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smoked a jake yesterday


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Went up north to zone 11 with a buddy of mine and it was hot in the PM but we where able to find a few that wanted to play just a Jake but he will taste great and the family with enjoy him. I still have one tag left but going to make a take sandwich out of that one. I been hunting hard the 2 weeks of D week every day before work then back at it after work. Ready to go fishing working on the boat this weekend and will be in the water next weekend. Had a fun season running around with my son and my uncle trying to get it done. I got a nice long beard during E week then it was tough with all the rain and cooler weather A LOT of cloud cover was a tough season but learned somethings and was about to help teach a co worker how to call in birds and answer as many questions he had. Also had a fun time running this years W&W Turkey Hunting Contest. We had some great birds entered and even had some bickering witch always makes it fun lol. Is it bad I am already thinking about deer hunting. I have 6 different bucks on cam and love watching them grown. The 8 and 9 points from last year have made it and they are growing nicely. I will talk to you guys and gals later I have to be up at 330 for work. That time of year starting to get behind on work and its not good. AGAIN this WEATHER sucked this spring so far



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