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  1. I'll take this seriously and I'm going to add a few other markers I track. Starting weight: 190.8 Starting number of push ups: 21 regular nonstop good form today (very sissy I know....was a lot higher just a month or so ago, but with my recent issues I don't want to push anything until Drs figure it out) Before picture: I'll see if I can get one later and sorry to disappoint the ladies but, it will be fully clothed. Morning blood pressure left arm: 113/75 right arm: 118/74 Resting heart rate: 72 Blood glucose fasting: 84 Blood glucose 2 hrs p
  2. Matty

    Health Update

    Rusty, I actually used that line several times before and after the cat scan. lol It's not a Toomah! It's not a toomah! No one else seemed to find it as funny as I did. My thinking is....I figure laughing never hurts. Unless you have something wrong with you that is aggravated by laughter, in which case than it would hurt.
  3. Matty

    Health Update

    I'm making the effort. It's just like pulling teeth because I really hate this crap. They'll probably just find out that part of my DNA is turning into buck dna. Once the transformation is complete, my tarsal glands and antlers will sprout and I'll feel great again. lol
  4. Matty

    Health Update

    First, thank you to all that showed concern in my previous post about my health. Some great folks on here. So to be fair, I figured I'd update you guys, rather than leave you hanging. I'm sure some are disappointed to know that yes, I am still alive. lol I ended up finally going to the ER after much debate, but mostly because of a few guys on here and some family members. I honestly never would have gone. Plus I added to the cocktail of issues, so I was getting a lot more nagging than I could endure. I wasn't feeling good at all, but my friend wanted to take his son
  5. Hunting in snow is cool and I love following tracks...can learn a lot in the snow. BUT.... I actually prefer no snow or quick melting storms for hunting. I hate leaving boot tracks that someone can follow into my spots. One hunt in a great spot, in the snow, can lead someone into a honey hole they may never have found. Even when I scout in snow I avoid entering where other people do, avoid people trails, try to avoid leaving boot prints where visible to high traffic areas, etc. Call me paranoid, but public land around here is highly pressured and people definitely follow boot tracks.
  6. I've done this at least a few times. I've also hung cameras upside down. Not sure if that makes me dumber than you or not, but at least I turned it on those times. What makes this worse is, I don't really use cameras very often. Not sure if that's a good excuse, or a better reason to feel like an idiot since my ratio of moronic camera usage is higher. lol
  7. Matty


    Huh, I thought it meant: Lets Go Bowhunting Together Quietly If you'll excuse me I have to cancel some plans with a guy named Bear now.
  8. OK Bill. Sent you a PM Hunter4623
  9. Thanks guys. Bill, that's exactly what I was getting at! Got to enjoy life and make time for your family and friends. Could all end in such a stupid way... I feel pretty fine now considering and I hate going to doctors, I'm sure I'll be fine. Seemed isolated. I occasionally "fast" now. So I hadn't eaten for two days before and was feeling a bit dehydrated after the morning hunt, so I I broke the fast there with a ton of salty pretzels and a bunch of water about an hour before the event. I had already had salt and water in the AM too though (which is how I usually fast)....The exc
  10. Stopped by to visit my mom after a morning hunt on Monday. My brother stopped by too. We were talking in the kitchen.... I got up to go pee. As I was peeing I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest and then I started losing consciousness. I could tell what was coming, I've lost consciousness before just like this. Started losing vision...but thought I could fight it off. Holding the wall as I was peeing thinking....Got to keep it together, then I can sit down. Guess I didn't keep it together because the next thing I know I hear my brother yelling. Sounded like he was down a reall
  11. Nice. Year of the firsts for sure. Congrats! You're onto something there too. Over the years I've always noticed a lot of animals are very tightly packed into certain areas, at least on public land. Bucks, bears, turkeys, foxes, coyotes, ducks, weasels, beavers...They all seem to favor the same areas on hunted land. Find one type of critter, you usually find the others.
  12. What have you been doing? I would continue that routine if possible. The second you start changing stuff, you often scare them off. If you do decide to put out bulk, save at least some to bring in when you do hunt and also because we might have rain. Unless you have it protected from the elements. Like us, bears seem to prefer to eat nice fresh rolls or cake, not mushy, soggy rain-soaked goo. I would also consider what you're seeing with visiting times on camera and bait when the bears are likely not around. Could go about it two ways, if the bear is consistent already, you mig
  13. I probably could have squeezed in a morning hunt, but it's a busy day ahead and I didn't want to get stuck, tracking, dragging, butchering. Besides, I have to spend a few days with family each year so they remember what I look like. lol Seems like it would make an awesome tradition to have some kind of family hunt in the AM though. Maybe pheasant or something easy. Very cool that some of you guys do that! Good luck to those out and happy turkey day to all!
  14. Good luck in your search for chestnuts Lunatic!
  15. Happy giving of thanks day everyone!
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