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Cleaning deer skulls with a pressure washer!

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BAD idea! Seen it done before a few times.. If you want to blow the nasal bones out of it like that guy and damage the skull I guess you can do that..lol! Guy said it was ready for the wall, so that means he didnt degrease it either..  I take it he has a bunch of pee yellow skulls on his wall.. I'm also wandering how he got the nerve tissue out from under the teeth with the pressure washer..


When a skull is done right all the bone should be there, it should be white / degrease with tooth enamel in tact and meat fee clean..


2nd pic will show an over boiled skull that fell apart, notice the meat and grease still in the skull, the pressure washer and or beetles isn't going to get that either..

Skull cleaning 69905.jpg

Boil skull3.jpg

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