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12ga ammo for sale


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 .50 per shell of the 2&3/4",
.60 per shell of the  3" for partial boxes,majority of what i have is partial boxes...full boxes are $$ on the box however there may be a box or boxes that does not have a price tag on it. Depended on where i bought them from. Located in South Jersey,Gloucester county. No Shipping,ftf cash sale only. Must be legal age and have id.


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I bought the 3" Win HV years ago in a 100 shell pack so the price is what they are going for at Bass Pro atm idk what was paid per 100. 

Win Xpert HV 1550fps  3" 1&1/8oz #2 $12.50 full box 

Win Xpert HV 1550fps 3" 1&1/8oz BB $12.50 full box

Federal Speed shok 1400fps  3" 1&1/4oz BB $17.00 there is 1 full box and a box with 2 shells in it. So 27 total shells. I paid $16.95  per box initially.


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