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  1. I thought electric would be set it and forget it, great for overnight smoking but that can get costly. With propane I worry about having to baby sit the temp as I would probably smoke more in winter, I think a double wall unit is better plus I can build a small cabinet to keep wind down and protect the smoker when not in use.
  2. Ha Ha , I like the smoke atmosphere idea! Who doesn’t like that smell. I’m eyeballing a Masterbuilt electric model sold at Home Depot, wondering if there will be an end of season price drop.
  3. All replies are appreciated, I have a fun decision to make.
  4. I smoked some pheasant by using my gas grill, it worked ok but its a pain. I wanted to up my game with ribs, porkbutt, turkey and brisket. I need your experiences with electric or propane smokers, I would like it to be more fun and less work. Any input, good or bad, is appreciated.
  5. I picked up a one gallon size sprayer on Amazon for around 8 bucks, used it twice so far, if I get a season out it I'll be happy. I like carrying a one gallon polly instead of the two gallon metal pump sprayer I've had for 20 years.
  6. No chipmunks for 17 years till my two cats passed, now Im loaded with them as well. Rat trap works.
  7. Very cute but I would give him another year.
  8. I made a brine with salt, brown sugar, maple syrup and a bay leaf soaked the birds for about 6 or 7 hrs. I also used a rub mix on one of them. They were very tasty just a little overdone and dry. The only reason the meat thermometer was not used was I had gotten so busy worrying about keeping the temp and smoke going properly I sort of forgot and did it by time ( not good).
  9. Yes, Exactly, dry but delicious, my whole family thought they tasted pretty good, thanks.
  10. OK, before you start laughing at the pics this was my very first time smoking, plus I did it on a gas grill after reading up and having used my own ideas. The tasted better than they look. I used Hickory because it's what was on hand. I did overcook them a little but there was a learning curve and I did learn a lot which will help me on my second attempt. The Pheasant were shot by me a couple weeks ago and I was invited back this weekend for the last hunt of the season so I get to try my hand at smoking again. I liked the taste so much I think I will try some of the Venison I have from a very successful bow season.
  11. Thank you for all the fantastic responses,I had no idea!! I have this stuff in my backyard. So is this stuff poisonous or not? Does it have oil like the Poison Ivy does? I guess its OK if you brush up against it. I must have gotten the rash from something else I guess... it was many years ago.
  12. It has a red stalk with hairs and thorns plus the undersides of the " leaves of three" are light in color. It left a nasty itchy welt on my leg after I bumped into it in the dark.
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