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anyone do these USPSA or IDPA competitions?

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Friend of mine lives in Oregon (as he likes to call it "Oregun" :-)... he's been getting into USPSA matches lately. Says its really fun.

Anyone ever do those things? Or the IDPA competitions?



I'd be afraid I'd trip while running around and shoot myself in the foot :) But I see down here that Quinton (https://quintonsportsmensclub.com) hosts these events all the time. I'm thinking of maybe at least watching them one time and then maybe try it myself. 

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They have something starting near me at classic pistol. 


I think the guardian center might do some as well.


I am interested but have limited time. Once kids get a little older i am in.  Also want to do rim fire steel comp.

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I watched an IDPA shoot once, just once!  What they were instructing/teaching was enough to make me cringe.  Between that and some big mouth that couldn't hit the side of a barn standing in it,  that was enough to keep me from getting involved.  

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