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  1. Nice surprise trout fishing today

    Sometimes people catch walleyes on the Wanaque river just below the Greenwood lake dam while trout fishing. I once saw a guy there with a 5 pounder. That would be awesome on a fly rod.
  2. The shit hits the fan

    There's a lot of scenarios none of them good and all will be worse if the left succeeds in taking away our guns.
  3. Lake Management

    Most of the lakes in North Jersey (Wawayanda, Shepard et.al. ) are seriously weed choked and have been that way for a long time. I have never heard about any effort to fix it.
  4. Don't Buy from Dicks

    Several years before folding Sports Authority removed everything for hunting, guns etc in most stores. The Dick's in East Hanover did the same thing a few years ago. Perhaps more Dick's stores will follow suit then close. Good riddance.
  5. New Gun

    I believe the twist on a .308 is 1-10
  6. New Gun

    If it has a tubular magazine you shouldn't use pointed bullets unless you use those relatively new polymer tipped pointed bullets. I think these are called "Lever Revolution". These are made in 30-30 and .35Rem, I don't know of these type bullets are available in .308win.
  7. What are your goals for this coming deer season?

    Mule deer in Colorado. A friend just bought property there. Pictures of the property show it may to be conducive to stalking with a bow or flintlock. Bow hunt Illinois. Now that my son has finished his MBA we will be able to hunt his wife's grandpa's farm in Iroquois county. Get the NJ Zone 4 buck I am pretty sure survived NJ firearm season.
  8. Hey read this and puke

    Last I checked Sweeney was anti 2A
  9. Global Warming

    Paul What can you tell us about the current fishing there. The online fishing reports are sketchy. My son lives in Tampa and I will be coming down to fish soon. I think they are currently catching redfish, snook season is closed, when will they be catching tarpon? We are looking for fly fishing charters.
  10. Fly Fishing Advice -Help

    I didn't know Pflueger was still in business. I fish with a 40 year old Pflueger Medalist on my 6wt. I have multiple spools for it acquired at garage sales and such. Some of the newer spools say Pflueger Medalist by Shakespeare so at some point Pflueger must have been taken over by Shakespeare. Also If you pay close attention to "A River Runs Through It" you will notice the Brad Pitt character is fishing with a Pflueger Medalist. It is a really old one with the circular line guide ( My 40 year old one has a rectangular line guide.) I found one with the circular guide, but the frame was unsalvageable, I use the spool on my current rig.
  11. For Sale 2007 RAM 1500

    That's right I have over 100K on mine and it is 5 years newer. GLWS
  12. Columbia Lake dam Removal

    I was in Wawayanda the other day scouting for turkey hunting. I noticed that Kasmir pond is completely drained. I inquired at the park office and was told they removed the dam because there "was a problem" with it, whatever that means. When some new young vegetation grows there it may well attract deer in the fall, that is, if there are any deer left in the park with all the coyote fawn predation. Kasmir pond was a weird body of water anyway. Again, once many years ago I was scouting and brought a fishing rod. I caught an enormous yellow perch (16"+) As a result I was psyched to ice fish there. When safe ice occurred a few months later I caught nothing and the shiners were dying almost immediately. Go figure.
  13. Fly Fishing Advice -Help

    Everyone's advice is good, but I didn't see any mention of the fly rod action. That is there are "fast" action and "slow" action fly rods. Slow is generally considered best for beginners
  14. Who Has Eaten At Spain Inn 2?

    I don't know about this particular place, but Iberian cuisine is awesome. My personal favorite place is Forno's on Ferry St in Newark. Haven't been there in years though. Don Pepe's II in Pine Brook is good also.
  15. Knife Control

    Knife control doesn't have much effect in prison where the inmates make shevs out of tooth brush handles etc. Again an example of "where there's a will there's a way"