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Looking for info about Bear Bow


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54 minutes ago, Tuck said:

Thanks for the info.  Probably going to list it as it is just sitting around collecting dust.  Can use the $$ to put toward crossbow as my shoulder is shot!!!!!!

You can't pull a 40# bow?   

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1 hour ago, Woodsman416 said:

The bearcat is what is referred to as a "school" bow because they were bought is large quantities for school and club training programs. I see them for sale usually for about $50.

I believe you are thinking of the “bearcub” bow (1969 red fiberglass backing).  This was a similar bow that was offered as a school or club bow.  The “bearcat” (1969 black fiberglass backing) was the affordable option to own a bear bow back then.  You can sell that bearcat for $150 all day long to collectors

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