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  1. 230jhp

    Jorge & Sons Moving?

    Disappointing if true. He is the only butcher whose work I like. It doesn't say anything about moving on his web site.
  2. http://www.politicalwrinkles.com/news-current-events/55451-shocking-peta-video-features-actress-comparing-animal-cruelty-meat-consumption-ho-2.html#post942008 https://www.theblaze.com/news/2018/07/19/shocking-peta-video-features-actress-comparing-animal-cruelty-meat-consumption-to-holocaust She had a very small part in "Cold Mountain". Otherwise she hasn't been in a good move since "The Professional" in 1994. This is typical of how the left trivializes the Holocaust and fascism in general. The ironic thing is they do not realize fascism a left wing ideology. (The link to political wrinkles may not work unless you have an account on that site)
  3. 230jhp

    Climber Recommendation

    I opened this thread to also promote TreeWalker. Best climber there is and rated for 350#. I have had mine for 6 or 7 years and still love it. Only downside is the geometry of the rifle support doesn't work for me, but I usually don't hunt with a firearm from a tree anyway.
  4. You need to tell us an alternative because you are apparently anti Trump with no logical thought process to back that up. This in spite of the fact you are now walking back your anti Trump sentiments. The Muller investigation has run it's course finding no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. The Russians likely did hack the DNC server and would have hacked the RNC server, but the latter had sufficient security to prevent that. The indictments have no validity because the actors will never be extradited. What about the Pakistani IT guys that Debbie Wassermann Schultz hired? They returned to Pakistan with tons of information from the DNC system. No one is talking about that.
  5. The Italian you are referring to is Addonizo. I have heard there is a Netflix ( or Showtime) series called "Jersey" coming out about that time period. It has he kid from Bronx Tail.
  6. So you don't like Trump. What is your alternative? Your thought process is completely guided by misplaced emotion. You begin your post saying Trump supporters are low IQ. Then you just reiterate the term "Trump Zombies" ad nauseam . It sounds to me like low IQ left wing mob mentality. I suggest you read "Demonic" by Ann Coulter. Pay special attention to the chapter(s) about the French Revolution then reassess your thought process. https://www.amazon.com/Demonic-How-Liberal-Endangering-America/dp/0307353494 https://www.amazon.com/Resistance-Futile-Trump-Hating-Left-Collective/dp/1984833790
  7. The left is comically outraged about Trump meeting with Putin. Yet every president since Roosevelt met with a Kremlin leader. Kennedy got totally spanked by Khrushchev in Vienna in 1961. Khrushchev was so emboldened he started putting missile bases in Cuba. As someone posted Trump could cure cancer and the left would be outraged. It just goes to show that leftest ideology is totally bankrupt. They have nothing but mob rule slogans with no rational thought behind the logic.
  8. I seem to recall when Booker was Newark mayor he slightly stepped off the Democrat plantation by saying something that supported "personal responsibility". When he did he was quickly rebuked by the DNC and the rest of the "Democrat plantation" being told if he ever wants higher office he better tow the "plantation" line. He has held with the left ever since. He will definitely be running in the 2020 Democrat presidential primary along with Sanders; Warren; Clinton and a host of other left wings ideologues. They will all be trying to show who is further to the left. It will be a real circus.
  9. 230jhp

    Some Words for Thought

    I think you should stop drinking the CNN/MSNBC kool-aid. I find it amazing that someone that is supposedly a hunter and gun owner could align themselves with this left wing brainwashing
  10. 230jhp

    F/S 14 FT Boat W/ 8 HP motor

  11. 230jhp

    Weed I.D.

    Last summer there was a weird plant growing under my neighbor's bird feeder. It looked like that except it had spiney seed pods with black seeds and trumpet shaped flowers. I researched it and learned it was jimsonweed. It turns out, although toxic, jimsonweed seeds can be used as a psychedelic drug. Later in the season I found a farm adjacent to some public land I hunt had two fields planted with jimsonweed. As far as I know there is no commercial value for this plant. His jimsonweed didn't do very well, most of the plants had died by October. I never asked him why he was growing it.
  12. 230jhp

    Indians from India

    In addition to that they assimilate in one generation and I never heard of a Hindu beheading anyone.
  13. 230jhp

    New gun law ?

    If reducing the magazine capacity is what you want to do there is an easy DIY technique. Get a pipe cutter; remove the cutting wheels and replace with flat washers; determine exactly where the magazine needs to be dented to reduce the capacity to the desired number; then simply create a dent (dimple) at that location. The magazine capacity will be permanently reduced.
  14. 230jhp

    F/S 14 FT Boat W/ 8 HP motor