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Two hour power hunt


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Got off work at 2:45 wanted to see how long it took to get set-up in my spot Allaire. Got setted in by 3:30 gonna start doing this as much as possiple this time a year guess anything can happen in two hours.


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I have taken two hour power naps but I much prefer a power hunt, I did have one yesterday in my public spot and saw nothing till I pulled out of the parking lot. A small eight walked across the road into the woods toward my stand area. Oh well, deer get smart and know when it's safe but perhaps very soon he will get caught up in the breeding and slip up.

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Had a Huge body 8 walk by today.. He had long thick main beams.. the problem was his tines..  Had crab claws in the front and the rest were about an inch long.. Was 40 yards out but after my practice run today at the range i wasnt feeling it so i let him pass...


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I do this whenever I have to. Gotta be out there if you're gonna shoot something.


I actually have spots closer to home that are almost specifically for this purpose. Thing I always worry about is messing someone else up. I always try to avoid that, but I hunt all public land, so sometimes it happens. I hate when I've spent all day in a tree to have someone come crashing in at the last minute. So I try not to be that guy, but I'm sure I've done it by mistake more than once over all the years. I always feel bad whenever I realize I've come up on someone else....


But...killing a deer can happen so fast and even after crazy stuff you'd think would ruin a hunt, so it's usually worth a try.

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