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The Triple Trouble Boys had a good NJ gobbler season (Pix)

Drop Tine

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The Triple Trouble Boyz had another good NJ spring gobbler season…

I am fortunate to have two awesome friends and hunting partners, Willard & Derek … aka… The Triple Trouble Boyz…

We got to share in a few exciting and fun filled hunts together over these last 5 weeks, several ending with feathers flying…



Collectively we managed to lay the smack down on a total of 11 good state land long beards…




Time to shift into, family time and fishing mode but it’s sure gonna be tough readjusting my hearing back to ignoring those faint, distant, ghost gobbles… LOL




Here are pics of my 5, 2015 long beards;



Ice Breaker Bird


20 Lbs
8 " Beard
1 " Slurs


NWTF Score: 56





Gobbler  #2


19 3/4 Lbs
9 3/4" Beard
3/4" Sharp Hooked Spurs


NWTF Score: 54.25





Gobbler #3 aka Cujo


23 lbs
10.5" beard
1.25" Spurs


NWTF Score: 69






Gobbler  #4


19 lbs.
7.5” beard... (Missing a lot of it)
7/8" Spurs


NWTF Score: 52





Gobbler  #5  (The Season Ender)


20 lbs.
9 3/4" Beard
1" Spurs


NWTF Score: 59.5





Gonna leave it up to Willard and Derek to post their birds if they want…


P.S… The New Winchester Long Beard XR turkey loads are deadly brutal on bird… try it and you’ll love it… I shot and took birds with both, #6 shot and #5 shot…


My experience with these two loads are; found the finer #6 tended to put more pellets in the kill zone because of the higher pellet count in the load, and the #5 shot hit home much harder, literally pinning a bird down with very little flopping if any… Just DEADLY STUFF !




Have a great summer everyone…

Edited by Drop Tine

}}}--I certainly do chase New Jersey's BIG Bucks, BIG Birds, and BIG Fish--->

Best Bow Buck to date; 2011 Gross; 142 6/8
Best Gobbler to date; 2012 NWTF score of 77.5
Best Northern Pike to date; 40" (Passaic River Pike )
Best Muskie to date; (The hunt begins)

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Gobbler #1
Beard: 11"
Spurs: 1"
Weight: 20.8 lbs.
NWTF Score: 62.50


Gobbler #2, Double with Willard!!!
Beard: 9"
Spurs: 3/4"
Weight: 16 lbs.
NWTF Score: 49.00


Gobbler #3
Beard: 8 1/2"
Spurs: 1 1/8"
Weight: 18 lbs.
NWTF Score: 57.00


Gobbler #4
Beard: 10 1/2"
Spurs: 1 3/8"
Weight: 22.8 lbs.
NWTF Score: 70.50
Willard and Paul, had a blast as usual hunting with you guys! Thank you so much for all you did and do! Can't wait for deer season for the Triple Trouble Boyz!!!











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