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  1. I sent a PM to Evan but I haven't heard back. I know he has friends on this site, based on my earlier post. If you know Evan, tell him to PM me his address. I want to give him his two calls he made for a friend that passed away. Thanks Gil
  2. Evan if you are out there, I would like to mail you the two turkey calls you made for your friend. They should go back to you as a remembrance of him. PM me you mailing address I will ship them out USPS Priority. Best sounding call I ever heard, but I doubt I will ever turkey hunt again. These calls should stay with you or perhaps pass them on to another friend of yours. Thanks and good luck Gil
  3. Does anybody have an idea what the square stone on the Stanley King is for? It feels like the same material that the old stones used in a an old portable livewell. I have never seen one before and don't have a clue. I was guessing that maybe they added sent to the lure. Thanks Gil
  4. Vintage Creek Chubb Pikie and Heddon Dowagiac 290GP with boxes. The 290GP is a Heddon Stanley King from the 1930s. $65 tyd continental US. Thanks Gil
  5. There is no edit on the ads now when I go in. Todd can you delete my 3 ads. The ads are Islander LA 4.0, Vintage turkey calls and the Legends of the Longbow. Thanks Gil
  6. How do you delete or close a classifieds ad? Thanks Gil
  7. I have cabin fever and I am going to steelhead fish the Salmon River this month. Looking for fly Pattern recommendations from any fly fisherman that fish the Salmon River in NY. Also we have a trip planned in September for salmon on the river, so I would appreciate any recommendations for patterns for them in the fall. Thanks Gil
  8. I have a 1998 t100 and and 2002 Tundra, each has well over 300K. Just keep the oil changed and they last forever. Had two 1998 Tacomas that Toyota bought back due to the frame. In 2013 they gave me $11,400 for each one. They stand by their vehicles. Good luck with the sale - love a Toyota truck! Gil
  9. Tradtalk is another good site also. I bought and sold hundreds of bows over the last 10 years to collect and try. I have never been screwed by a Trad guy. I did a lot of selling on Tradgang. I enjoyed that site quite a lot. Hurt my bow arm shoulder so I sold nearly all my Trad stuff except for two Harrison longbows and a Das Gen 1 recurve. I agree with Gobblengrunt in regard to the year. I used my name on Tradgang if there are any Tradgangers here. Gil Verwey Thanks Gil
  10. Any interest in a shotgun or rifle trade for it? Nearly all very expensive custom guns use the M98, like Rigby and others. I have a 7x57 Mauser on a M98. Thanks Gil
  11. Thanks same to you. My wife doesn't let me play with sharp objects either at my age. Gil
  12. Thanks everyone, this seems like a great site. Glad I found it. That was pretty amazing finding Evan. What are the chances of that happening, I was just hoping that I could find someone who knew him or about the calls. Thanks for the info Evan. That choke cherry really makes a difference. I have some old school Lynch World Champion 102, Roger Latham "True Tone" and Al Willis call. The only one that come close to yours is the Lynch World Champion, but yours still sounds the best. Never heard a box call that sounded like it. Great job. Thanks again everyone Gil
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