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home made ozone machine


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ozoned , my hunting closet, laundry room, garage. unbelievable how great ozone removes odors. I found out you can saturate your clothes with ozone and it will stay it them working for a few hours . it doesn't turn back to oxygen as fast as i have been reading on the internet. strong stuff... burns the hell out of your nose.

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Just be careful with it. Supposedly not safe to breathe a ton of it in, and it also ruins rubber and maybe some other stuff. So if you have like rubber boots, or rubber in the wrists of a jacket or waistband, etc, it eventually destroys them.


Just a word of warning....Look into it if you haven't already.

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thanks for the warnings. it really is as nasty as they say. its just like breathing ammonia or bleach but the effects were only from a few breaths and a bunch of sniffing everything I was trying to deodorize. if I get some good results in the woods I post the results. I'm still very Leary of the amount of odor the ozone itself has . it just does not smell like outside clean to me.. it just plain stinks.

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Ozone is a component of smog.


What did you use to build this amazing machine?

the box is from Walmart and the batteries i had. i plan to use this in the tree so i will get a liepo4 pack for it to run for long sits.


ozone generator






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