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  1. Totally agree. London broil always came out tough on the grill. It is tender and evenly cooked with sous vide. I tried goose breast last night with an orange,brandy, butter and apricot sauce. Again I was blown away by how evenly cooked and tender it was. The wife even enjoyed it.
  2. Must be a Sous Vide kind of day. I made Cod with a Mediterranian sauce. 135 degrees for 35 minutes. It was awesome. Sous Vide machine was best Christmas gift ever. Rib Eyes always come out perfect.
  3. No venison, pheasant, rabbit or chukar tonight. Made Lake Ontario King Salmon Cakes served on a bed of arugula with homemade tarter sauce and a side of sweet potatoe fries/ Sorry no pics but sure was tasty.
  4. Solid 13+" in Morristown with blizzard like conditions.
  5. Couldn"t agree more. The Adaks are beautiful. This spring will mark our 50th year at our lake house on the Great Sacandaga Lake. Dad bought the place for $11,400 in 1971. It was -7 this morning. With the strict lakeside building rules we have enjoyed the same undeveloped view all those years. It was the perfect Covid escape last summer and fall.Thanks Mom and Dad.
  6. Best of luck to you Mallard. Hard to believe Ray's closed 12 years ago.
  7. We don't mention or recommend Dicks on this site.
  8. Looks Great.....Stuffed with what and cooked for how long???
  9. Thanks BowhunterNJ for the link. Just bought a pair and got an additional 10% off as a first time buyer with free shipping and return. $117 to my door. Great Deal
  10. I'll take them. I'm in Morristown. See my previous PM for my contact info. Thanks, Dennis
  11. When you say "Mine says" what are you refering to??
  12. Should I unstring my Excalibur Micro Suppressor after the bow season to completely relax the limbs ??
  13. estimator


    Met Stevo only one time at his last Pub 199 Christmas Party. Although he was very ill he made you feel as though he had known you for years. I too miss his posts and his sense of humor. RIP Brave Soldier.
  14. Yuengling Black & Tan with a Deer Stick from Alpine
  15. Looks Amazing! I received a Sous Vide Cooker for Christmas. Can't wait to try it on venison loin. Tonight I made Venison Bolognese with Cavatelli. It was restaurant quality. Had it with a Peimonte Rosso Barbera. I'm wishing the entire NJW&W Family a Very Happy and Healthy New Year. Weather for Monday is good. Let's get back in the stand for Winter Bow as well as Permit Shotgun and ML.
  16. estimator

    zuppa di pesce

    Buon Natale to all .
  17. Gary Gaulrapp is a quality venison processor. He also makes goose breast pastrami and smoked pheasant breast that is fantastic. Beside his wild game talents he is a genuine nice guy. Do not hesitate to have your venison processed by Gary and his partner Lauren.
  18. Ill take the 30-06 Core Lokt. I'm in Morristown.
  19. Just so happens I made this last night myself. I used hand cut cutlets from Mitchell's Deer Cutting in Hawthorne. Scott is a professional butcher by trade. His cutlets are by far the best. Give them a try this year.
  20. Braised a bone in neck roast today. It was delicious. Have enough for 4 more dinners for two.
  21. I don't think Martz is closing. I'm guessing these hunters are just going to have their season ending hunt. Good Luck Guys.
  22. I'll take them. Let me know where and when is good for you.
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