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Brrr is it cold


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Sitting on stand now swaying in the wind. Had to work yesterday and needed my hunting fix so gonna tuff it out till dark. Maybe i'll get lucky can't shoot them from the couch.


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wtg Bowhunter444 ! I'm out ! guess I'm not much of a bowhunter . when it gets cold n windy like this . "give me back my bullets" I like bow hunt'n but can't shoot all bundled up n s :censored: 

wth? cant figure out how to post youtube video . Jim Beam got me all screwed up! but it all good cause you get the point! :off topic:





Edit: Fixed it for ya, depending on the browser, sometimes it posts it as a URL link instead of embedding it. I just toggle that "lightswitch" icon on the editor to edit raw text and post the link :)

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