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  1. I stopped by the NWS office yesterday. They told me they don't think Baraka will close the property, but what do they know. I am going to wait till the last minute to get the bear permit for that zone. BTW I did see a bear yesterday while scouting there. It is the same small bear I have seen multiple times this past summer.
  2. Since Jorge is history has anyone used any of these guys recently? These two North Haledon guys are close to home for me. Brian Laube North Haledon, NJ 973-427-0356 I have heard good things about Brian Laube in the past. I haven't heard any recent reviews. I called him to butcher a deer about three years ago and got voicemail so I went to Jorge. He did call back that night, but it was too late. Mitchell's Custom Cuts North Haledon, NJ 973-423-3874 Both this guy and Brian Laube are close to home, but I haven't any feed back on Michell's. Has anyone ever used these guys??? On the up side I am also hunting a farm in Lebanon. There are several well known butchers near there that are also HHH butchers, but I am not going to drive there with a deer I shoot in Z3,4,5,6.
  3. The only one I still belong to is the NJSFSC. That is for the insurance.
  4. As I said in the other thread my concern is if this EO stands then what is there to stop him from applying another EO to hunting other species.
  5. I started a similar thread in the politics forum last Saturday. As someone said "crickets"
  6. 230jhp

    Ridgewood Country Club

    I did a golf course management hunt a few times 10-15 years ago. My club was invited by the person managing the hunt. After a while my club was kicked off the hunt. I think it was because one of the members kept hitting and losing deer. Personally I didn't care because I always felt kind of stupid doing it. It is true these golf course deer do smarten up. Once I had about a half dozen of them watch from 30 yards out as I fastened my climber to a tree and climbed up. When I pulled the bow up and nocked an arrow they took off...... When they come into the feeder there will be as many as 10 deer close enough to shoot. That is 10 sets of eyes to catch you bringing the bow to full draw. The purpose of this type of hunt is strictly management. That is to reduce the deer population on a property that has way too many deer for the its' ecology. The likelihood of getting a mature buck is somewhat reduced because he will come in after the does and small bucks. By the time he arrives that "10 sets of eyes" situation will be in place. "Good luck" getting to full draw then.
  7. 230jhp

    Belated Constitution Day and a thought

    You're joking right????
  8. 230jhp

    Place to sight in a rifle?

    ANJRPC Cherry Ridge range in Vernon. 100,200,300 yards. Not sure what the membership fees are because I have the senior citizen discount, it is somewhere around $200 per year with a one time initiation fee. I have been a member for over 30 years https://www.anjrpc.org/
  9. 230jhp

    Ridgewood Country Club

    Or in the woods adjacent to the driving range with golf balls hitting the trees near the tree you hunting in. Oh wait you could ride a golf cart to your stand.
  10. 230jhp

    Pocket Ranger APP

    Never found "Pocket Ranger" very useful. I use "HuntStand". It also has the friend finder and can lay down tracks/routes of anywhere you go. The displayed maps can be toggled between satellite-hybrid and USGS topo. The premium version ($11.99 per year) has a feature that tells you the owner of the property you click on. Previously I used Trimble "GPS Hunt" , but they sun-downed that about two years ago.. Although I lost a lot of saved information I am glad they ended it. The HuntStand I use now is significantly better because of what I mentioned above. I have three other GPS apps on my phone: "AntlerInsanity" isn't very useful for navigation, but it has a feature where you save stand locations then you can get the wind direction at that spot from anywhere. I find that useful when I am deciding where to hunt based on wind direction before leaving home . "USTopomaps" isn't as good as "HuntStand " . However it does have more map overlays. One of the overlays is a marine map that indicates the depth in fathoms anywhere in the ocean. I looking forward to using it the next time I go fishing on a party or charter boat. I also still have "Trimble GPS Hunt" on my phone. While the maps no longer work the satellite compass still does. This is especially useful in Z3 where there are many places with iron ore in the ground that throw off a magnetic compass.
  11. 230jhp

    Upland Boots ?

    These are the best upland/turkey/hiking boots I have ever owned. I have had mine for several years and still completely waterproof. Easy lace up with enough ankle support while still flexible. The traction is fine. The most comfortable boots I have ever owned. https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/redhead-tracker-8-leather-gore-tex-insulated-hunting-boots-for-men With these on sale I am thinking of ordering a second pair for when mine finally do wear out and the product is discontinued by then.
  12. You are right, shotgun slugs make a big enough hole going in that expansion is not an issue.
  13. I have been using Thermocell both blue and earth scent for years. I have said many times, " I don't know how I ever turkey hunted with out it. " I concur with all that it does't spook deer. The only issue I have with it is it doesn't work as well when walking. Whether "running and gunning" for turkeys or summer scouting I still get insects buzzing around my ears if walking at a good clip. When you are sitting in one place it creates a cloud around you. Also once I had it on my fishing vest when I fell in the river. It went out and wouldn't light again, but after drying out for a few days it worked fine again. With regard to using it while fishing be careful disposing the pads. The label says it is toxic to fish. I doubt if one pad would be enough to damage a fishery, but why take the chance. In addition to the earth scent I would like to see buck lure pads or better yet bear attractant pads (licorice etc.). I think I may have seen buck lure pads already, but don't recall where.
  14. 230jhp

    Coyotes are back

    I agree using the shotgun at night I feel like I am wasting my time. Even though I have the "Dead Coyote" loads and choke I would much prefer to use my .243
  15. 230jhp

    New to Zone 3

    I live 10 minutes away from Norvin Green and never hunt it. During the week it might not be too bad, but on the weekend it is loaded with hippy dippy hikers.