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Treestand Saddle Bags


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I'd like to simplify the amount of stuff that I carry into the woods and get saddle bags for my Summit Vipre stand so I don't have to carry a fanny pack or backpack.  I looked at the ones made by Summit but the reviews indicate that they are poorly made and don't last.  Can anyone else recommend a better option?  What are you guys using?

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I saw those same reviews and that's why I also didn't buy them. So I ended up buying some other saddle bags - these:




"Cottonwood Outdoors Side Accessory Bags"


They are nice - the material is thick and durable and the camo is fine. I like these bags EXCEPT the zippers are horrible! It isn't the zippers themselves - they are actually pretty strong and durable (they have to be due to the way you have to close them!) But it is a pain in the rear to zipper them close. You have to basically use two hands to zipper them close, try to pull the one end taut and hope the two sides of the zipper can get close enough together for the teeth to engage and get zipped up. I'm waiting for the zipper to break as hard as I try to pull it closed. This is the one thing I hate about those bags - I mean, I really hate these zippers!  :) If they were able to zipper close more easily, I'd highly recommend them. I'm almost tempted to buy those Summit Viper bags even though the reviews aren't good.



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