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7 Pointer Working My Mock Scrape (Video)


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So I went up to my spot after work to check both cams, one cam had lots of does and the same half rack 2 pointer, my mock scrape cam(video mode) had does small 4 pointer and this nice 7 pointer who gave me a nice show. Not 100% sure on how to post videos. Scroll down to view the videos I re-posted them with the help of Matt




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I used various stuff.......in the dripper I used ACTIVE SCRAPE by WILDLIFE RESEARCH, also hangging is a SCRAPE GENERATORmade by BUCK BOMB which has BUCKFEVER FOREHEAD SCENT, and used BUCK RUB scent by CODE BLUE......Yesterday I replaced the ACTIVE SCRAPE scent with GOLDEN SCRAPE which has a little doe in heat scent.


Now thinking of using the doe in heat scent I got off from you this Saturday or the following Saturday

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