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  1. 1190ftalt

    Anyone else out today ? 1-8-19

    Yes , 35 now, rain sleet mix and just had 2 does in and spike and a 6 behind me, the rain has them moving ! Also very foggy, good times !
  2. 1190ftalt


    Well it was a sheet of ice this morning, coming down for a little sleet and big snowflakes, then this morning the fog rolled in and melted everything! Fog is the worst thing for ski resorts, don’t know why but fog eats snow . Well put up my umbrella yesterday and it was fine but this morning solid ice and busted, ice is still melting out of the trees and pelting the roof of my umbrella ! Well new moon Sunday and the best time to hunt today is between 2:11-4:11, we shall see! Had 2 does and a button buck about a hour ago and just saw a squirrel that would probably make book ! Actually though it was a grey fox ! Just looked at my GPS and I am at 1597 feet elevation, if I would have put my stand just 3 feet higher I would be at 1600 ! Good luck !
  3. 1190ftalt


    Well have this little baby porcupine coming in every night, he is only 10 inches round but looks bigger in the video. This one usually comes in with another but solo tonight ! Had a little rain sleet come thru at about 5:30 hit the ground and everything froze solid in 2 minutes, could not walk on sidewalk! Leaving at 4:30 in the morning and hiking up the mountain to do some winter archery hunting, hung a new stand yesterday and also remembered to hang my umbrella! Tomorrow morning should be pretty cool at 1606 feet, hopefully all snow ! Good Luck ! 679C80AC-6EA2-4117-9318-F6E1F40CD6C0.MOV
  4. Yes porcupines are harmless and waddle when they walk, they also make real cute sounds ! D77C2D61-4D39-4063-99B7-645C10B5D43A.MOV 6DEAF30A-5DDA-49DE-B467-FEFF15D037CF.MOV
  5. Your correct, I use thistle seed, looks like rye bread seed ! Well my first thistle tube feeder was yellow But it was hanging a little low and a bear ripped it down and destroyed it , so I went to Agway to buy another one and there was a Bird Lady there, very knowledgeable on Birds, she told me DONT get yellow get a blue one, the yellow birds love the color blue plus you see them better ! Well I brought the blue one and since then I can’t keep it full have sometimes 12 yellow ones fighting to get on it and they won’t touch the green one ! Those Bird watchers know there stuff ! Here is a video from this summer, it’s like a bird sanctuary ! Good Luck ! 49278571-4960-4006-B157-9862D5D8CC61.MOV
  6. Just talked to my buddy , the dog had to be sedated in order to pull them out but is totally ok now ! The Bill was 700.00 , well worth it, if you try to pull out that many the dog will break them and that’s real bad !
  7. Thanks, that’s what I thought, still have them on the rye seed tube feeder but they are green now not yellow !
  8. 2 people I know that had them on face and some in mouth had to take them to a vet and tranquilize them so the dog is calm, otherwise they can go in deeper or brake and then possible infection! Be careful with the pups in Porcupine territory.
  9. Well was hiking and checking cameras last weekend with my daughter who is home from college on the Appalachian Trail and ran into 2 hikers with there dogs, both dogs were off leash which I’m fine with ( provided they don’t bite) , they said they were from NY state and were hiking from Crater Lake to Stokes State Park, I was amazed , I said don’t you have the Appalachian Trail up in NY state and they said “yes but the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey is much more Beautiful “, pretty cool ! Anyway I warned them about Porcupines and showed them a picture of my friends dog from a couple weeks ago and they were shocked, they said they never saw one before and would never think they were in NJ ! Well they put the dogs on a leash immediately and admitted they would not know how there dogs would react to a porcupine, I told them the dog in the picture got stung by the porcupine on the back side of Crater Lake a couple weeks ago and I usually see one every time I hike, anyway if your up in Walpack area and you have a dog please be careful, protect your dog , I actually think the dogs get stung because they think they are protecting us ! Well the NJ Herald newspaper actually had a article this week saying Porcupine attacks are on this rise this year, I see them all the time and never saw one aggressive! Well had some cool birds come into my bird feeder so I threw a camera up there and of course they never came back, but this one is home made with sunflowers seed and then I have one with rye seed for the gold finchs, I don’t know if the gold finchs turn from yellow to green but now I have them coming in to the tube feeder with rye seed but now they are green ! Have a lot of cool birds coming in and no mosquitoes in the summer so it’s worth feeding them ! Good Luck !
  10. 1190ftalt

