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  1. can noise canceling headphones be used at the shooting range?
  2. Looks like one of those Toyota. FJ Cruisers to me.
  3. I have the same problem with my Quest. I lost a lot of weight in the last six months and being unable to go to the gym I also lost a lot of strength. It wasn't painful I was just not strong enough to to draw the bow. I adjusted the draw weight down to a setting I can draw it. I plan on casting at least 30 arrows a day and gradually increase the poundage as I get stronger. It will also help when the gym opens so I can focus on strength training. Surprisingly I didn't have to adjust my 20 yard pin, it's maybe an inch low. The 30 yard pin is a different story. It's about 8" low. I am not going to monkey with the pins until I increase the poundage. I was thinking of getting a 45# recurve. However, I don't think I can get proficient with it by October. Also I think the longer limbs might hit the railing on my TreeWalker. I also considered a crossbow, but lugging that awkward contraption through the woods with a tree stand on my back seems like a pain in the ass.
  4. I am only going to bowhunt NYS this year. I am sick and tired of NJ requiring an extended season permit and a buck tag. I am done being nickle and dimed. I have a spot scouted out in NYS where pheasant hunters will likely drive deer to me in October. Then again I have tried that strategy in NJ with no success.
  5. I had an'88 Bronco II in the early'90's. It was the worst lemon I ever had.
  6. I saw somewhere the azzhole that hit that 90y/o lady and caused her to hit her head on a fire hydrant got a Desk Appearence Ticket (DAT). He should have been locked up in the deepest catacombs of Rikers Island.
  7. I would have gone, but it's pretty far for me. Last week I went to the rally in Middletown that marched to Murphy's house. That's just as far,but I went fishing at Sandy Hook afterward. So I killed two birds with one stone. BTW at the Middletown rally I met Billy Prempe who is running for congress in NJ-9. This guy is absolutely awesome I follow him on Facebook. If anyone on NJWW lives in NJ-9 I strongly recommend you vote for him
  8. I have been to Cherry Ridge three times since it reopened....not crowded at all. I hate shooting at those state ranges. No real safety protocol. Shooting benches are connected so you get the vibration from other shooters. Vehicles are parked right near the firing line and there are often nefarious charecters there. I will not go downrange to check my target and leave my firearm on the shooting bench for fear of getting it stolen.
  9. Unfortunately due to an over abundance of coyotes the turkey population is way down.
  10. Hunting on High Mountain in North Haledon and Wayne. Much of it now is college campus and both towns have no hunting ordinances.
  11. What tuning on a stick bow other than location of the nock point? String length perhaps? I assumed a traditional bow was plug and play. With regard to getting proficient I have s Browning Cobra 60#. I cannot hit the broad side of a barn with it even when I had all my strength. I'm not convinced I could get confident enough to shoot at an animal with even a with 40# stick bow in two months.
  12. Having lost a lot of weight since January and not being able to go to the gym I also lost a lot of strength. Last week I went to shoot my compound and was unable to draw it back. I think it was set at 58#. I adjusted it down to about 52#. I was able to shoot it today, but I need to do some tuning and sight pin adjustment. I would prefer to switch to a 45# recurve. The downside to that is I am not sure I could get proficient with it by the start of bow season.
  13. If you want to shoot a bear hunt the Newark Watershed. In the last two years I have seen significantly more bears than deer. Just this year so far I have seen five bears. I don't hunt them because at 72 years old I have enough trouble getting a 150# deer back to my truck. A 300# bear would be impossible.
  14. Pheasant hunting I have a orange bird hunting vest and depending on the temperature an orange baseball cap with a brown bill and a Remington logo on the front. If it's cold I wear my orange Stormy Kromer. The SK is all orange except for the the laces on the flaps and the antler tips strung on the laces. For deer hunting I carry all my paraphanalia in an orange fanny pack and the same hats. If it's real cold I wear a high tech fiber knitted hat under the orange hat.. When I get on stand if there isn't a lot of hunters I put up the hood from my camo fleece hoodie.
  15. Yesterday there was another hatch of sulphers and apple Caddis. I snatched one out of the air and it was definitely Apple Caddis.... beige wings and a body the green of a granny smith apple
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