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  1. Congratulations on a very nice deer. Enjoyed the story as I am working a 12hr shift and it was a nice diversion. I thought you said you lost your hat... your wearing one in the pics, ha ha. Again congrats on a dandy buck!
  2. Saw the pit boss smoker at Lowes I thought it was no longer available but was wrong.
  3. This model is no longer available, I think it was only at Lowes.
  4. Although I have never wrapped it in a welding blanket I do cut cardboard to block the wind, hard to maintain steady temps even in summer and winter it will not get up past 275. I hate having to constantly adjust it. I heard about the electric being so well insulated that at LOW temps the coil produces no smoke, there is one that has a separate smoker coil for that. My buddy has a pellet Treager and swears by it.
  5. I now have a Masterbuilt propane smoker and it's OK, not great in windy, winter temps but still it requires constant attention winter or summer. Looking for something I can set up before bedtime and wake up to a smoked shoulder or whatever. Even if I do it in daytime I want something less needy. My budget is $400.00 I think, I saw some electric for around $200.00. Some names are Pit Boss, Dyna-Glo, Cuisinart and of course Masterbuilt. Treager may be out of my price range.
  6. I never had a call in problem, 10 call in's and one online. I like the online on my cell phone. Although I also like calling while I'm on the way to the butcher.
  7. I thought electric would be set it and forget it, great for overnight smoking but that can get costly. With propane I worry about having to baby sit the temp as I would probably smoke more in winter, I think a double wall unit is better plus I can build a small cabinet to keep wind down and protect the smoker when not in use.
  8. Ha Ha , I like the smoke atmosphere idea! Who doesn’t like that smell. I’m eyeballing a Masterbuilt electric model sold at Home Depot, wondering if there will be an end of season price drop.
  9. All replies are appreciated, I have a fun decision to make.
  10. I smoked some pheasant by using my gas grill, it worked ok but its a pain. I wanted to up my game with ribs, porkbutt, turkey and brisket. I need your experiences with electric or propane smokers, I would like it to be more fun and less work. Any input, good or bad, is appreciated.
  11. I picked up a one gallon size sprayer on Amazon for around 8 bucks, used it twice so far, if I get a season out it I'll be happy. I like carrying a one gallon polly instead of the two gallon metal pump sprayer I've had for 20 years.
  12. No chipmunks for 17 years till my two cats passed, now Im loaded with them as well. Rat trap works.
  13. Very cute but I would give him another year.
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