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  1. When I wade out into the river to go smallmouth fishing on the Delaware River the National Park Service Rangers usually stop by to check licenses and I think they have Jet boats, seems like a good river boat if they are using it, always wanted to get one ! Anybody know what boat the NPS rangers use ?
  2. Well went hiking on the AT on Sunday with my daughter, took us about 30 minutes to get from our house to the top of Mt Paradise and then another 5 minutes to get to the Appalachian Trail. When we were about 100 yds from the AT we saw about 12 SAR RESCUERS around a stretcher, as we got closer we saw the man in the stretcher was reading something and this was a drill . It was about 10:30 on Sunday and it had to be 85 degrees. The SAR PEOPLE all had on long sleeves , yellow and orange shirts, long pants, massive back packs and roll up pads attached to their back packs and HELMETS ! They must have been burning up, I don’t even think they get paid, I thanked them for their hard work as we walked by. Well we walked for about 2 miles and my daughter saw a little path to the left, we were heading north so to the left put us out on a beautiful cliff overlooking Walpack and Pennsylvania, we decided to rest and eat lunch and drink Gatorade! About 15 minutes later a NOBO ( left Georgia and thru hiking to Maine) hiker walked up, he said he left Georgia on March 27 and was planning on finishing on September 9th and he said he has a 100 people meeting him up on Mt Katahdin at the end of the Trail. I asked him where he was from because he had a strange accent and he said England ! It’s amazing how many people from Europe I see every year on the Appalachian Trail! His name was Brandon and he just got his PHD in chemistry and graduated from college in England and wanted to do the AT before he went out to work ! Well I told him this is your lucky day because for the past 20 years in the summer I leave my house and hike up the mountain and put 10 frozen water bottles and frozen snickers in my back pack and hand them out to the thru hikers! Well I handed Him a water bottle and then the bag of snickers and said take a few he said no I just want one because I am hiking with 4 other people and they would also love to have one ! I always forget the Trail is 2185 miles long but even best friends walk alone only meeting up at night. Brandon was a great guy and a “cheeky little fella”! Brandon is in the blue shirt ! He leaves and about 15 minutes another thru hiker walks up, his name is John, he is a chef and travels the country hiking and skiing and gets jobs cooking, a really cool down to earth HAPPY GUY! He said he started the same day as Brandon but they never knew each other before hand, well when I gave him the frozen water bottle and frozen snickers I thought I saw tears ! John said he hiked the entire Arizona trail to prepare and he is doing between 20-25 miles every day with the average weight in his back pack of 30 lbs ! Wow, I wish I was young again ! John has the red shorts and big smile holding up a frozen water bottle and snickers ! Well it got to be 90 degrees now and we are heading north back on the AT to tag Rattlesnake Mountain, before the approach to Rattlesnake mountain you cross the Boyscout bridge at Hidden Falls stream where there are about 15 thru hikers FILLING there water bottles in the Hidden Falls stream, WOW ! That would not be my first choice of hydration fluid ! Well we tag Rattle Snake mountain and get some nice pictures and take in the nice cool breeze coming out of the west then head south to Crater Lake! Well we head south and run into 20 more SAR PEOPLE , must be a big training operation. Next we run into another NOBO , he calls himself Radagast after a character in the Hobbit, he was in the process of scooping a avocado and rolling it in sea weed, he said he was a herbalist healer and a very down to earth cool guy! He was very happy to get a frozen water bottle and a snickers! He is sitting on the rock ! After another 3 miles heading south on the AT we are now on the Back side of Crater Lake and we see a tent like 10 feet off the AT with the flap open and no one in it or around, well we cut off the AT and head towards the Crater Lake Parking Lot so we can walk back to our house and coming around the bend are 2 people a husband and wife , well they told us they were from the PINE BARRENS WAY DOWN IN SOUTH JERSEY and they just got married and this was where they were spending their honeymoon , very nice ! Well they introduced themselves and his name was Elrod and her name was Cooter and apparently she was a 3 time Queen of the Fair at the Pine Barrens Fairgrounds. Well I wished them luck with the new marriage and Elrod was very proud, he would not let go of his new brides hand! They carried everything from their car to the campsite in a milk crate, they didn’t even use a back pack, very creative ! I got a picture of the lovely couple as they walked away on their honeymoon. Good Luck and Be safe !
  3. Well I have been so busy working and then when I get caught up and think I have a free weekend to hike on the AT something happens and I’m stuck fixing something or working. I was able to go up on the mountain Saturday and check 2 cameras that had been out since April 6 th, both were about 1500 ft elevation and off the AT. The first camera I put on a ledge to try and get Bobcats, well I didn’t see a little leaf that kept setting off the camera, 9,999 pictures in 2 months ! I did get 3 Black Buzzards or Turkey buzzards and a porcupine and one Bobcat at night real blurry! I found some Turkey feathers and made a bird decoy and moved the camera a little to the left to avoid the leaves, I think I will get some good Bobcat pictures now ! The other camera I put in a swamp, the swamp is all dried up now but lots of deer, kicked up 4 Grouse walking thru the brush and I was able to set up 3 more cameras, it is going to be a good year ! Good Luck and be safe !
