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Advanced Treestands: Smackdown Series Hang-on


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Definitely cool looking...not sure I'd like that pricetag...and at 18lbs...it's not the lightest of on-the-fly carry in and out setups.

Could be a great option for guys that don't have to worry too much about theft though...just lock that puppy down like Fort Knox!  Although, as we know...if someone wants something bad enough, they'll find a way to get it!

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Too heavy. Also feel like it's kind of over-engineered. 


The only benefit I see, is if they sell the piece that attaches to the tree separately for cheap...so you could have a ton of them everywhere, and just bring the platform and seat whereever you go to hunt.


With the price though, I doubt you can get any part of it cheap.


I'll stick with my lonewolf and treesaddle for now. I really think the price is kind of outrageous for what it is.

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I really love the lightness of the lone wolf and used the hand climber for many years BUT for sheer comfort ever since I started using the summit viper ss a few years ago I couldn't go back to the lone wolf. I sold it this year and went and bought another summit.                The MLB Specialist SD http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=23823126&cp=4406646.4413993.4414427.4414432   is probably the best bowhunter stand Ive ever seen. It weighs 14 lbs and is super comfortable. Summits just cling to the tree so much better and safer than my lone wolf did


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Lone wolf are great but the seat is uncomfortable.. It think the this stand is good but honestly I could by a bunch of cheaper hang on for that price

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I definitely agree with you guys. The stand looks cool but there are a lot of downsides I see with it too.

I've always been a Gorilla stand fan, but liked them better back when they had the big bench style seats. The new narrower ones just aren't nearly as comfortable.

I know BowTechExperience is a big fan of the Millenium treestands, I think the style of seat they use is super comfortable.

And no doubt a lot of the climbers, especially the Summits, are downright sofa chair like...but not always an option for spots some of us hunt.

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