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Anyone want to hunt Pa mountains Oct 21st-26th?


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Im heading to camp for our early muzzy doe season. Ill be there with thefirstndsecond, We can sleep 10 comfortably in my camp. I have a full kitchen, bath, living room with direct tv and 3 bedrooms. If anyone wants to bowhunt, Im in the middle of the Moshannon State Forest. The forest totals 190,012 acres on the Allegheny Plateau. It lies primarily in Clearfield, Elk, and Centre counties with small tracts in Cameron and Clinton counties and is one of eight state forests located in the PA Wilds region. http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/forestry/stateforests/moshannon/index.htm

We also have numerous gamelands next to my camp totaling another 30,000 acres. Its big woods hunting for sure. Our deer get old. With a Pa license you can also small game hunt. I plan on grouse and squirrel hunting If I tag out....


Click on the DCNR file at the bottom for a map




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Trust me. If you take your time you can make it back. If you panic and get stupid well..... Depends what area.


I am still learning and hope to continue learning for a while.


Good bunch of guys. I am one of the least experienced there and still have a good time.

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Wish I could join you.  For the first time since 1986, I'll be missing my Potter County bow and grouse/woodcock hunt this year because I'm still not cleared to hunt from the surgery.  I'll be up for rifle season even if I can't shoot by then just to sit in a stand with one of my buddies and offer a second set of eyes.  But I think they'll let me hunt by then.  I'll sneak in part of the Saturday before deer season shooting some grouse even though I won't have my Brittany with me in deer camp. 

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