  4. Well what this gentleman said is so true ! I used to go fishing with my grandpa ( he lived in Blue Mountain Lakes) and his buddies fishing for catfish , we would set up about 100 yards north on the Delaware River above where the flat brook river runs into it. They would have about 12 poles out and lanterns and used chicken liver, they caught a lot of Channels Catfish! The channel catfish would pick it up and run, the eels would would lightly hit, dink, dink then either go in a whole or swim towards shore. As soon as you had a eel messing with it you reeled in! If they caught a eel by accident well it was head first secured to a tree and a couple cuts around the head and channel lock pullback and it was skinned, these guys wasted nothing. Well my Grand pa told me the Flatbrook River was loaded with eels so One summer night a couple of my buddies and I went fishing for eels on the FlatBrook about 1/2 mile north of Rosencranz house or maybe 300 yards north of the Millbrook bridge that crosses over the Flatbrook ( now there are 2 bridges there) we had some chicken liver and worms , between the 4 of us we caught at least 30 in 2 hours ! Its amazing how many we caught, I don’t know if they swim up from the mouth of the Delaware River at night or if they are just in holes during the day, the River wasn’t even deep and then once it gets dark there they are ! Last time we did it like 20 years ago we had 2 lanterns on the side of the Flatbrook River and Red Fuller pulled up and said hello ! A real good guy, The Mayor of Walpack! Well fishing at night with lanterns for channel cats and eels, sliding down the muddy banks, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and the stench of the chicken liver on your hands definitely BUILDS CHARACTER ! Those days are over for me but I’m glad my grand pa and his buddies were kind enough to take me out with the guys ! I actually caught a black rat snake in my garage under my lawn mower today and successfully released him in the woods, Thanks Grand Pa ! FF2ECE92-B9FA-4BBC-90AD-6B1A5F04D59B.MOV CACA3C5A-DD76-4DF3-8C48-14ED42DEFC87.MOV
  5. I fertilize about 1 a month if I am around, I just got 3 bags of the Lesco in Rockaway and it was under 100 dollars. They can tell you what to use, they are very helpful. Good fertilizer isn’t cheap but cheap fertilizer isn’t good.
  6. In my opinion go and get the weed and feed by Lesco that you put on in the morning or after a rain, it has to stick to the weeds, after that one application use the 4-SPEED-XT, you spray it with a little dish detergent so it sticks , within 2 weeks it will kill everything ! Good Luck !
  7. No I don’t work for Lesco, I build workout gyms with rubber flooring in Manhattan . I have been using Lesco products for over 20 years because that is what they use on golf courses, I actually have a 48 inch walk behind Lesco mower that I purchased from the original Lesco company in Rockaway.
  8. Like this gentleman said Stokes is a great place to start, my Buddy works for Stokes Park service and they also have cabins and lean tooos which might not be a bad idea for the first time if you want to break your daughter into camping slowly, either way you will have a blast and lots of memories! Good Luck !
  9. Well I had 8 tandems of dirt dumped on my property 20 years ago after Bill Jackman (Stillwater NJ ,Thanks Bill!) graded my property and removed boulders for 3 days with a excavator and a bulldozer. My 3 sons and I with wheel barrow and shovels and rakes spread the 8 tandems of top soil on a 100 x200 area and spread the grass seed and straw, nice having wrestlers for boys ! Well my Hunting Buddy is a Golf Pro and one day I’m at his Country Club waiting for him to get off work and I see the guys spreading fertilizer and I look at the bag and it is Lesco Fertilizer. Well I called the number on the bag and it’s Lesco fertilizer Franklin Ave Rockaway NJ. I have never used any other fertilizer and I constantly have people compliment me on my lawn and many say “so that is what sod looks like”! Well i wish I knew 20 years ago what I know now I could have saved my self a lot of work and money, hope this saves you guys some time and money and if you have any tips I would love to learn, I always like new tips’ -When planting new grass or reseeding spots, triple what they tell you to put down, the more seed the more grass, I had to reseed 20,000 sq-ft, not very happy. - I only use Lesco fertilizer, it is what they use on golf courses. If a golf course of 1 square mile can be beautiful and weed free how hard could it be to get our little yard looking like a golf course? - I am contractor I work in Manhattan, the Hamptons and Vail Colorado building Gyms for clients to work out in, I have no landscaping prior history and have done all the work on my property including all the landscape beds and trees and bushes with my sons and myself, you can do this too! I cut my lawn myself with a 48 inch walk behind Lesco mower I purchased in 1999. - if you have a preexisting lawn with lots of weeds Lesco makes a