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  1. HuntStand is the best GPS hunting app I have found.
  2. Unfortunately there are a considerable number of people who will vote for any of those clowns.
  3. I almost squawked because Green Turtle pond is not on the list, then I realized they stock it in November for what they call the winter stocking. It's supposed to be for ice fishing, but most of the fish stocked are caught the same day.
  4. That must have been a long long time ago. Parsippany has had a no hunting ordinance for at least 30 years. I remember the horse place, I even recall going on trail rides there in the 1970's. I don't recall a drive in theater there. When I lived in Parsippany in the '90's I used to train my dog in the area you are referring to. That area has been all built up for many years. Lead East is on the other side of town....a very large town,
  5. I used to go for the Doo Wapp music, but when Ronnie I (the organizer of the Doo Wapp groups) passed away that whole music aspect of Lead East went with him. RIP Ronnie
  6. Growing up I knew this kid who was the 12 year old male version of Miss Jane Hathaway on the Beverly Hillbillies. He had a butterfly/ moth collection. He used to catch them then pin them to a sheet of cardboard. ( Perhaps Norman Bates is a better anology) In his collection he had swallowtail butterflies in various color combinations and a cecropia moth. His collection, however, didn't have any of the insects shown in this thread. That one that looks like woodland camo is pretty cool.....I don't think I ever saw one like that. Thanx for sharing.
  7. The East Hanover store eliminated hunting and fishing more than ten years ago.
  8. High Mountain in North Haledon; Wayne; & Franklin Lakes is loaded with deer, but they all have no hunting ordinances. I have been hiking there recently it's loaded with deer sign. I used to hunt there when I was a kid. Back in the day it was much bigger, but the area known as "Pancake Holler" has been flooded with a reservoir and developed with upscale houses. Wm Paterson College has expanded the campus over the south east portion of the tract including the spot I shot my first deer back in the 60's It's still a fairly large tract of land with well groomed hiking trails. The hike from the college to the top of High Mountain is about 3-4 miles round trip with panoramic views of the Passaic Valley from the mountain top. The last time I did that trip I jumped a doe. There is also a waterfall there we used to call Buttermilk Falls. When the water table is high enough it drops water about 50-75 feet. There are no trails going to it anymore, but it is about 50 yards off the access road that is the North Haledon entrance to the campus. If water is flowing in the winter with no leaves it can be seen from the access road if you look hard.
  9. I saw a small buck in Fairlawn back in the 1980's while jogging though Dunkerhook park. There is a greenway of county parks that run along the Saddle River between Glen Rock and Saddle Brook. Dunkerhook is part of that.
  10. I am 71 and still hunted with the compound from the climbing treestand. Thinking of retiring this year from deer hunting. Not because of shootng the compound....I still shoot better than most. Thinking of ending my 50+ year deer hunting career because of the difficulty getting a deer out of the woods.
  11. I got a new phone. I was able to transfer the app, but all the "hunt areas" and tracks are gone....I also had the subscription for unlimited parcel info that's gone too...Does anyone know how to get it back?
  12. I don't have mixed feelings...soccer sucks. It's a game for forigners. It's the most boring game there is no decisive action. The fact that that purple hair lesbian is making it even more anti American makes it suck even more
  13. They already stopped raising pheasants
  14. Not my dad, but one of my friends dad: Me, "Mister S. where's Jimmy?" Mr S: "He's in my pocket." I still use that today on my grandsons.
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