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6/4/18 - Bluefish Management Changes Proposed - Public Hearings Scheduled

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all I know is, the Bluefish fishery is nothing like it was in the 80s and 90s...  There were no limits back then either from what I recall, it's been 10 a person for many years since...   As for NJ - I think it's more about the bait than it is the population though, last 2 or 3 summers all the party boats been doing is cocktail blues and chubb mackeral all summer long...   A few years prior to that, outstanding fishing for Blues and false albies as they either set up at the mud dump or Shark River Reef and it was drop anchor, chum and never move non-stop action.    Hell they were even catching yellowfins on shark river reef a few years ago, there were so many sand eels in the area. 

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Here is an idea, get rid of half the mid-water trawlers that clean up fish offshore... Then kill every cormorant and sooth and spiny dogfish in the ocean... Start reef building and no more roller gear anywhere... Problem solved.


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So long as the ASMFC continues to manage species by species instead of looking at the interconnections between the various species they "manage", and so long as commercial interests are placed over recreational interests, nothing will change and our fisheries will continue to tank.  

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