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  1. sounds like a good deal has anyone had trouble with their bolt I read that it is rough and has to be pulled back very hard. if so do you think a gunsmith could make it smoother
  2. that is a great price
  3. rec913

    Savage 220 is awesome!

    nice looks like your dialed in lots of luck with it
  4. rec913

    Pudelpointer day

    do you keep your dog inside and are they good family dogs thanks for any answers
  5. I have been using the Morrell Yellow Jackey bag it works pretty good easy pull out
  6. rec913

    Don't do what I did...

    I also use the ten point CUB bolt seems to work okay and is biodegradable glad no one was hurt
  7. rec913

    Ravin R15 vs. 10 Point Nitro X

    great information
  8. I have been using a Ten Point with the crank loading system little heavy but I like it I use a shooting stick with it and that makes it easier for me at leasy
  9. this is probably a dumb question but I know nothing about this electric fences does the wire have to be buried. this might be something I could use at my Pa. house but burying it would hard too many rocks and shale.
  10. rec913

    Which would you rather have.......??

    more time to spend with family and friends as you get older it seems that time just flies by
  11. rec913

    Fun home project...

    looks good.
  12. rec913

    I'm a daddy!

    she is a beautiful baby congratulations to you and Andrina
  13. rec913

    Redneck Blinds Soft Sided Guille Blind

    great job looks good that is something that I would like I do not like heights
  14. rec913

    Set scope back to zero

    great tip