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Pole Spear rig for fluke, etc...

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Wondering if any spearfishermen here can offer some advice regarding a pole spear setup that would be ideal for fluke, seabass, and tog sized fish.  I have a 5' fiberglass pole spear now with one of those paralyzer tri-tips.  Looking into some newer/different spear tips and another spear for a diving buddy.  Any info would be great.  Really focusing on the pole spear instead of a gun at this point.  Thanks in advance for any help

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I figure if a fluke is laying flat in the sand it might be difficult to put a single floppy barb tip through it enough into the sand.  With the tri-tip though you are almost pinning the fish into the sand and hopefully preventing it from escaping injured to eventually suffer.  I have used the tri-tip on the pole I have and it has worked on smaller fish, but there was a keeper tog one time that I hit good and it shook off, got away.  I imagine the floppy barb would have come in handy then.

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