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    I love the out doors. If it flies-craws-swims, I like to chase it!

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  1. koz

    Remington versa max-SOLD

    opps sorry she gone
  2. koz

    Need Some Prayers For My Mom

    prayers sent
  3. koz


    Caliber: 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington Action: Semi-automatic Capacity: 6+1 Barrel length: 20" Barrel style: Carbon steel with black phosphate and anodized finish Barrel twist: 1:9" Stock: A2-style synthetic Length of pull: 13.25" Trigger: Single stage Safety: Manual thumb Sights: Picatinny top rail Overall length: 39" Overall weight: 7 lbs New unfired, I have it topped with Burris fullfield II 3x9 with bdc scope. $625.00 bare gun===$825.00 gun and scope. pm for pics and or questions. Cross posted sold thx
  4. koz

    need to vent

    its really not a club. Not to my way of thinking. More like co op. But yeah I sent them a text and we will see how it shakes out.
  5. koz

    need to vent

    so I had primo location for predator hunting. local farmer lets me shoot all yotes and foxes I want. He is tired of them raiding his chx coop. So I head over yesterday and stop in for some chit chat. Come to find out I cant hunt here any longer. He has now leased the hunting rights and the "club" kicked out all none members. I cant blame him for he can sure use the cash. Just lil cranky. Sux I just picked up new to me 17 hmr.
  6. koz

    Two flys and 30+ trout

    pic of the fly please
  7. koz

    44 mag

    I was lurking at my local Gun store and found a rare Gem. Old School Ruger Super Blackhawk! 44 mag with 7.5 tube, unfluted cylinder. Just waiting for the government permits to pick him up!
  8. koz

    H.r ultra. Trifecta

    Those guns are nice, but they are not magic wands of deer killing... I have found several slug guns capable of great accuracy. Truth be told most of my deer killed via shot gun are inside bow range of 30-50 yards, so any mossy 500 remmy 870 with truball slugs would be minute of deer. Your guns are very nice. Koz
  9. koz

    Remington versa max-SOLD

    12 ga 2 3/4 to 3.5 chamber Blued black finish. Three chokes improv,mod, flush,full extended choke. Low round count. All laws apply to sale. $675.00 Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  10. koz

    New Gun

    the 760 is a box magazine fed pump action rifle. It is capable of very good accuracy. Due to the nature of the pump the barrel is free floated. the cam action has 6 lugs. those old school round nose bullets sound like " brush busting" 180 grain soft point. I had this same rifle killed plenty of deer. Congrats on the rifle keep it and shoot it those old timers just keep getting better. Since its magazine feed you canshoot any 308 ammo ya like. My gun liked 165 gain remmy green box.
  11. koz

    anyone here cook on cast iron?

    I love my cast iron cook ware! Some of it belonged to my grand parents.
  12. koz

    Mossberg silver reserve O/U

    mossberg are prone to fire pin issues. These guns never last very long. Our club shoot has had few people come to shoot with em and had more than enough issues me me never to want one. This is no way bashing Mossberg for there CS is awesome and the guns made in house are great! But these guns are Turkish imports. No the best quality control. I know the price is tempting but If it was my money look for a Russian Bakeil or a Yildiz. Koz
  13. koz

    Savage 220

    sold thanks Koz
  14. koz

    Savage 220

    I would drive to New Egypt speedway. Heading to LBI soon for spring striped bass trip soon