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  1. dose it compensate for angle like some do
  2. I like ten point equipment never had trouble with mine or have heard of from guys that have them in the club I belong to they are a bit more money but it is money well spent just my 2 cents feelings
  3. great pictures looks like you got a winner
  4. Jay I went with the one from Ford when I ordered my truck it is a tri fold had one little Leake but made an adjustment and now it seems to be ok
  5. price and location please picture if possible thanks
  6. I just ordered a Ford 150 never had a problem with the ones I owned
  7. the menu looks good how are the prices
  8. I have both the Arlo and Blink cameras both do a good job the blink camera batteries seem to last longer. so far no problem with either indoors or outdoors
  9. I was a member for over 20 yrs stopped when they no longer sent you the newsletter and went enews as did many others of my club
  10. lots of good information been looking at them and like what I see and read
  11. sounds like a good deal has anyone had trouble with their bolt I read that it is rough and has to be pulled back very hard. if so do you think a gunsmith could make it smoother
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