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  1. I have come across some neferious characters in the woods. One place I occasionally shad fish on the Delaware is a half mile down a dirt road from the main road to the river bank. Last year there was a group of characters there that made me wish I was carrying a conceled firearm. Thankfully nothing happened. I have also seen evidence of homeless crazies living on Paulinskill WMA. That is totally half assed camp sites. These of course could also be attributed to teenagers having drinking parties. Once I encountered a crazy homeless guy who was wandering around Whittingham WMA during muzzleloader deer season
  2. 230jhp

    First car accident

    With her information and a police report get it fixed one your collision insurance. Then your insurance company goes after her insurance company. When they pay up you get reimbursed for your collision policy deductable.
  3. About 15 years ago someone got the internet domain rights to PETA. They made a People Eating Tastey Animals. They had links to game recipies; hunting guides and a variety of hunting related sites. I think I found the original NJH on it. It must have drove the animal rights wackos crazy. Whoever did it finally lost the domain and the wackos took it over
  4. 230jhp

    Got bit by a snake

    Venomous snake bites are extremely painful.... unless he gave you"dry bites" you would know it.
  5. I sold several 3D targets some time ago. I still have a turkey and a broadhead target,but I shoot these from time to time so not for sale. I had two PM replies for the other stuff. I sent them my number to arrange pickup, but no one texted me yet.
  6. Since my club (Green Mountain Bowmen) no longer maintains an archery range we have some items to give away to anyone that has a use for it. 1>Several rolls of steel banding used to clamp bales. (Used in industrial applications for securing crates for shipment.) 2> The ratchet tightening device for the above 3> The crimping device for fastening the banding 4> A quantity of the clamps for crimping with the above 5> A wooden frame (made from 2x4) suitable for hanging a bag style target. To be picked up in Bloomingdale. I can text pictures if anyone is interested. contact via PM
  7. Years ago I received a summons for Passaic county jury duty after I had moved to Morris county. I called them and told them I moved, they said just ignore the summons.
  8. Check out @PamelaGeller’s Tweet: I bet they're celebrating in South Paterson ;Haledon; and Prospect Park as well
  9. I picked up a 2A and 6B today around noon
  10. That's the quiver or similar to the the one Jon Voit had in Deliverence when he fell and stuck himself with a broadhead
  11. That's the place on Chamberlin ave.....Right?
  12. Now they're going after deer hunting as well as the Bear hunt. Check out @SaveNJBears’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/SaveNJBears/status/1109517704464089088?s=09
  13. Consistent temperature is key to aging meat it's supposed to be between 36&38degrees I think. That is why Jorge the butcher will be missed. He hung each skinned carcass in a temperature controlled cooler for several days. The meat from deer I brought him was always tender and full of flavor
  14. I had a red dot on my 835. I changed it to a circular reticle cross hairs 2X. I did this because the red dot wasn't easy to see when I used it with a high powered red light for night coyote hunting. I'll probably keep the low power scope for this year's turkey hunting. EO Tech is probably the best option if you want to spend that much money...... I do not
  15. 835 is the best choice . It has an"over bored" barrel meaning the geometry between the chamber and the choke tubes is optimized for a tighter pattern with 3.5" shells. A 535 is simply a Mossberg 500 with a 3.5 inch chamber. I never had an 870 so I cannot comment on it
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