fertilizer weed killer that you put down first thing in the morning or after it rains, the grass has to be wet, the pellets broadcast out and stick to the grass and weeds killing the weeds, this stuff works. - I do not use weed and feed , I only use straight fertilizer now, as I cut the lawn if I see a weed I stop and dig it out with the fork tool, I now have very few weeds, once a month after I cut the lawn I walk the tracks so I don’t miss any thing and spot spray with 4-SPEED-XT , this stuff is amazing! THIS IS WHAT THEY USE ON GOLF COURSES, I think it is 2 ounce per gallon but the LESCO GUYS told me to make sure you put A COUPLE DROPS OF DISH DETERGENT IN IT, this makes it stick and it KILLS EVERYTHING BUT THE GRASS! It kills everything including PURPLE VIOLET, a stringing vine weed with a purple flower that if you have it will DESTROY YOUR LAWN IN 3 years ! Purple violet and hard weeds MUST BE HAND SPRAYED, no granular will kill. - It is now called SITE ONE in Rockaway Nj that sells all the Lesco Fertilizer. If your there you will see the chem lawn, lawn doktor, and all the contractors picking up pallets. - I Actually put 3 bags of SCREAMING GREEN DOWN ON 4-7-19 a new fertilizer they have that I used once last year, I have been away on business and just got back today and OMG GREEN !!!! -When you have a beautiful lawn the deer will come, I have noticed the deer double the size of their antlers when grazing on my healthy lawn, every year the deer within a mile of my lawn start to develop back and neck problems when walking around with all that extra weight. This was 3 years ago, you cannot believe what they look like now! -Oh and I have no sprinkler system, can’t justify burning out my submersible well pump watering my the lawn , the pictures i have are from last year but it just keeps getting better ! - I would love to see your pictures and any tips you would have ! - This last picture of my Lawn is of SCREAMING GREEN put down on 4-7-19 dark green very impressive! GOOD LUCK !
  10. Well Here are 2 Rattlesnake snake videos, both these snakes were within 100 yds of the Appalachian Trail and on very sunny days, they seem to come out when it’s hot and sunny! The last one is a black phase Rattlesnake coiled up ! Good Luck ! 7F4DC28B-9887-4ACC-8E58-8D4F7608BF81.MOV E7FABFA5-482C-4F6D-8CA2-4F3062195FF1.MOV
  11. Well what I have found is Copperheads and Rattlesnakes are usually short and fat, I think the longest Rattlesnake I have ever seen was 4 feet long but very thick . Even this copperhead in this picture is less then 4 feet long but it has a thick body. Both of these were by my house in Stillwater NJ, I am no expert on snakes but I know enough not to touch them , if they are on a road I scoot them off, if in the woods I retreat and walk around ( With my eyes a little more open !) them . My neighbor got bit in the leg by a copperhead 4 years ago ( in his vegetable garden) and was in the hospital for 5 days, walked with a cane for 3 months and still walks a little funny today, they are serious. Well last weekend I actually put a camera on a Rattlesnake den that I found 3 years ago, it had about 8 Rattlesnakes coiled up, they were all like 15 inches long but you can see from the picture the triangle shape head. Don’t even know why they were all coiled up ? Well last weekend on the AT it was 76 on Saturday then when I went up to put the camera out on Sunday it was Sleeting and snowing on me so I did not have to worry about snakes being out! I always heard Rattlesnakes stay in the den for life and I put a camera on the entrance, we shall see, the first 3 pictures are Copperheads, #4 Rattlesnake, #5 Rattlesnake den and #6 needs no explanation ! Good Luck !
  12. Well When I was around 13 years old my friends and I used to ride our dirt bikes ( RM’s no YZ’s!) up a steep hill in the woods, well sometimes you made it to the top and sometimes you didn’t if you got into the soft dirt spot . Well one time I had to bail 8 feet from the top and I look down in the soft dirt and I find this big arrow head ! Pretty sure it’s a 125 grain . Well then I went back the next day solo and just with a stick digging for like a hour found a little piece of pottery and a arrowhead. Showed my grandpa and back then it was no big deal . Always wanted to go back with shovels and a screen but now it is a park . Maybe I will call that Rutgers ? Good Luck !
  13. Should of worn your headgear when you wrestled in Highschool........
  14. Grouse on the ground between the tree stump and the long log . ( It’s brown and has feathers and is facing away)
  15. My buddy hiked from my house up over the mountain and took the Buttermilk trail down to the bottom of Buttermilk Falls about a 3 weeks ago and he said at that time the road was closed . Gated by the cemetery. He walked up past the gate to the old Walpack post office and his wife picked him up there and they drove up the road to Jimmy Heigis ‘s place and had a nice dinner ! Its only about a mile walk past the gate.
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