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  1. I sometimes go hiking on High Mountain in North Haledon/Wayne. I often see deer there, but haven't seen any bucks like that.. When I was a kid in the 1960's I grew up in Haledon. We used to hunt where the college is now. I got my first buck (in about 1963) in a spot that today is a parking lot on the college campus. I think it was some time in the 1970's when North Haledon and Wayne put no hunting laws in place. The last I checked the northern end of the High Mountain tract in Franklin Lakes can still be bow hunted if you can find access, The restriction on firearms in FL allows shotguns with up to #4 shot, so you could still technically turkey hunt there.
  2. Its's basically a wive's tale, but there is more than a grain of truth to it. Seeing any animal that is basically nocturnal during the day is abnormal. It is possible it is rabies, but also possible it was disturbed from it's daytime resting place by another animal or human intrusion or weather conditions; and a variety of other reasons. It the animal is acting peculiar like walking like it's drunk; walking in circles ( they normally travel as if they have a destination) or laying in one place it is likely sick.
  3. Is anything being done by the UBNJ; SFSC or other organizations to reverse Murphy's order closing state lands to bear hunting? Everytime I have been deer hunting in Waywayanda this year I have seen bears. Sometimes multiple bears in one sitting.
  4. This came up as an ad on my HuntStsnd app. These stocks look awesome and are not cost prohibitive. https://www.boydsgunstocks.com/
  5. I once reported illegal ATV riding on Wildcat Ridge. I told them the address of the house they were leaving from and the time of day,ie, high school kids after school. No action by DFW officers
  6. I once had a similar experience on kittitinny camp lake (DWGNRA) during Sept goose season. I put out decoys with my boat then camoed the boat and set up in the reeds near the dekes. About a half hour later some clown shows up; moves my boat;puts his in the water and starts fishing AMONG MY DECOYS. I yelled at him to fish another part of the lake although it's a small lake. He wouldn't move. So to avoid a confrontation I collected my dekes and left after coursing him out. It didn't occur to to me until I was driving home that I should have rowed to where he was fishing and rowed circles around him while splashing as much as I could.
  7. You mean goosey night. At least that's what it's called in Passaic county
  8. My rule of thumb is is it gets going around the time the clocks change. It is triggered by waining daylight hours. The clock change seem to coincide with the shorter daylight hours that effect their patuitary gland to get them chasing does. On the downside that occurs after the regular bow season ends so the DFW can nickle and dime us with the extended bow permit and buck tag.
  9. This has been an ongoing coup attempt for the last three years. If the left is ever successful it's the end of the republic.
  10. I had one about 15 years ago when I was diagnosed with Hep-C. They put yo in am MRI to determine exactly where they need to stick the needle. I don't remember being under general anesthesia, but I don't recall it hurting either. There was a big bruise there afterward. I went turkey hunting the next day against medical advise. Bottom line is it's not that bad. If you are doing it for hep-C you lucked out. They have a new treatment now that is 100% effective with minimal side effects. When I had it the treatment was Interferon and Riboviran. This treatment has significant side effects and is less than 100% effective. In my case the side effects weren't anywhere as bad as they said it would be and I was completely cured. The downside was it took over two years of weekly injections. With the new treatment you will have an "undectible viral load" in a few months.
  11. That's sorghum DFW sometimes plants it for pheasant cover
  12. I agree. I used to go on a management hunt on a golf course. Always felt stupid doing it.
  13. Is Brian Laube still in business? Every time I call that number I get either voice mail or no answer.
  14. I don't think I have used camo face paint since the 1970's. The best mask I have found is one of those sunscreen things that people use to fish in Florida. Most of those are brightly colored, but I found a camo one at a Cabelas store in Florida.
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