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  1. Dave B.

    12 and 20 ga slugs for sale

    If those 20ga Fusions were 2 3/4 I be all over them. Anybody have any of those they'd like to part with?
  2. I'm wondering if anyone has heard any updates on the status of the lawsuit(s) filed regarding this matter. Anyone?
  3. Dave B.

    Salmon Time

    Headed up this coming Sat night for our annual week long trip. Hit town Sun morn and take our time getting checked into the B&B, having some breakfast, etc, then on the water for the late afternoon/evening time. Fish Sun evening through the following Fri midday. After that the Columbus Day weekend madness sets in and we are OUT! As for the DSR I absolutely refuse to pay them a dime. A fat cat politician getting an even fatter wallet from a public resource that was established and is sustained by the license monies of the general angling public. Not my cup of tea. Plenty of other miles of river to fish w/o battling the maddening crowds, ya just gotta not mind taking a hike.
  4. You have to remember that the DEP is run by a governor's appointee. Yes, DF&W is a DEP division but they (F&W) are under the control to a large extent of the DEP. We need to get the Div. removed from the 'umbrella' of the DEP and re-instated as a separate, autonomous entity without the political pressures of the DEP and governor looming over their heads. This would however require an act of the state legislature which obviously isn't going to happen unless and until we have a republican controlled legislature. Good luck getting that accomplished in this blue state.
  5. Dave B.

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    Log cabin has gone downhill since the new owners took over, food and clientele. The bikers still meet there on weekends though. Maybe BHC would like to go over there on Sunday and tell them all how they are nothing but hillbillies and white trash.  The Log Cabin has had one of the best pies in NJ for a long time! I've been wondering how the place was doing since Linda sold it. She told me she included her dough recipe, yeast stock, and pie ingredients list with the sale to the new owners so they could maintain the taste and quality of the pizza. I guess they (the new folks) thought they could improve on her long-standing successful pies and business plan. Damn shame, now I'll have to visit her at home to get a decent pizza, and it's a looong drive from here to Hackettestown!! That aside should you ever happen to find yourself in Ocean City, NJ stop in to Piccini's. Wood fired brick oven pizzas at their finest! I suggest the jumbo lump crab marguerita pie!
  6. Dave B.

    Stream conditions

    SBR at the lower end of the KLG is at 186cfs and dropping as of 10:45 tonight. You should be fine for tomorrow, just spring-like stream conditions without the cold water temps. The gauge... https://waterdata.usgs.gov/nj/nwis/uv/?site_no=01396500&PARAmeter_cd=00065,00060,62614
  7. Dave B.

    Water gap camping??

    Taylors is okay, had a seasonal site there for nearly 20 years after the Coppermine closed. Finally left there in '03 for a place closer to home and the shore. The Lakota Wolf Preserve is definitely cool, the owners are friends of mine and damn good folks if I do say so myself.
  8. Dave B.

    Water gap camping??

    Check out this site... https://www.yelp.com/search?cflt=campgrounds&find_loc=Walpack+Township%2C+NJ I'd definitely look into the Bear Creek Campground. This is the former Walpack Valley campground, and it was Mrs. B's before that. They have tent sites right beside the Flatbrook, you can drink there, and there are a good number of waterfalls and other scenic locations within a short distance including areas just across the river in PA. Edit, avoid the state campgrounds. No alcohol allowed!!
  9. Dave B.

    One really cool squirrel!

    We had one similar in Montague last year. Only difference was his tail was all red rather than mottled like your pic. Very cool any way you cut it!
  10. Dave B.

    What kind of tree?

    Hell yes they stink!! There was a gingko biloba tree in the playground of my first elementary school. Throwing those horrific smelling half rotted gobs at other kids was a way of life for us! When they turn a shade of orange you'll know they're just about ripe!
  11. Dave B.

    The NRA spy Marie Butina

    I always told my Dad when he would reprimand me, "Can I do it 'till I need glasses?!". 'Course I also used to have to wave and tell him, "Dad, I'm over here!".
  12. Dave B.

    What kind of snake?

    Typical water snake. Non poisonous but highly aggressive with a bacteria filled bite that generally leaves a nasty and painful infection. Not one I like to see while wet wading!
  13. I'm well aware that Pa's disease issues go much further back than 2016, I merely used that as an example, hence my opening the statement 'an example'. Further you did indeed say "raise them without disease" and yet you belie your own statement by saying "I know all about the disease outbreaks in PA and they go back further than 2016" clearly indicating you know they do not raise them without disease. As for having proof or evidence regarding the Pequest outbreak, again if you actually read and fully comprehend my statement I said "Personally I don't believe it's a coincidence...". In other words this is my opinion to which I am well entitled just as you are to yours. That is why I made the statement I made, to express my opinion, which has some basis in fact insofar as the PA stocking was indeed a recent event, the nearest Pa fall stocked waters are just a few short miles away, and as you said "They have continued to stock both browns and brook trout despite the outbreak..." which means they are stocking thousands of likely disease carriers. All that aside, we both each have our thoughts and opinions on these and many other issues. The fact that we can have these open discussions, and at times agree to disagree, is what makes this site so great and also what helps to keep our NJF&W staff on the move trying to improve our fish and wildlife resources.
  14. I wholeheartedly agree with you on the subject of our politicians blatantly wasting our tax dollars, particularly the 'tax & spend' dems although both sides of the aisle are guilty on that issue to varying degrees. As for other states not having disease issues you're mistaken on that one. An example, in 2016 PA had disease outbreaks at 7 of their 14 state hatcheries. The most prevalent outbreaks were furunculosis followed by various other pathogens. They (PA) have outbreaks every year at many of their state hatcheries. They just treat the fish and stock them with little regard to the potential ramifications for the environment. NY has been battling with furunculosis among other diseases for many decades. So much so that they've have long dedicated a facility at their Rome hatchery to the development of furunculosis resistant strains of brooks and browns. These are just a couple of examples, but knowing facts is IMHO far better than spreading rumors and baseless opinions. Personally I don't believe it's a coincidence that the Pequest outbreak in the fall of 2013 occurred just 2 weeks after Pa's fall stocking just a few miles away across the river, and during the peak of raptor migration in the region. However you are entitled to believe as you see fit, a God given and constitutionally guaranteed right we all share.
  15. There may well be, that's strictly a matter of opinion. If for example the funds were able to be used for roofs over the Pequest raceways to allow the Div to again produce browns and brooks I'd support that 100%. However the sources of the funding don't allow for such a usage.