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30mm Scope Shims


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Anyone know where I can get some 30mm scope shims?  I'm using Burris Signature rings, have their kit, which comes with 0" insert shims and 0.010" insert shims.  I need something a bit more...anyone know where I can get some?

Note with the Burris Rings they have a +0.010" and -0.010" shim to balance it out.  I don't think it would be a good idea to just throw a "coke can" shim in there with the 0" inserts as it might put too much shim in there, plus the screws prob won't reach.

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I have those rings and shim set also. I was not a fan. I got rid of them and went back to my old faithful Leupolds. I am assuming you are having issues with the rings tightening on the scope? I have the 0 -10 and +10 shims if another set would help you could use them, or if you want to try another set of rings I could send you my Burris ones. Burris is the only company I have bought that had those shims and it made me feel like they mite skimp on the precise machining and these shims were there to fill voids.

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mattg1500, I haven't had a problem with the scope shifting, they seem to fit pretty well, they say it's important to match shims to "even out", i.e. two 0s OR a +0.010 with a -0.010.


CJ3a, I'm going to try that today.  I think the instructions are backwards.  They say in the front to put the THICK side on the OPPOSITE side of the current POI.  I think it should be on the SAME side of the POI.  Similar to a front site and following the current POI.  It also would make sense to raise the FRONT of the scope not lower it to get the POI to drop.


Stevo, that's probably the most custom way to do it.  I could take the thickness of the 0s and then go negative on one side and positive on the other.

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Cut a beer can in strips then cut to length and width desired. Drink the beer first

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No I have only seen 10 for the 30mm and up to 20 with the 1" Is your scope not level? Are you using a Wheeler kit and the 2 points not lining up? I did a quick look up on Burris and they are saying the shims can be used for elevation shift?? If thats the intended purpose Im guessing the 30mm wont come with much more than the 10 since you gain more adjustment with the 30 over the 1". The 20 in the 1" is compensating for the lack of adjustment based on main tube diameter. Also not sure of your weapon but my Ruger M77 has 2 different rings, rear is higher than the front by a bit, just their config.

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Yeah I got a kit with the rings and it has 0s and 10s.  But as mentioned above I'm thinking their instructions are wrong.  I think it's opposite of what they're saying.  Will be shooting in a bit to check and will try the 10s and see if I see a POI shift.  With 0s and with 10s per their instructions I was seeing virtually the same POI at 20 yards.  I'm thinking the 10s configured the way their instructions had it were actually negating each other rather than giving me .020 of change.  The .020 of change should be enough to give me what I need per the specs on the instructions and scope ring spacing.  At 3.5" ring to ring, it was like ~10" at 100 yards with .010, so that's ~2" at 20 yards and ~4" with .020.  Will see how it works out shortly and post back.

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Well I can't make sense of the results.
20 yards. Scope rings are 3.5" apart. Specs of the rings say a 0.010 set should change POI at ~10" at 100 yards, so that's ~2" at 20 yards.

BRR = bottom rear ring
TRR = top rear ring
BFR = bottom front ring
TFR = top front ring

1) -0.010" BRR, +0.010" TRR, -0.010" TFR, +0.010" BFR = 3.5-4" high POI
2) 0 BRR, 0 TRR, , -0.010" TFR, +0.010" BFR = 2" high POI
3) +0.010" BRR, -0.010" TRR, -0.010" TFR, +0.010" BFR = 6" high POI

#2 doesn't make any sense to me. How do 0s in the rear ring make POI go down vs #1 where it's even farther down? I would expect to see #1 and #2 swap and the results would make sense, with a 2" shift per 0.010" changes.

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Why are you shooting at 20 yards? I think your figures don't take into account the height of the scope from the center line of the bore. Try at 100 hundred.

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