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  1. If you want to hunt bears go to the Newark Watershed. It's loaded with bears and bear hunting is allowed.
  2. I have the same situation in Z3 especially Waywayanda and Newark Watershed. I encourage people to hunt NWS for bears. During bear season I don't see as many parked hunters vehicles as I should given the fact that it is almost the only public land open to bear hunting and it is loaded with bears. Last spring I literally saw a herd of five bears running together. I carry pepper spray and a hiking stick that is more like a war club. While that gives me some security I doubt it would make much difference if a bear decided to eat me. While I see tons of bears in Waywayanda and NWS I almo
  3. I cranked it down to 52# still a problem
  4. I desperately needed to get back to the gym for weight training. In the last 8 months I lost 80+ pounds with walking/hiking;boxing and counting calories with the NOOM app. A while ago I realized I also lost a significant amount of strength (muscle mass) when I couldn't draw my bow. I have been back at the gym every other day since they reopened. Working out while wearing that mask is a pain in the ass. My glasses get fogged up. Partly due to the mask and partly because they are not running the AC. This makes the atmosphere very humid. There is condensation on parts of the equip
  5. Multiple times at Cherry Ridge I have seen deer or turkeys down range on both the archery range and the 100 yd range. I have also had this happen on the old Green Mountain Bowman/Dover Consolidated Archers joint range on Mahlon Dickensian reservation.
  6. $ 75 for both negotiable. Loction Bloomingdale I bought these items off a member here back in March. I had been working out with this equipment until about two weeks ago. I was doing it in my garage below my neihbors apartment when she wasn't home. Then I thought she was out and started hitting the heavy bag. It resulted in a feud. So I selling it.
  7. My home boxing gym is done. I live in an apartment complex. I had it set up in my garage. A couple weeks ago I made the mistake of thinking my neighbor downstairs wasn't home and started hitting the heavy bag. That was the end of that. Then I found Title Boxing in Wayne. I have been going there for classes. What a workout.
  8. Try Kittitany Camp Lake off of Dingmans road. You will need a small watercraft to out out decoys and pick up downed birds. The bank has lots of reeds that make a natural blind.
  9. I have three pairs of 10X25. I like these smaller ones because they fit in a shirt pocket.
  10. I went this morning. It was pretty stupid wearing the mask on the treadmill. I did a light weight workout 1 set of 10 on upper body. Tomorrow I have a boxing class...I don't want to go to that sore from lifting.
  11. They're going bankrupt. It might be a good time to stock up on Remington ammo. I just bought three boxes of Core-lokt 150 grain 30-06 for a very good price from a member here. He had 5 boxes to sell maybe I should have gotten all 5. I also recently purchased 2boxes of 3"AccuTips. Maybe I should have gotten more. I've been thinking of trying those Winchester Copper solids in my 220. These are just as expensive as the AccuTips. Call me a cheapskate, but I don't like it costing $3 and change every time I squeeze the trigger.
  12. I've shot both out of my Savage 220. I get significantly better groups with 3"AccuTips.
  13. That's a blast from the past the past. I had a W&S climber many years ago. It was one of those climbers with the aluminum boomerang around the tree. It actually climbed pretty good, but was heavy to hump in to the hunting spot. When I got a new lighter climber I left the W&S attached to a tree to use it without carrying it in. It was stolen in a week. On the other hand the ladder stand you have looks very good as ladder stands go. I might be interested if the price is negotiable or open to trade. GLWS
  14. I bought those things. With all five bands it's not enough resistance to equate bench presses or rowing.
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