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Looking for a plumber - Central NJ


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Not so much... he barely let me get the details out before he started recommending that I not go with a tankless!

I went with a Navien boiler/on demand hot water heater. Tankless set up. Less than 12 months, the unit had to be replaced. Less than 12 months later, the second unit was trashed. I got Navien to install a newer design the third time. Three years later we are still ok, but my level of trust is super low. Seems ok so far though. Third time is the charm?


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I got one of these (yes, off of Amazon) last year.




Rheem tankless water heater.  I have baseboard and a boiler for this, so this is just for the water out of the faucet.  I could not be happier with the unit.  My old water heater tank died so we decided to replace it with this.  I have three women in the house, and I never run out of hot water.  Ever.


I had a plumber install this, and it took about a day for him to do it with the venting.  Small footprint, much smaller than a tank heater.  And my natural gas bill is half of what is normally is during the summer.  Only heats water when it's flowing.


So I had a good experience with them, and I trust the Rheem brand.

Sapere aude.


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