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  1. That arm of Monksville along Beech road is usually the first place in the area with safe ice. Unfortunately there will be no safe ice even there this year.
  2. Whether or not you can hunt at night there is an academic issue because there is no enforcement of any of their stupid rules. Those two annoying old guys in the office are the entire security force there. At least I have never seen anyone patrol the area. The NWCC went bankrupt a few years ago. The place now is administered by the City of Newark. They have enough problems in the city to be concerned with what happens in some expanse of woods 40 miles away.
  3. The best choice for broadhead blades would be 406 stainless. Most broadheads are made from 400 series SS. It is hardened and will hold an edge.
  4. Actually you are right I made a typo
  5. S7 is a tool steel. It is typically used for applications that include shock such as chisels.
  6. 41L40 is not tool steel. It is chrome/molibdinum alloy steel. The "L" designation indicates lead is added for machinability. While it is harder than regular carbon steel it is not as hard as tool steels ( such as O2;A2; D2 et.al) that are alloyed and heat treated for cutting. 4140 is an alloy made for strength. It has a significantly higher tensile strength than carbon steel. It is usually designated as 4140HT or 4140A meaning heat treated or annealed. In 40 years of working as a machine design engineerI never heard of 41L40. That of course doesn't mean there is no such thing. Lead is usually alloyed with carbon steel for machinability. The most common use is 12L14. That is high carbon steel with lead added.
  7. It used to be completely closed as of January first.. Maybe they changed that. That place sucks anyway unless you're bear hunting. IMO it's not worth the price of the permit. On the other hand they do not enforce their own rules. I often see vehicles parked there without the parking decal. I think the only officials they have are the two old annoying guys in the office.
  8. 230jhp

    Coyote Killed By Dad

    There was a NJ bowhunter who killed one with his knife a few years ago. I remember the news article, I will try to find it. As I recall this guy was a major bad azz.
  9. Many years ago when I was in the army I guy I was with got bit by a a snake. This was in fort McClellan Alabama. We were on a training exercise to learn navigation using a map and compass so we were quite deep in the Alabama woods. This guy was some kind of cracker who claimed he handled snakes in church. It got him right on the forearm. Lucky for him we had a PRC-25 radio to call for help. They took him away on a chopper and I never saw him again.
  10. Recently I found remnants of a pop up blind in Sterling Forest that looked like a bear got inside and couldn't get out so he tore it up.
  11. I almost got bit by a rattler in Sterling Forest NY a quarter mile North of the state line. I was turkey hunting and walked up on it. It never rattled, it just struck out at me coming up about a foot short. I now wear those leg guards when turkey hunting. I was discussing this with one of the park officials recently. He told me if anyone gets bit in SF and I assume anywhere in Northern NJ the antivenom has to come from a hospital in the Bronx. Local hospitals do not stock it. It's available in the Bronx because of the Bronx zoo
  12. I would like to see a flintlock season state wide no permits; no buck tag; no specific zones
  13. My feet never get cold in my La Cross Burly boots 800 g thinsulate. Before that I had the same boots with 1200 G thinsulate. These were too warm. As far as electric socks go I bought a pair 40 years ago. That was a disaster because the battery technology wasn't what it is today. The"D" size batteries went dead in a matter of minutes. The result was socks with a metal strip across my toes....feet would have been warmer with no socks. I'm sure the 2020 version of electric socks work better.
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