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Scouting public land


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8 minutes ago, Fremoc said:

So since Im mostly scouting in public land, what's the protocols with trail cams and such?

Hang your cameras up at least 12 feet , most hunters in NJ are Gun hunters and only get out into the woods the Sunday before 6 day firearm to scout and pillage anything they see,  then they oversleep Monday morning and get into the woods around 10 am, maybe even later. They may go out again on Saturday, maybe not,  ( the last day ) but regardless they will drive around all week with a orange hat on there dashboard , you guys know who you are .
Gun hunters actually walk through the woods and look for Rubs on trees the Sunday before opening day

( second week in December) and make mock scrapes and put Tincs 69 in it , Nice..... My buddies and I take everything out of the woods that week.

Anyhow, hang them up in a tree, gun hunters are a special kind of human, they do not look up, trust me. If you insist on hanging a camera on a grey tree with a black strap and leave a 4 foot tail blowing in the wind put one of these at the base of the tree, I suggest a 8mm cable ( 5/16), check your camera ( trap) twice a day and bring water and a cliff bar with you because the fella who tried to steal your camera will be laying there and probably will not have much of a voice left . If you use a 6 foot cable 

(from the base of the tree) the fella who tried to walk off with your camera will be Exactly 6 feet from the base of the tree, not 6 feet 3 inches, Nope exactly 6 Feet. 
 Hope this Helps , 

   Good Luck !










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