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Merlot bucktail the new color

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Zip you should fish some of my bucktails and show your catch.I gave so many bucktails away to friends I got loads of pix from bass and blues.none of us fish for fluke though okfluking is gay

Flukefishing Gay? I resemble that remark. Lol. I like eating Fluke that is all!

"All men die, not all men really live". WW

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By the way when your trailers have scent on them they will out catch a buck tail with out scent.  that's why fishermen use gulp

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Ok I wont buy any and work them with my scents I will keep using S&S Bucktails


my bucktails aren't for Sale I'll gladly tie you some if your aer I pushed about them for fish.s&s doesn't have strong hooks this his demise magiktails builds better bucktail
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A stupid comment like that just draws negative feedback that's like me saying where can I buy your deer scent and then saying I'll use tinks or buckbomb.I tie for self glory and given over 100 bucktails away to fellow fisherman FOR FREE SOME I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW. Bad for business real bad but if you are serious about a bucktail for fluke I'll gladly tie you some and if your serious about big fluke use whole squid live spots or live bait with a plain hook it'll out fish any bucktail trust me

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