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  1. 230jhp

    This Just Out From F+G

    So if I shoot a deer in Sterling Forest 1/4 mile north of the state line I should get it butchered before bringing it home in spite of the fact the deer likely has crossed the state line on the hoof many times. I don't think this is a law, but it wouldn't hurt to check with NJ butchers if you plan on bringing a NY deer to him. I do have the number of a butcher in Warwick who I have been thinking of using anyway. However, the shortest route to drive there with a deer from Sterling Forest I would need to cut through West Milford and Vernon. The ironic thing is when the NY and NJ deer seasons overlap I hunt a place in NJ where I have to drive my truck out through NY to get the carcass home
  2. 230jhp

    Stranded In Jersey City

    Old English 800 AKA liquid Quaaludes
  3. 230jhp

    Feral Cats

    Another place where animal rights wackos feed them is in Riverdale on the bank of the Pequanock River seasonal trout conservation area. This is the behind the strip mall with the Dunkin Donuts and an immediate care medical office on Hamburg Turnpike. Also in the strip mall is a pet grooming place, dingbats that work there put out cat food along the river bank.
  4. 230jhp

    Feral Cats

    Then there's the story of the mongoose in Jamaica. The Brits brought them there in the ninteenth century from India to get rid of the snakes. They did,then they ate up all the rabbits and all other small mammals and reptiles. Point is introducing any animal especially a predator to an ecosystem where they don't belong is a recipe for disaster.
  5. 230jhp

    Good Luck Youth Pheasant Hunters

    I was bow hunting Flatbrook WMA today.... I saw three cockbirds, so they must have missed a few
  6. 230jhp

    National Weather Advisory

    That's why I am hunting today. Based on the notion they were hunkered down in yesterday's wind they will be active today. Been in this tree on Flatbrook WMA since dawn and haven't seen anything yet. I can see the Little Flatbrook from here... it's not"little"today as a result of the recent heavy rain. There is a big Spruce tree that blew down yesterday right across an access road the pheasant stocking vehicles will need this week.
  7. 230jhp

    Feral Cats

    There is a feral cat colony on Paulinskil WMA. It is at the intersection of Parsons road and (I think it's called) Plotts road. Once I saw some dingbat releasing a cat there and I reported it to the DFW. I was told the TNR dingbats have permission to release the cats there.
  8. 230jhp

    11/1 check in

    I was going to go out this afternoon then I looked at the temperature, it's almost 70 degrees. I think I'll go to the range instead and shoot my Triumph or my .243. Shot my 220 earlier this week .....Clover leaves at 50 and 100 yds. Rain tomorrow, but much cooler Saturday. I think I will hunt the watershed or Wayway.
  9. I have done that several times. Sometimes found the knife later sometimes not. I have seen climbers left fastened to the base of the tree. One guy in Waywayanda leaves it for the entire season. Last year his Summit was at the base of a tree I planned to hunt. Later in the season it was at the base of another tree I planned to hunt 200 yds away. I have also seen climbers at the base of a tree in Z4 . I would never steal their stuff, but others would. Once I had an old Warren&Sweat climber I left at the base of a tree in Z4. I didn't care if someone stole it because I had purchased a new climber. I came back week later and it was gone.
  10. 230jhp

    Halloween check-in

    In my Treewalker in Z4. Plenty of sign in this area and the wind is right for this spot... let's see what happens
  11. 230jhp

    Happy Birthday BHC

  12. 230jhp

    Happy Birthday BHC

  13. 230jhp


    What does an FFL typically charge for a transfer?
  14. 230jhp


    Thanx..... I wasn't aware of that.. More trampling on our 2A rights
  15. 230jhp


    I am seeing numerous ads on here where the seller wants the sale to go through an FFL. Every time I was involved with a fire arm sale on here it was just filling out the NJSP form and getting a copy of the person's FID card. Has something changed or are these sellers just being more cautious?