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Win a free mount- trailcam contest- jersey jays taxidermy

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It's time for a contest! I am holding a contest for the best velvet trailcam photo. The winner will receive 50% off a standard shoulder mount for this 2015/16 deer season. OR- if the winner happens to harvest the buck in the winning photo, they will receive a FREE shoulder mount of that deer. (Free shoulder mounts are valued at 575, the winner is responsible to pay any extras they might want)


2nd place prize will be $100 off a shoulder mount for the 2015/16 deer season


3rd place prize will be $50 off a shoulder mount for the 2015/16 deer season


My wife will be the one who decides who's photos become 1s, 2nd and 3rd palces.


All photos must be time and date stamped for the summer of 2015 and must include a velvet buck in the photo. Enter as many photos as you would like, no limit.


To be eligable, you must "like" jersey jays taxidermy (not just this post, the actual page)

Here's a link to Jersey Jay's Taxidermy Facebook page


Please share this with all your friends! There will also be a random drawing for a free shoulder mount deer once jersey jays taxidermy receives 1000 "likes". That drawing will consist of everyone who "likes" jersey jays taxidermy facebook pg.


All entries subject to disqualification if I feel for any reason they should be. (Photoshop, date edited, stolen photo, etc)


Photos will be judged by how original they are. Color photos are reccomended. A beautiful photo of a spike will win before a blurry nighttime shot of a giant buck does.



Post photo entries on jersey jays taxidermy facebook page as well as here for all to enjoy! *****They will only be counted if they are on the Facebook page as a comment in the contest post*****


Ps, no cash values will be given in exchange

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