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11/16 checkin


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nice to be able to hunt where they don't stock birds.  I'm waiting for another 2 weeks before I let them have it with old smokey.  I sure miss hunting November being pheasant or deer but being short of work and lack of the get up and go I'll pick my days where the odds are more in my favor. Or at least easier to arag one out without the heart stopping.  But I'll never quit. Love seeing red snow in Jan.

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I pulled one stand and hung another... As I was gathering up my gear at the base of the tree where I just relocated, I hear an animal trotting in through the brush... Cool, just set this stand up and deer are cruising in already, yeah right, it's a coyote. Scared the crap out of me. I reached for my knife as I stood and made a manly noise at him. He paused for a second, recognized I was not a meal as of yet and swapped ends faster than I thought was possible. Maybe I should bring in an under done hamburger into stand Monday afternoon.


FYI for you guys who predator hunt. This is the second coyote I've seen in a week. I hunt in zone 16 on County and WMA property.

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