on the same lower bench.
talked to him for 15 minutes and he would cut me off, but I could see he wasnt moving.
Decided to get him to gobble and cut him off with my flex tone gobble call.
did that twice and he shut up . lost him as he rounded the bench but knew he was coming this time.
came in in full strut around the jake decoy , where Tracey put him down with a 15 yard shot.
Bird down 11:11

Nice mountain bird

7/8" spurs
9 1/2" Beard 




Captain Dan Bias


50# Striper live release club.




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