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  1. 230jhp

    Woodsman416 were are you?

    No problem....thanx again for your help
  2. 230jhp

    Woodsman416 were are you?

    Actually the tithe should read "Where are you"
  3. 230jhp

    Woodsman416 were are you?

    I sent private messages and text messages to arrange returning the shipping box you loaned me to ship my Savage 220 to the manufacturer. I haven't gotten any reply. Please advise.
  4. I think not having to pump my own gas is one of the only good things about NJ. I have pumped gas in my rental cars in Florida and Texas when it is 100 degrees with sweat dripping off my nose. I have also had to fill my rental car in Illinois; Wisconsin and Minnesota when the temperature is well below freezing. No thanks I much prefer pulling up to the pump and telling the attendant to fill it regular. Also don't think there will be any reduction in the price of gas if you pump it yourself. d
  5. That show as with all these shows have gone so far downhill it's not worth he trouble to go
  6. 230jhp

    Very Disturbing

    IMO the left has trotted her out to make the likes of Biden or gun-grabber Bloomberg seem reasonable by comparison. The same is true for that Green New Deal.
  7. 230jhp

    Pheasant mount complete

    That's a rare genetic strain with the blue chest making it a very special mount.....Great work as usual A commercial preserve/club I have hunted in Illinois has a once a year "bluebird" hunt where they release one bird like that among others. The members hunt and whoever gets the "bluebird" gets some kind of prize.
  8. 230jhp


    I started this thread last summer.....selling it for a friend..... pretty sure he will sell it without the motor.
  9. I think the left trots out morons like her and that Beto clown as well as ideas like this Green New Deal to make the likes of candidates like Biden and gun grabber Bloomberg seem reasonable by comparison.
  10. I had that surgery three years ago. I injured my knee jumping out of my climber at the base of the tree. They just removed pieces of the torn meniscus. Rehab with physical therapy was about six weeks. Unfortunately for me I injured it in Oct2015 and had the surgery Nov2015 so I missed the entire deer season. My knee has been fine ever since.
  11. I have a friend who did several African hunts. His living room has a mount of almost every African game animal; the rug is a zebra hide and there are cape buffalo horns under a glass coffee table. He had all the mounts done by some guy in PA. He wasn't happy with the mount of the sable. The taxidermist painted the horns and he wanted these to be natural.
  12. 230jhp

    Savage 220 Ejection Issue--Update

    I don't have a problem with that especially since they repaired it free of charge when it is out of warranty.
  13. Does anyone know if there is safe ice there????? I have to come to Hunterdon county to return the shipping box I borrowed off Woodsman416. I am thinking of combining the trip with trying to catch some lake trout through the ice.
  14. 230jhp

    Savage 220 Ejection Issue--Update

    Update: Got it back........ ejects fine. Looks like they replaced at least one of the extractors. They defiantly replaced the finger that is attached to the rear of the receiver. From the looks of it now the original finger was broken off and the spring was also broke. The function of this finger is to actually eject the shells. Now I have to bring it to the range to sight in since I removed and replaced the scope.