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  1. I stopped by Cabelas in PA about a week ago.They had been open for about an hour. They had Herters 9mm available for $29.99/100 rnds. You could buy 5 boxes unless you used your Cabelas Club Card. Then you could buy 8 boxes. Thats 800 rounds for $240. I grabbed the 800.
  2. 'Im guessing your at the Thirsty Mermaid. Great food. Good Choice.
  3. After 50 years......We are treated like locals. I've known our neighbors and their families for generations.
  4. My parents bought a camp on the Great Sacandaga Lake in 1971 for $11,400. Mom and dad went once or twice a month Spring, Summer and fall. They made small improvements over the years and enjoyed having friends spend weekends After dad retired they would spend weeks at a time. The camp was left to me and my wife when mom and dad passed. It is 3 hrs and 10 minutes from Morristown and 201 miles each way. We have exclusive access to a 50 ft wide sandy beach in front of our camp. We would go nearly every weekend when I was working. Now that I am retired we go for weeks at a time, coming home just t
  5. Don't forget to stop at the Stuffed Pig at MM49 for breakfast. Try their Ultimate Bloody Mary and Stuffed Pig Breakfast Specials.
  6. Ask each contractor how many tons of asphalt they include in their price. Once you decide on a contractor have them include that tonnage in his proposal/contract. Also request copies of each delivery ticket on the day the work is performed. Measure the driveway carefully to determine the total square yards of pavement to be installed. Properly compacted asphalt weighs approx. 115lbs / inch thick /sq yd. So, if you want 3" of new asphalt installed each sq. yd should weight 345 lbs. Multiply that times the total sq. yds. in your driveway then divide by 2000 to find the total tons of asphalt
  7. Got my second shot on Tuesday at the Meadowlands, In two weeks I'll be back in the game. I received the Pfizer vaccine without any side effects. Thank you President Trump.
  8. If someone develops a pain in the ass from a shot they received in their arm, they more than likely are having a really bad reaction.
  9. Thank you so much for the Orvis vest Mark. It was nice seeing you again. And thanks for your advise on dads old Stevens Dbl. Tight Lines Dennis
  10. Just shoot the Brenneke KO slugs out of the smooth bore. I've been doing it for years out to 80 yds. with amazing results. Kills deer every year. No need to spend money on fitting choke tubes for in close 50 to 75 yrd. shooting. Or shoot the Federal Law Enforcement 00 Buck with the Flite Control Wad. Mine will put 9 pellets in a 10" pie plate at 45Yds. I even use the gun with turkey loads with Flite Control wads or the Long Beard XR's.
  11. Reading this topic brings back memories of the winter of 1965 at Paul Smiths College. We had a class called SugarBush in which we made maple syrup at the schools own on campus sugar house. It was a wood fired evaporator that required 24/7 monitoring once the process was started. Students took turns with overnight shifts keeping an eye on the temperature of the boil down. That was a fun time. We had guns in our dorm rooms and never had a problem.
  12. estimator

    Lunch During Lent

    Both look delicious. I love all the NJH Food Porn Posts.
  13. Is the property off the Thruway or the Northway ? I have a camp on the Great Sacandaga but am looking for hunting land.
  14. Totally agree. London broil always came out tough on the grill. It is tender and evenly cooked with sous vide. I tried goose breast last night with an orange,brandy, butter and apricot sauce. Again I was blown away by how evenly cooked and tender it was. The wife even enjoyed it.
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