    Z4 Piece of Puke

    Well -1/4 x 4 inch eye screw 1/4 x 4 inch eye bolt 1 inch x 3/8 hex bolt 3- 3/8 x 1 1/4 FENDER WASHERS (big) 1 3/8 NYLON HEX NUT ( nylon) important! - all trail cameras have I believe 1/4 screw holes on the back and some on the bottom, I have this on all of my cameras, I use 3 tree spikes to hang, after the first time you screw them in it only takes 5 extra minutes to check film ( 5 extra minutes to never have your camera stolen ) TOTAL COST PER CAMERA LESS THEN 4 DOLLARS ! First time you buy hardware bring camera with you and put together in the store, I always carry these 3 tools with me because I am always moving and fine tuning my cameras ! Well heading up the mountain now to check cameras and go for a hike, hope this helps ! Good Luck !
  11. 1190ftalt

    Z4 Piece of Puke

  12. 1190ftalt

    Best STEAK?

    Well I am a regular at River Palm Terrace in Edgewater, go about 3 times a month, have a place in Ft Lee because I work in the city and still have my house in Stillwater but love being able to leave my house st 5:00 am and be in midtown in 15 minutes! Been to all the steakhouses in NYC except Peter Lugers in Brooklyn, I refuse to work in Brooklyn anymore, takes hours to get there and twice as long to get home ! River Palm in Edgewater great aged steak , also amazing sushi ( for the lady ) and great seafood ! There are so many steakhouses in NYC, if you can find a good one by your house I think your better off eating there and become a regular ( good tipper) then they will take care of you since it’s all about the cut of the meat they cook for you THAT DAY ! If you drive into the city your starting out 50.00 in the hole 15.00 bridge and 35.00 parking . Actually back in Stillwater today setting up stands for winter bow with my buddy, got down off the mountain after dark and had to use our cell phone flashlight to get down , it gets dark early now , but the cell phone light gets the job done ! Well got 2 rib eyes yesterday from Roy at Alpine in Blairstown, marinaded in Terriaki and put on 500 degrees grill 4 minutes on each side, doesn’t get any better ! ( couple adult beverages to wash it down, hey we were dehydrated walking all over the mountain checking cameras and hanging tree stands) Only bad thing about living on the 24th floor no gas or charcoal grills, love grilling in Stillwater, made these 2 steaks tonight for my buddy and I, poor guy almost killed him today climbing all over the mountain! Anyway got some real good pictures i will be posting soon, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and be safe out there, Good Luck !
  13. Well constants gust of wind 20 -25 mph coming out of the west, going to have to pick a bigger tree next time! 6D3BF850-A2A3-49D8-942B-95DC16B9B4F2.MOV
  14. Well Hunting in Walpack off AT looking west towards PA and down towards the Walpack inn. Got in my stand at 4:30, there is a fog line going as far north and south as I can see, I think it’s the fog coming off the Delaware River! Heard a lot of driving going on on federal today, I am sitting good way back and up top, let the driving begin ! Oh and have not heard one shot yet ! Today is opening day correct?
  15. 1190ftalt

    11/17 live bow hunt

    Well hunting up off the Appalachian Trail overlooking Mrs B’s campground, DONT know what it’s called today. No tracks on the AT as I crossed it, think they closed Crater Lake rd by Blue Mountain lakes parking lot. Saw 3 sets of bear tracks on my hike up , about 11 inches on top and on the Pennsylvania side still just powder no melt, actually had a scrape opened up by my stand last night thru 11 inches of snow ! Hearing very few shots down by Flatbrook area, don’t know if it’s chicken hunters or guys sighting in there muzzleloaders for next Monday , Good Luck and be safe !