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Fs rem 870 slug barrel

Bone collector 85

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5 hours ago, Mountain Goat said:

30 years ago I took my Rem 870 smooth bore slug barrel and got it fitted for choke tubes.  I threw a extra full turkey choke in there and has been my turkey gun ever since.  Iron sights and the short barrel make a great spring gun!

My son is using the Wingmaster mag i killed a deer with...that has a sighted slug barrel threaded for chokes. came with rifled and imp cyl

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Just shoot the Brenneke KO slugs out of the smooth bore. I've been doing it for years out to 80 yds. with amazing results. Kills deer every year.

No need to spend money on fitting choke tubes for in close 50 to 75 yrd. shooting. Or shoot the Federal Law Enforcement 00 Buck with the Flite Control Wad. Mine will put 9 pellets in a 10" pie plate at 45Yds. I even use the gun with turkey loads with Flite Control wads or the Long Beard XR's.

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