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  1. A hiker did get killed by a bear 6 or 7 years ago. This happened at Ashawpa Preserve about 2 miles from my front door.
  2. how much for individual boxes??
  3. Bobber dobber six of one half dozen of the other
  4. I remember the ampha-car. I never saw on in the water though. In the'60's one of my friends had an under the dash record player in his'58 Chevy. It was only usable if the car was parked. If used while riding it would skip every time you hit a small bump.
  5. I saw a guy the other day at Sandy Hook fishing for fluke with a dobber. He had the biggest dobber I ever saw, almost as big as a baseball. About five feet of line below with a half ounce split shot. (I never saw a split shot that big either) He had a killy for bait. He was catching short fluke one after another. He told me he caught a 21" fluke like that the day before. When I was walking back to my truck I found an enormous dobber like he was using. I'm going again on Thursday. I think I will try his technique with that dobber. I don't want to hump a bucket of killys on the beach so I
  6. 230jhp


    I'll take some of the 22lr's. Where are you located
  7. I had for years a camo pattern called Smokey Branch. The clothes I had in that pattern were military BDU, but from before they started using all that velcro. The shirt had four big pockets with button flaps. The pants had button flap back pockets and generous cargo pockets on each side. Mid thigh to mid shin was double material making them like brush pants. In the last year and a half I lost a lot of weight so all my Smokey Branch stuff was way too big so I gave it away. I cannot find replacements in my current size. I did buy some current military camo in some new pattern. It sucks
  8. None on me either. I was wearing some of my permitherin treated camo. No mosquitoes either... I had my Thermocell burning the whole time
  9. I was hiking in Sterling and Ringwood SP's yesterday. I parked in NJ on East Shore Road at the"Fire Road Bridge". The trail there becomes West Valley trail when it crosses Lake to Lake Trail in Sterling. I cut off of that trail while still in NJ on a non discript trail that leads to Bailey Rocks. Up behind Baily Rocks is an outcropping I have hunted for years for both deer and turkeys. Last fall I had stashed a folding seat there. I was going to retrieve it to use for surf fishing. It was gone someone found it and took it. The only wildlife I saw or heard was a garter snake; some orange
  10. Arnold's two best movies are Terminator and Predator. The rest are in the"take it or leave it catagory" with the exception of the one where Allyssa Milano plays his kidnapped daughter and Kindergarten Cop. Those two are utterly stupid.
  11. Ok I went out to my truck and swapped the spinning rod with the conventional rig. I will free spool it with the clicker on. That makes sense.
  12. When the bait is swimming around do your free spool?
  13. Tomorrow I'm going on the Sea Hunter live lining for stripers. I never did live lining before. I have a heavy spinning boat rod with a sweet Okuma reel with 30lb test mono. I also have a Penn Power stick with a Penn Jigmaster. What do people recommend I use. I prefer the spinning rod because it's left hand retrive.
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