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  1. I'd love to make it just to meet a few of you gents in person but unfortunately I won't be up that way until the following weekend, and on Sat of that weekend I'll have my grandson at the Teen Anglers event at the Pequest Hatchery for the morning followed by an afternoon on the Flatbrook. Looking forward to the pics and tales though!
  2. You picked a good hole to start the young lad on! Nice job by both instructor and pupil! I like the pic of the stunted 'bow, seen a few of them the past couple of years during float stockings.
  3. Since this project is now under way and the dam will soon be just a memory I thought some folks might appreciate this pic from the April 2005 flood. This was after the river had receded approx. 6 feet. At its crest the Delaware had actually backed up into Columbia lake by nearly 3 feet flooding the access lane along the south side for a time. you can see the debris in the bushes in the foreground indicating how high the water had been. Remember, this is an 18 foot high dam.
  4. Dave B.

    a New Tilt on the Taylor ham/Pork roll debate

    Sounds okay but I think I'd rather have bacon with my French toast ice cream than pork roll, just sayin'.
  5. It's quite saddening to see how much mis-information has been propagated over the past several years, much of it due solely to some folk's misguided and/or misinformed opinions. We as anglers owe it to ourselves to be as well informed of the facts as we possibly can in all situations pertinent to our freshwater fisheries, and the Bureau of Freshwater Fisheries does a very good job of providing us with opportunities to do so. Between the 3 open public forums held every year around the state and the ready availability to the staff via email and telephone there's no good reason I can see for all the incorrect conjecture that gets bandied about as 'fact'. Such un-informed comments only serve to foster ill will amongst some anglers towards the very folks who have thus far, and who continue striving to provide us with the incredible variety of species and abundant angling opportunities we're so fortunate to have here in the most densely populated state in the nation. If you have a question, concern, or just a differing opinion than the Bureau on an issue you should not hesitate to reach out to the folks at Freshwater Fisheries. All of their contact info is in the Regs Digest as well as on the Div. website. As a default measure you can simply reach out to the general Div email and the folks there will get your question or concern to the proper person(s) and provide you with a reply as promptly as possible.
  6. Dave B.

    Memorial Day on the Big D

    Congrats on a great day with some hard fighting fish! 42 in 4 hours is flat out killing it! Don't worry about that lamprey though, that one's just a youngster. The adults average 2 1/2 to 3 feet long! They come up the river every year and can usually be seen in the Flatbrook and Musky in NJ and in the Bushkill and Brodhead in PA just to name a few, not to mention spawning on the larger cobble/gravel riffs in the 'D' itself. Kinda startling the first time you walk up on them while wet wading!
  7. Dave B.

    My buddy caught his first tiger trout

    Most definitely! Also very cool how hard they fight! All the bulldog power of a brown and the speed and erratic runs of a brookie!
  8. Dave B.

    Rock, Ribs, and Ridges Festival 2018

    Got my tix months ago! Had a blast last year, looking forward to doing it again! In for the whole weekend, same as always! We'll be set up under our dining tent in the field drinking, smoking cigars and chilling out to the tunes!
  9. Dave B.

    Very nice jersey brown trout

    Thanks for the update! I knew there had been 2 at one time but I haven't kept up with that info for some time now. The group on Handler's farm I was pretty sure were still stocking, didn't know for sure about Overlook. Regarding Musky's Kamloops, I agree wholeheartedly with your statements concerning their ability to reproduce in the wild. Absolutely great fighting fish as well! A real pleasure to play!
  10. Dave B.

    Very nice jersey brown trout

    The second, larger one is a Musky fish. The smaller one is from a different hatchery in Pa. There is, or at least was, 1 club that stocked fish every year in the lower Flatbrook. The others come from a very small group of un-affiliated anglers who each contribute a few dollars and their own time each year to stock about 100 or so 11-12 inch fish into a section of the Flatbrook. These fish are usually a mix of browns, tigers, and a few goldens for the occasional angler who cares to try for one, and of course to give the eagles and ospreys some easy pickings.
  11. Dave B.

    My buddy caught his first tiger trout

    One of these days we're actually gonna work it out to get together to wet a line! In the meantime keep up the great catching, loving your pics!!
  12. Dave B.

    Very nice jersey brown trout

    Thanks, but they pale in comparison to the beautiful browns that Hemlock and others post here. Just wanted to show there are still a few browns wandering around in the Flatbrook, it's just a matter of pure unadulterated luck to encounter them.
  13. Dave B.

    Very nice jersey brown trout

    Here's a couple from the Flatbrook. The first one was two weeks ago and went 14.5", the second was caught yesterday (Sat) in the rain and measured 17 inches. Both were holdovers from private stockings during the past several years and both found new homes in the frying pan.
  14. Dave B.

    Well pump question

    Under no circumstances should you have to change a filter that often. Whether or not there's a serious problem with the well itself or just the water quality depends on what type of sediment is clogging up the filter cartridge. If it's a pasty rust colored substance then you most likely need a water softener installed. If however it's more along the lines of very fine sand and you have a submersible pump the pump may be set too close to the bottom of the well in which case you would have to raise the pump up several feet. If it's a courser sandy sediment then you may have a compound problem wherein the well screen has been compromised and is allowing courser material to pass through in addition to the submersible pump being set too far down in the well casing.
  15. Not at all surprised. The folks at Pequest have done an outstanding job for decades now. I can attest to there having been many fish at a solid 12 inches in last weeks stockings. Kudos to the Pequest staff!