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  1. close thread bow is sold
  2. Tanners Sport Center in Jamison PA have plenty. Not very far.
  3. koz

    Buck pass or shoot?

    I hunt in PA then head up to Maine foe week. When I get down I have other locations to hunt with my muzzle loader / shotgun.
  4. koz

    11 pt down

    wow he is beautiful.
  5. I have to admit it, I have been for the past 20 years of deer hunting i was a "meat hunter". If it was legal and in range, I shot it. I have few nice 8 point bucks on the wall but I never was a trophy guy. Then I meet a fat 10 point buck. I hunt this farm with old apple trees in the back end of the property. I had seen few bucks and lots of doe. I hung a trail cam and got pic of the " big boy". He is typical thick framed buck. large body maybe 190 on the hoof. I have several pic(s) of him on the same trail cam. I even had him at 80 yards. I got busted by the doe under my stand and he walked off with the ladies. He was seen by the farmer few times. It was varied at times with no pattern. Some day, some night sightings. I have not gotten any more pics since Friday. I have passed on three other bucks. In years past, I would have sent my carbon express pile drivers thru each one on the first chance presented. Now the "big boy" has been MIA... I don't plan on getting my permit archery tag. I have seen the 8 and he is nice just not "big boy". This property is archery only farmer had a knuckle head shoot into his dairy barn few years ago.... I have two doe already in freezer. So I guess I am trophy hunting. I might just shoot the 8 but I can't get him out of my head....
  6. Nearly brand new Bow. 60 lb draw weight and 29 draw length. last leaf smoke camo finish on the riser with black limbs. The number ‘7’ is revered as an iconic symbol consistent across many cultures. Sacred to many, this year your confidence will rest with a 7” Brace Height. The All-New 2019 FX7 is the perfect bow for those who demand accuracy and speed. The Obsessed are never afraid to take on a challenge and the FX7 is ready for the ride. OBSESSION TRAX CAM The All-New Obsession TRAX Cam creates a whole new level of performance. You asked for fast and Obsession Delivers. Obsession’s TRAX Cam features the fastest speeds and highest let-off in Obsession history. The TRAX cam system means business constructed with 6061 Alloy Aluminum, high-performance draw-specific modules that no longer require a bow press. This means less time behind a press and more time in the field. Without sacrificing the smooth-draw characteristics you’ve come to know and expect from Obsession, this cam system is built to break norms and knock down barriers. Shoot me email for pics. She has less than 100 shots and nearly flawless condition. $575.00 or trade for something interesting. My email is [email protected] Thanks Koz
  7. koz

    Solid 8pt

  8. Good evening/morning everyone. I am selling my pony, black rifle. She is amazingly accurate. 1/7 5.56 Nato stamped H-barrel. I have only shot brass cased ammo through her and she has been well loved. I would rate her in about 85-90% NRA condition. I will post pics later today but I am sure most people know what a true M4 looks like. The rifle is 100% NJ compliant. Colt halted making this rifle for civilians and then try to find a NJ pony gun is even more difficult. I am looking to get $1100.00. This is $400.00 below current Gun Broker sales. I will only ship to FFl on your dime. All state and federal laws apply to this sale. I will cover ffl feels if we use my local shop. I have this rifle cross posted on several places and listed at my local gun club. It will be fastest to email questions and such as I don't get on this page often. [email protected] I am only selling to build another rifle. Colt Model M4 Target .223 cal
  9. I have an older Kit gun, that I just finished. She is brand new condition. I only spark tested the gun few times. The gun is Hawken style with brass fittings. Blues barrel. hand rubbed oil stock. I left the brass in a period correct "rough finish". This is a true T/C gun and if it shoots half as well as my other T/C you will be filling the freezer with no problem. The gun is in rare .45 cal with 1/48 barrel twist. All state and federal laws apply to this sale. I will try to post pics but might be best to shot me an email request. [email protected] I am only selling to fund home repairs. I already own a .45 cal Hawken and its sweetest shooting caliber. Inside 50 yards I can place three round inside 2 inches. with my old eyes that is pretty good Asking $450.00 for gun and I will cover FFl transfer at my local shop. I will ship to ffl only and your on the hook for shipping. I am in Hunterderdon County along the Delaware River. I am pretty firm on price, but will entertain reasonable offers. I am also open to trade of long guns, archery equipment and fly fishing. No pistol or revolvers. I don't get on here much and the gun will be listed on few other web sites. Email is best way to contact me. Happy Hunting! Thanks Koz
  10. I have two deer targets not to terrible shot out. Free just pick up. I am in Central New Jersey Hunterdon County. Shoot me email as I don't get on here that often anymore
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