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  1. Be happy that the divorce is amicable. Sounds to me like it is going to be a good situation. Imagine if she was holding the kids over your head and you had to pay for recuperative alimony. Remember this, "One life, one wife!". Just stay friends and take care of the kids and enjoy your freedom and life.
  2. Very nice. I am looking at some property in NY by the Salmon River and thinking about doing something like that. Gil
  3. Heading to the Salmon River Sunday. Going to stay Sun, Mon and Tues. If the weather looks good for the rest of the week I will stay and come home Saturday. I will keep you posted on the conditions and hopefully have some steelhead pictures. Gil
  4. I will take it. I can pick it up Sunday. Let me know if that is OK. Thanks Gil
  5. The more I think about it, I may list the Kifaru set up.
  6. One other thing, I have a Kifaru 4 man tpee with the wood stove. I bought that for elk hunting but haven't used it. The Prius is working out great for me and I liked my bivy setup elk hunting. I might use it in cold weather in the back country. It is light enough to pack in if I have too. If I remember right it weighs 11 pounds, stove and all.
  7. I want the cooler to just extend the length of the cargo area and folded down seat. Without something to fit between the back seat and front seat the bed is about 1.5 feet short for me so I have to bend my legs and can't fully extend. Eventually I am going to remove the backseat and build an extension with storage areas underneath. Originally I was going to stealth camp for free, so I wanted it to be inconspicuous. The price of a camp spot is worth it at the Salmon River to get a bathroom and shower. Stoney doesn't have the shower on yet. Hopefully next week it will be on. I am goin
  8. You would be surprised. I am 6' and 231. I wish I could post other videos from Colorado, but they are too big. I slept for two weeks in a Marmot Helium bag inside a Outdoor Research bivy, twice. I used a tarp over the bivy. I could live out west in the back country for 30 days in that set up. The only thing I need to change in the Prius is to have a cooler that fits between the back of the front seat and the back seat when it is folded down the same height as the back seat. Then I will have the perfect bed. I used a folded over 4" memory foam mattress topper. It was comfortable. I intend
  9. Sad but true! Ha. I already lost 36 lbs now to get ready for Colorado in 2022. Only have another 40 to go.
  10. The most valuable thing you have is your time. If you like your job stay, if not get out as early as possible. I hated my job and got out at the earliest possible moment and you couldn't give me a million dollars to miss the last five years. Also you don't know what you will be dealt with. The last year I had a health scare and if it turned out bad and I was still working, I would have lost out on the best 4 years of my life. I worked for 52 years straight before I retired and thought I could never be happy without working, boy was I wrong!
  11. Well I got tied up with family stuff Monday into Tuesday. I wound up staying up all of Tuesday and left around midnight. Started to fall asleep during the drive and pulled over for a break. Wound up sleeping for about 3.5 hours. Got up there, got my license and started fishing around 9:00. The weather and fishing conditions were perfect and there were very few fisherman. The flow was perfect for me. Steelhead were jumping and appeared to be heading down stream. When Atlantic Salmon fishing, they say when you see a jumping salmon they are on the move and won't take, while a surface rising
  12. Got tied up with family stuff yesterday and today. Leaving 1 am tonight. Here is the Prius so far. I intend to remove the back seat and build a platform and storage areas. It has some good storage spaces in the spare tire compartment and on the left side. I will let you know how I did when I get back.
  13. I never liked NYC and didn't feel the need to ever go. Until 9/11! At one time I was a PO. At the time of 9/11 I had an office across the river from the Twin Towers. I watched that despicable attack on our country real time. I felt as a former police officer I had the balls to climb in those holes looking for people I thought would be trapped inside. I was also extremely angry. I told my boss I didn't give [email protected]$K about my job and I was going. He shook my hand and said go for it. I tried for 4 days to get into the Pile. While in NY, I walked around the entire perimeter trying to get in.
  14. We had a lot of close encounters. One trip a friend shot a P&Y 5x5. The year in the video my friend shot under a 5x5 at 40 yards. I had a monster 6x6 on that trip within 20 yards, but I was in the middle of 30 elk and couldn't move. Two satellite bulls bugled and he took of after them. We both had other encounters on every trip we went on. I love backcountry bowhunting DIY. Can't wait to go back.
  15. What was the name of lodge for $35? I friends that want to go but don't like to camp.
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