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  1. Count me in.... I'll bring throwing axes and beer
  2. I might log on to this to complain about the stupidity of the"winter stocking" The stupidity comes in because they announce when they will do it. The result is droves of"meat fisherman" show up and fish while they are stocking. I was at Green Turtle Pond a couple of years ago when the stocking truck was there. They were lined up shoulder to shoulder on both sides of the truck. Winter stocking is supposed to be so trout are available through the ice once the impoundments freeze. If they want that to happen they should just not post online when the stocking is to occur and/or close the impoundm
  3. This ad came up on Facebook..I thought it interesting https://www.facebook.com/117031753037845/posts/479770886763928/?sfnsn=mo Link to the article: https://blade-city.com/blogs/gun-knife-blog/tb-survival-shotgun-rifle
  4. No they just go dormant when the temperature is below 36°. When it gets warmer they're back out again. Some years are worse than others.. I don't know why.
  5. I just checked it's down the shore. If it were fishing season I would make the drive then go surf fishing. This time of year that's not going to happen. Would you meet me halfway.. I'm in northern Passaic county.
  6. I'm interested in some of the.45's, but Clarksburg might be too far....I never heard of it so it must be South Jersey.
  7. I'm not getting this vaccine until more information is available on the side effects. A perfectly healthy Hank Aaron got the vaccine and was dead a week later. I know someone that got the first shot then erupted with shingles. I heard 40 thousand people went into annaphalactic shock after getting the vaccine. All vaccines influence the immune system. Years ago no one was allergic to peanuts. Now a kid cannot bring a peanut butter sandwich to school because someone might go into annaphalactic shock. IMO too much vaccination and antibiotic use has disrupted the immune system
  8. I like the green ones we had in the'60's.
  9. Rabbo' (oxtail braised Cuban style) is out of this world. There are a ton of awesome Cuban restaurants in Union City. There's another good Cuban place Essex street in Hackensack. Any Iberian restaurant is good,but Forno's in Ironbound is the best. I'm salivating just thinking about the rabbit cooked Portuguese style they serve at Forno's.
  10. Cuban and Portuguese are on a level with Italian. I wouldn't feed Indian food to a dog. Vietnamese is also nasty...fish heads and rice yuk Both Indian and Vietnamese are like Exlax.
  11. The only place in the contest I ever heard of is Patsy's in Paterson. However I've never been there. I think Sun-Ray formally in Paterson now in Little Falls should have been in the contest as well as Anthony Franco's at multiple North Jersey locations.
  12. What's the deal with this vets hunt? Vets can hunt without the NJ stamp? Do we still need the federal stamp and HIP#???
  13. Many Browning guns were made in Belgium for a long time. A "made in Belgium"Browning A5 is a highly saught after firearm. It is an excellent gun. I think I heard somwhere they now make them in Japan. The only complaint I have about my CZ "made in Turkey" over under is some of the bluing came off from removing and replacing the forend.
  14. Congrats Joe I retired almost three years ago. It was a bit of a transition for me at first, but now locked into it.
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