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  1. Thanks nmc02, Scheels does ship these. I don't know why they would ship others I tried. Bought 100 and free shipping. Maybe since these are rifle bullets and the others were pistol bullets. Thanks again Gil
  2. Thanks, definitely giving this a try.
  3. They are your. Pm me when we can meet. The Scent Killer and Scent Away are also spoken for.
  4. I am in Whiting in Ocean County. The vests are Ideal (42 -44), Pfluger L/XL and Garcia (size not listed could be medium or large).
  5. Scheels doesn't ship them. I almost bought them dowdle sports but they want a lot for shipping. They wanted $23 a box to ship. I am going to just wait it out until things calm down. I still need Steel powder to be able to load these so I am not rushed. I can't wait for this BS to end. Thanks again though. You did find a score for me. Gil
  6. Thanks I have plenty XTP. I am looking for FTX 45201. These are the 45 cal 450 Bushmaster bullets. The XTP shouldn't be loaded to shoot past 1500 FPS (my load data is for 1640 fps and the bullet still performs well), the FTX I can load to 1800 FPS. I appreciate the help though. Thanks again Gil
  7. My son is a SGT on the police department. I was a PO a long time ago. I urge all Police Officers to read this law very carefully, to be able to get your 20 or 25 and GTFO!
  8. It is legit. Also if a police officer does not follow the rules, like tell a parent their child was drinking or using drugs, the police officer can get 5 years in jail!
  9. I didn't know that. I saw a lot of guys using it. I have an opportunity to get plenty of range lead, so I will stick to that. Thanks Gil
  10. If I knew you were going I would have given you the hi brass 12 gauge 6 shot. Looks like we are close. I hunt north Jersey for cottontail over beagles. I love hearing them howl!
  11. The club is buying that land to give to the state in exchange for the acreage that borders the club ranges.
  12. Check out the link I posted. It is a satellite view to give you a good idea of the ranges and facilities. You can drill down very far and see what the club ranges look like. Indoor and outdoor pistol, 200 and 300 yard rifle and shotgun ranges, trap, skeet and wobble trap, pits for pistol steel matches, a range to pattern shotgun, an archery range and other ranges for 22, pistol and shotgun. They just spent a fortune redoing much of the range.
  13. If you are unfamiliar with the club check them out on the internet. It has great ranges. I believe there are over 2,000 members. They come from all over NJ and PA. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Central+Jersey+Rifle+%26+Pistol/@40.0836993,-74.4095563,660m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x943305eb7c5754cf!8m2!3d40.0855533!4d-74.4071365
  14. Ok will do. You father said you are loaded with the best. You father was going to speak to you. See you next week.
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