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Garrett Mountian

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After visiting Jerseyhunter  today to purchase a fly reel I drove thru Garrett Mountain Reservation and Rifle Camp Park. What happened to all the deer?


A few years ago you could drive through these parks and see tons of deer even in the middle of the day. Today I only saw one doe in Rifle Camp.


 There was that disastrous hunt the UBNJ mis-managed a few years ago, but I don't think it made a dent in the population. My question is did the deer just overpopulate to the point where they starved or was there some kind of culling done on the downlow by PCSD?

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First off Ubnj did not mis manage anything. The hunt was run fine there was a discrepancy in the checking of deer on site by a person who was a legal check station. It was determined in court he was well within his right to do that and the charges the division had against him were thrown out. The freeholders who said they were behind us flipped and pulled the plug on the hunt which helped no one. Please get the facts before you slander an organization fighting for the bowhunter all the time. As for deer numbers it's the insane amount of acorns all over the state that has them not having to move around to be seen as per the division. That's also the reason harvest numbers are 3,100 deer less this year from last. Yeah right

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