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Great few days in the PA turkey woods


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Wish I had been there.
After roosting a tom on Thursday night , Tracey headed into the woods Friday hoping to get a chance at him.
After working the tom for an hour and a half, with him walking all over the mountain a hen came in taking him away from her.
AN hour later she was able to call him back in along with the hen but he didnt offer her a shot.

Last night she once again roosted the tom, going after him this morning while I was out fishing with one of my reps.
After getting him going with some tree talk , he gobbled for 45 minutes, all below the ridge she was on before walking away towards another hen.

Ten minutes later she heard a gobble off to her side
this tom also was henned up, and as the hen called, she started to mimick her with her slate.
The pissed off hen came in to see her competition, with the longbeard in tow.
She went right to the avian X hen decoy and proceeded to peck at the decoy.
The tom walked past her to the strutter and jumped on him enough to knock his fan off.
Then moved onto the jake decoy and as he strutted around him she got ready and took him at 10 yards.
The hen didnt even react to the shot, and continued to push the decoy around for 10 more minutes, she was def pissed

This was her first 2 times hunting solo, and calling on her own.

I couldnt be more proud of her success.

Here is her Tom.
1" spurs
9" beard





Captain Dan Bias


50# Striper live release club.




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