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Venison Taco Calzone


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Here's another winner recipe from the NRA American Hunter magazine! :up: This one is awesome. I keep my eye out for their recipes; they come up with some really good ones. You can get this recipe from their January 2, 2024, online magazine website (I don't think it was in their print magazine).

Venison Taco Calzone

This isn't an individual calzone. This can easily feed 4 people or more.

The flavor is great. You can eat it with any topping like salsa, guacamole, sour cream. But I didn't use any of that. I think it tastes good just like it is coming out of the oven. You get the good venison flavor combined with the fresh vegatable salsa and cheese on the inside. Definitely a keeper recipe.

I wasn't crazy about that "braided" look they try to achieve. I only did it with half the calzone because I didn't believe it would look right, but I wanted to try it anyway. It's too hard to get it to look right and the meat spills out between the braids. But if you want that "open calzone" look where some of the meat spills outside, it's fine. It didn't affect the taste at all, and if done right I guess it looks nice for presentation. But to me that isn't a calzone anyway. The other half I did seal it up all the way without playing with the strips of dough and trying to make a braid. Next time I make this, I'm just going to seal it all up without the braided dough. Will make it much easier to put together and keeps the filling inside. But ignoring that, this tastes great.


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