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  1. I have an older Kit gun, that I just finished. She is brand new condition. I only spark tested the gun few times. The gun is Hawken style with brass fittings. Blues barrel. hand rubbed oil stock. I left the brass in a period correct "rough finish". This is a true T/C gun and if it shoots half as well as my other T/C you will be filling the freezer with no problem. The gun is in rare .45 cal with 1/48 barrel twist. All state and federal laws apply to this sale. I will try to post pics but might be best to shot me an email request. [email protected] I am only selling to fund home repairs. I already own a .45 cal Hawken and its sweetest shooting caliber. Inside 50 yards I can place three round inside 2 inches. with my old eyes that is pretty good Asking $450.00 for gun and I will cover FFl transfer at my local shop. I will ship to ffl only and your on the hook for shipping. I am in Hunterderdon County along the Delaware River. I am pretty firm on price, but will entertain reasonable offers. I am also open to trade of long guns, archery equipment and fly fishing. No pistol or revolvers. I don't get on here much and the gun will be listed on few other web sites. Email is best way to contact me. Happy Hunting! Thanks Koz
  2. I have two deer targets not to terrible shot out. Free just pick up. I am in Central New Jersey Hunterdon County. Shoot me email as I don't get on here that often anymore
  3. It took a little finding the shop but the effort was well worth it! Santo and and the rest of the guys were awesome. I have missed this type of true customer service from many shops. I tried a bunch of different bows. I was never rushed or pushed into a bow. They handed me my first Obsession bow. it was like love at first sight! They took the time to set it the bow to my specs,tune the rest and get her sighted in at twenty yards. If your looking for a new bow these guys are awesome. PS Obsession bows are simply amazing. Koz
  4. koz

    Camx 330 for sale

    traded thanks Koz
  5. Listen I understand ya to pay the bills.But better than half the page is devoted to adds, I have noticed that the adds have increased to the point that it takes away from the content of the forum. I am member of 20 other forums and this forum is the worst when it comes to adds. I like this forum it was local and had no BS like other NJ forums. But I may be looking someplace new now.... But hey maybe others enjoy the Geico quotes.
  6. its gotten to the point I no longer want to visit this site. It is shame I like it before that constant offers to buy life insurance...
  7. koz

    Camx 330 for sale

    new company member of the Outdoor group. Great company with excellent bows! Read up on them, the owners are hunters and they designed a great hunting bow!
  8. koz

    Camx 330 for sale

    closed sold locally
  9. i will take it PM sent
  10. I am selling my Camx crossbow. I am upgrading to the A4. This bow is minty condition. Strings and cable nearly perfect. I will include everything like from factory. scope,quiver,arrows,rope cocking aid. She is deadly quite,rugged and accurate! Everything 300.00 face to face-325.00 if I have to ship. I will post few pics later tonight. I have 100% positive feed back here because I don't play games. Link to company info: https://camxcrossbows.com/pages/crossbow
  11. She is gone sorry Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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