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Equalizer 24" All Welded All Aluminum Climbing Treestand $375 firm 08088/SJ vic.


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I have sadly come to the realization that my climbing days are over as I am turning 67 this winter so I am hunting closer to the ground now. This 24" wide stand sells for $440 plus $40 delivery charge. I am not desperate to sell so no low ball offers please. This is an amazing climber, do your research if you are not familiar with them. Excellent condition hardly used. $375 cash only. I travel SJ/upper Central Jersey for easy meet up. 








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If I didn't have one I would buy it. It lets you start on the tree level and adjust top and bottom as you climb. Last year in Ohio I had my bottom Summit Viper stand drop while I was 16' up. I had a hard time getting back up because of health problems. When I got back I bought a new Equalizer. The best move I ever made.

Good luck with sale


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I'm 73 and still use a climber. However, I have lost a lot of strength being so old. I cannot draw my compound and I'm not real accurate with the recurve so I switched to a crossbow. I hate that effing contraption.

It is insane to carry the xbow while backpacking a treestand. So I put an API lock on in one area. I use my TreeWalker to install the lockon. I have another climber that I got cheap, but it weighs a ton. I roll it in on my deer cart and leave it fastened to the base of a tree in the NWS. The first time I went to use it there was a note on it from some guy that has a lock-on nearby. So I moved it. I got up in it Friday and noticed another lock-on 30 yds away. So I carted it completely out of the area. I'm going to put it in the zone 6 area of NWS this week, because I'm getting the Z6 extended bow permit.

The xbow is also a pain in the ass once up in the treestand. It is just sooo awkward. The only redeeming factor is it is as accurate as a rifle out to 50+ yards.

I also hate the scope on it. It has a short eye relief made for xbows. So if I have a camo mask on my breath fogs it up.

I'm not ready to sell my TreeWalker. I'm not familiar with the climber you are selling, but IMO the TreeWalker is the best stand money can buy. I'm sure the one you are selling is good too GLWS.

Sorry for using your FS post to vent.

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