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ground blinds?


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Ive had plenty of late and winter season sucess using the same blind. No huge bucks but then again I don't get the brutes on my property anyway cauae of the endless farms surrounding me. Ive had mature does with young within 20 feet of my blind. I just brush it with falled brances and what not


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Blinds can be tough for deer hunting. Definitely brush it in big time. Try to set it back in some cover to make it look as natural as possible. Usually you want to give it some time in an area for deer to get used to it as well, but if you brush it in like a mofo, it could go unnoticed long enough to get a shot. Plus this is a crazy time of year...does will have more focus on what's chasing them around than your blind and bucks will just be worried about the doe.

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Can someone reassure me this thing wont scare mature bucks away



No... But, from my experience they are good for does and young bucks.. no need to  brush it in..Just set it up, pour a bag of  corn and wait a few days before hunting... good luck... :cupcoffee:


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