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Wow....Levi Morgan leaves Mathews for Elite Archery


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Not sure if anyone cares, but this is huge news in the industry..




Contact Information: 877-503-5483

235 Middle Road Henrietta NY 14467




Elite Signs a Deal with Top Professional Archer

Darrin Christenberry Made the Switch


Henrietta NY, November 1 2013: Elite Archery has signed Professional Archer, Darrin Christenberry, to shoot the company’s line of bows starting immediately. He has several IBO and ASA Tournament wins to his credit as well as top appearances in at the NFAA Indoor World Championship in Vegas.


“My initial impression of this bow was fantastic. The bow, first and foremost aimed unbelievably, and my shot time increased by several seconds. I could really hold that pin still and execute a perfect shot,” explained Darrin. “This new Energy bow is definitely going to be in my tree stand with me next week, its probably going to be on the 3D range this spring and it could even be on the line indoors at Vegas. For me, this bow can do it all.”


Along with representing the Elite Archery brand at various national and world archery competitions, Darrin will also be working with the Elite Archery dealers in Indiana and Illinois as a Territory Sales Manager for The Outdoor Group brands.


“Darrin is a class act,” commented Elite Archery Vice President, Garret Armstrong. “He is one of the most respected archers and archery ambassadors in the sport. To have Darrin as on our team helping us with new product development as well as managing sales in part of the Midwest territory for all TOG brands will be a huge asset. We are very excited he has decided to make the switch to Elite.”


“Every aspect of archery has to do with feel, whether it be bowhunting or competition archery, and feel is hard to describe,” said Darrin. “Its not something I can really explain to you, you need to go out and feel it for yourself. Don’t go buy an Elite bow because I told you to or because Levi told you to. Go out and test the Shootability of the Elite Energy and find out for yourself what all the excitement is about.”


President of Elite Archery, Pete Crawford explains,” We wanted to work with the very best people in the business and we are really excited about where this is going to go for the future. I invite everyone to take the Shootability Challenge and see what the difference is between an Elite bow and a lot of the other great bows out there. It’s a feel difference.”



Established in 2006, Elite Archery is a high-end compound bow company based in Henrietta, New York. Elite’s line of compound bows consist of two track binary cams with the efficiency that’s to be expected from a high-energy cam system, but with the smoothest draw cycle available. For more information, visit www.elitearchery.com, like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/EliteArchery or follow us on twitter at www.twitter.com/Elite_Archery




Established in 2012 and based in Henrietta, New York, The Outdoor Group is parent company to the premier brands of Elite Archery, Perfect Form Manufacturing, Duel Game Calls, Scott Archery, Custom Bow Equipment, Winner’s Choice Custom Bowstrings and Solid Broadheads.


Media questions can be directed to Maggie Armstrong at maggie@togllc.com



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Weird how the article is focused on Darrin more than Levi. No feedback or input from Levi on his decision?

Money talks...I'm sure Elite is giving them some good coin to make that move and represent them.

Do you know if there is something significantly different in the Elite line now (or the next set of models) that sets it aside from Mathews and other competitors?

Or is this strictly a money deal?


That's a great video btw! :up:

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I love Mathews and have been shooting them since 1996/1997, before that it was Hoyt, but Elite has become a vital force in the archery world, and I will be looking into their bows, but I like a bow that is 30" Axel to Axel they have bows that are slightly longer, but still will look into them

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They certainly did not switch for free, but sometimes as a shooter you have to grow with technology. Bows become more shooter friendly, less maintenance = more free time to do other things, especially now that Levi is a father. He is probably the best 3-d shooter to hit the scene and will do very well with Elite.



My first Mathews was an MQ1, great bow, which was what made me start shooting the Ross line of bows (the 337 and the Cardiac), several years ago.


As a side note, the fit and finish on Elite bows is well above par in the industry. But I still love my Bowtechs. Nothing like setting center shot to 7/8 on the shelf and simply yoke tune the bow to perfection.

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I bought the Hoyt carbon element, BUT I really liked the elite bows. I love the Hoyt bow....it wants to shoot. Not a Mathews fan at all (Some like Ford, and some like Chevy). I may have bought the Elite if the company had been around a little longer and was more established. If you guys have not shot an Elite bow, try it........they are VERY unique in the way the let down does not want to be let down, it wants to be shot. Sounds odd, but when you draw them back, it feels like it's locked back and very easy to hold at full draw (Much easier than my hoyt, or any other bow). It's an odd feeling though, if you want to let it down without shooting it,  it is much harder than any other bow to let down. As a result, no struggle what so ever at full draw, which equates to shooting better. As I said, if this bow company was around a little longer, I would have bought the Elite. I once made the mistake of buying fishing rods from a small, unestablished company and when it was time to turn one in for warranty work.....the company was out of business. If Elite continues to progress.....my next bow will be an Elite.

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they are VERY unique in the way the let down does not want to be let down, it wants to be shot. Sounds odd, but when you draw them back, it feels like it's locked back and very easy to hold at full draw (




Good feature.. My Hoyt Matrix feels locked back but still requires some effort to keep it back..


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Reality of it is..... It's Always About The $$$$$$$$

}}}--I certainly do chase New Jersey's BIG Bucks, BIG Birds, and BIG Fish--->

Best Bow Buck to date; 2011 Gross; 142 6/8
Best Gobbler to date; 2012 NWTF score of 77.5
Best Northern Pike to date; 40" (Passaic River Pike )
Best Muskie to date; (The hunt begins)

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