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  1. I am on Tightlines list for their spey academy in August. Andrew is in Norway fishing for Atlantic Salmon right now. When he gets back he will confirm if they can accommodation skagit casting. I also sent a question to loop in regard to their line recommendations for my two Loop rods. Thanks Gil
  2. I have been trying the 525 grain and it is hard to launch it or Snap T or Snap C. I have been doing it in a flat calm lake. Would a stream be better since there is a current? Thanks Gil PS - I think my form may have a lot to do with it also.
  3. I am going on two Salmon trips this fall. One is for King Salmon and the other for Atlantic Salmon. I have a Sage RPLX III 9' 8wt single handed rod with a OPST Commando head. I am OK with this setup. I also have a Loop XACT 13'6" 8wt two handed rod. I have a bunch of Airflo Skagit lines. Is anyone using Airflo Skagit lines with a Loop rod that can give me some insight on weight Skagit line for a rod like this? I keep getting different recommendations from different line charts. Right now I have a 525 grain Airflo Skagit on it. Is this too light or heavy in your opinion? Thanks, hope their are some fisherman out there with two handed rods. I also have a 15' 10wt Loop I intend to use for big flies on stripers, but I am not that far along yet. Gil
  4. Can you tell me where you are located? I am interested in the motor. Was it used in saltwater or just fresh water? Thanks Gil
  5. I just picked 300 once fired brass, so I am good for a while. If someone does have any for .50 a case I am in. That is hwhat I paid for these cases - a great deal. Thanks Gil
  6. TTT in case anyone has 350 magnum cases
  7. Cases are cheap for the 35 W. I just got new cases from Midway for .52 per case, but many people don't reload and once fired cases are great for reloading also. I am retired so I have scrimp where ever I can. You can also reform 3006 cases to 35 Whelen.
  8. Thanks for the info. I just bought 140 cases on gun broker for a good price, but can always use more. I use that gun hunting Northern Maine Whitetails. I have a pair of Remington 600s. I also just picked up a 35 Whelen so if anyone has spent cases I would be interested in them also. Thanks Gil
  9. Dropping the price to $375 firm.
  10. Looking to purchase 350 Remington Magnum cases. Currently I make my own out of 7mm Rem Mag, but it would be nice to get some factory brass that was fired. Thanks Gil
  11. I will take the bakers rack if it is still available. Thanks again Gil
  12. Whiting NJ. Pictures will be tomorrow morning. Thanks Gil
  13. If it is still available I would like the tree seat. I am in Ocean County. I will PM you.
  14. Old Town Discovery 158. Comes with two paddles and accessory cane folding back seats that slide onto the original seat. SOLD Gil
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