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  1. I would be interested, but South Jersey might as well be another planet for me.... I'm near the NYS border
  2. I once got a doe on Thanksgiving and got a nice buck 11/12 the day after veterans day. Both over ten years go Hunted today in NWS. Saw no deer. Had small game hunters circle my treestand at 50+ yards, when they didn't move any deer I went home. They could have only been hunting squirrels. There is no other small game in NWS. One guy was kicking a bush as if to flush a rabbit, I haven't seen a rabbit there in years. They did fire a shot that rained pellets near me, actually before I could see them. There was a fair amount of duck hunter shooting in nearby swamps and ponds.
  3. One thing I always find interesting about the Kennedy assination is Oswald is always discribed as a"marksman" when he was in the Marines. Anyone that served in the military knows there are three catagories of rifle qualification. "Expert"; "Sharpshooter"and"marksman". Marksman is the lowest grade, meaning that someone with a "marksman" qualification badge just bearly passed rifle qualification. So Oswald was not an outstanding shot in the Marines. That coupled with the peice of crap Italian Mauser, a rifle that requires the scope to be mounted offset to allow cartridge ejection (Like a Winchester 94 in 30-30). Sighting in this rifle/scope configuration would be difficult. I have never heard of any investigator pointing out that Oswald spent any time at the range sighting in. So we are supposed to believe a sub standard shooter shooting a piece of crap rifle made a 100yd+ shot at a moving target.
  4. IMO Rifle slug accuracy has a lot to do with the Savage 220 having a 3"chamber. That is a 2-3/4 slug does not engage the rifling as consistently as a 3" slug. AccuTips come in both 3" and 2-3/4. In my 220 the three inch shells group significantly better than the 2-3/4. The Hornedy SST's only come in 2-3/4. In my gun Hornadys do not group as well as the 3" AccuTips. I wish the made the Savage 220 with a 2-3/4 chamber.
  5. I've been running into that a lot in the last year. Started last fall in Sterling Forest. Last spring in Ringwood SP. And several times this fall in NWS. I guess there's more people hunting....Some of these places I have found other hunters in or near my spot are places I have been hunting for many years never seeing another hunter.
  6. US Army 1967-70. Various units. Vietnam sep67-sep68
  7. Where's BHC?????.... Haven't seen him in several years
  8. Saturday there was a roadkill at least six pointer probably more on the ramp from 287 South to 78west.
  9. Joe...I never thought you would abandon AccuTips..😁
  10. Don't park on the dirt portion of Split Rock Road....The local PD is aggressive about parking enforcement there. The NJ Muzzloader Assn. used to have permission to hunt the Boy Scout Camp, but as far as I know that organization is defunct.
  11. I think contraption rather than "machine"is a better way to discribe an xbow.
  12. In addition to the scent elimination these types of laundry detergent also contain no UV brightener. Regular laundry detergent has chemicals that cause the clothing to glow UV. It doesn't look different to us, but it becomes more visible to a deer.
  13. I fasten my CamX to my safety harness. That prevents it from falling, but the damn contraption is so heavy it's conceivable it could pull me out of the stand with it. I've been thinking of getting one of those single point tactical slings. The problem with that is the CamX doesn't have normal sling mounts. I first have to figure out how to attach it to the xbow.
  14. If you x-bow fires on a fall there is something wrong with the safety and the anti-dryfire mechanism.
  15. Was on stand this morning from dawn to noon in NWS Z6. At 0930 saw a borderline shooter buck at 50-60 yards. I could have shot him but every time I put the crosshairs on him there was also branches and twigs visible between me and the deer...so I let him walk. Going back out in a little while for an afternoon sit.
  16. This is why it's necessary to grease the threads on the choke tube the same as the breech plug on a muzzloader. I agree with several of the other posts saying to immerse it in penetrating oil for a day or two. I would not put a pipe wrench or even channel locks on it. That is likely to strip the female threads out of the barrel along with the choke
  17. It's the only call I have ever had a buck come into.
  18. False alarm...I just called Garden State Bow and Reel and theirs is working....Off to get my permit and stamp
  19. Went to Tackle and Field today to get my extended bow permit and pheasant stamp. The system is down!!!! I couldn't get anything. That sucks because I was planning on hunting tomorrow morning and this afternoon.
  20. Isn't that the prison where Joann Chesamard escaped from in the 1970's?
  21. Out in NYS 3J for last day of fall turkey. Set up ,1/4 mile north of state line. I started typing the above at 0830 this morning when three jakes showed up. I put the bead on one's head and bam. All three including the one I shot at flew up into a tree then back down. I fired again and all three ran away. I should have gotten them closer. I was overconfident on my Mossberg 835 with 3.5" magnums. The birds were about 60-70 yards too far. I have to pattern that gun before I turkey hunt again. I searched the area where they were for blood or feathers found nothing.
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