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  1. Thanks lunatic. I will PM you my cell. You can text or call whenever you want me to pick it up. I am loosing weight so I may have to postpone giving to my son, ha! If it fits like a large it is his, won't be there until another 60 pounds melts away! Thanks again very generous! Gil
  2. They put a mechanically attached moisture barrier (thick) on the walls so all the water that comes through the block foundation get trapped behind the wall and drains into their proprietary french drains. If you look at the bottom of the wall you will see it goes behind the lip of the french drains. They put in a sub pump trap and the three commercial sub pumps with check valves. Two electric, one battery and a smart switch which can tell if a sub pump isn't working. If there is no power they installed a battery backup, which gets triggered through the switch. It also keeps the battery charged through the switch. They routed it outside the house with a pipe to flow away from the house and bubble up through a drain above the ground. If that freezes the other pipes are designed to let the water flow up through them. They broke up the concrete around the entire basement floor and removed the concrete from the basement to install the french drains. The french drains have inspection ports all around the basement. They concreted over the french drains. They installed the SaniDry system and routed it into the sub pump basin. The entire system is quiet and I never hear it upstairs. They cleaned up when done and I could eat off the floor. They had a great crew and did this all in one day! It was amazing. Their customer service is great also. I never plug a company, but these guy's installation, customer service and products are the absolute best. The installation is warrantied as long as the house stands. I have them service the system once a year or two. They change the filters, check valves and clean the pumps. I watched what they do and it is worth the service charge. The picture with the rug shows the lip to the drain. Where I have the rug water used to pour in. If I had a rug there before this I would have had to cut up a water logged rug to be able to get it out of my basement. The moisture barrier works great and looks great. It brightened up the entire basement. It cost around $14,000 but added $50K to price of the house and added another 1200 sq ft of living space. Good luck Gil
  3. I will take it for my son. I am in Ocean County and can pick it up anytime. Thanks Gil
  4. Here is what I had done. I installed a Sanidry in the basement along with the covering on the walls, french drains, 3 sub pumps. 2 sub pumps are on separate circuits and if the power goes out I have a battery backup pump. If you look at the Sanidry it keeps my basement at 45 degrees humility. I had another house where we had a sub pump and we had a bad storm (6 inches of rain). The power went and the sub pump went out. I had 6 inches of water in my basement. It ruined a Orvis bamboo rod I had and lots of hunting fishing equipment. You can tell I hate water in my basement. Checkout the SaniDry. It is not only a dehumidifier it is a air purifier. 90% of the air in the house comes from the basement if you have forced hot air or central air with the air handler in the basement. Good luck Gil
  5. Quality First Basements. Every time it rained my basement would flood and smell musty. I would be wet vacuuming it for two days afterwards and have two dehumidifiers running for a week. I had them come in and never had a drop since. I could put down wall to wall carpeting if I wanted. It looks beautiful and smells great. Before they came in I would have had to reduce the market price of my house by $50k, now I can add $50k to the market price. Before I wanted to sell the house because of the basement, now I want to keep the house because of the basement. They warranty the work for the life of the house and the warranty is transferable to the future owners. My son had a flip house with in Lacey Twp with a crawl space that had a foot of standing water in it all the time. He had to replace 40 joists and sub flooring. I recommended Quality First. No more water. I didn't think it could be possible. I am no salesman. I can't recommend this company highly enough. If I ever sell and buy another house they are the first people I am going to call. I had this done about 3 years ago and have never had a problem or a drop of water since. Good luck Gil PS - if you are ever in Ocean County and want to see what they did PM me and I will show you mine.
  6. Sending you a PM. Never mind the barrel question. I misunderstood your ad, it sounded like two barrels. Thanks Gil
  7. A friend of mine in Morris County has two pistol permits burning a whole in his pockets. He is going to buy a Sig 1o mm, but is looking for a S&W 38. I sent him a text and am waiting for his response. If he has interest in the smith I will let you know. Do you have both barrels for the smith? Thanks Gil
  8. I rarely get to run with any other dogs, that is why I wanted the Auto Backer. My dog is good and everything she is, is in her genes. She learns very fast too. Thanks Bob I answered the PM. Gil
  9. I know it is a long shot, but does someone have an Auto Backer to train gun dogs to honor another dog's point. Thanks Gil
  10. Does anyone know of a place to buy a Auto Backer to train gun dogs to honor another dogs point? My dog is doing great pointing and retrieving, but now I want to train her to honor. LCS sells them but they are $200 more than what others used to sell them for. Thanks Gil
  11. Thanks Ramon. This one is in new condition, lighter and packs flat. If you decide you really want it I will hold it for you. Just let me know. If you go back to Bass Pro I can meet you there too. Shooters didn't have the ammo I wanted. Thanks again. Gil
  12. Thanks Ramon it was nice meeting you. Good luck with the stand Ramon took the Open Shot on the left. The Summit Broadhead Backpacker on the right is still available. It is like the Open Shot with an open front. My Viper cost me a monster 10 point in Ohio. It packs flat and is lighter than the other Summit stands. It has the same seat as the other Summits and is very comfortable. I would love to keep this stand, but I need a sit and climb these days at my age, unless I start doing sit ups for core strength! Thanks Gil
  13. I found their old number and it is no longer in service. I will take a ride by and see if it is still a game preserve. I will let you know once I get back. Gil
  14. Thanks I am going to ride by today. I remembered where they are. Gil
  15. I hunted Bent Creek once. I did a weekday package. Too many hawks for me. I hunted a section and was allowed to hunt a certain field. One of my two pheasants flew into a field I couldn't hunt about 60 yards away from us. My second pheasant my dog pointed, she jumped back and looked at me. I walked in to the bird and there was a hawk on it. That was the end of my hunt. Giberson told me they have a lot of hawks too, but I am going to find out this week. I didn't encounter any hawks at Game Creek. M&M has hawks and bald eagles (which is cool just seeing them) but they have so many birds it isn't a problem. They have thousands of ducks, pheasants and chukars running around. When I hunt Colliers Mills I go the day after they stock. For every pheasant my dog points I find 10 or more pheasants with their heads taken off by owls or their breasts eaten by hawks. There was a game farm in Plumbstead I am going to see if it is still there. That is also close. Giberson's has the lowest prices for the most birds and is 31 minutes from my house. If it turns out to be good I am going to do a yearly membership so I can get in a lot of hunts.
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