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  1. I think some people stop hunting or move and just leave them in the woods
  2. Yes, I wrote that in my original thing up top, “ I know it’s not being used twigs and 3 pebbles not moved”. Anyway I was shocked at how much my buddy told me the camera cost and there are a couple of things with this camera that just don’t seem right, ESPECIALLY for what it cost. Like I said there are some areas that you could put a tree stand or camera in the winter when there is snow on the ground then go back in the summer all green and fresh growth and it looks like 2 different worlds. Also in some areas there are lots of shelves between the top and bottom of the mountain and they all look the same. Like I said it is minimum one hour walk from anyplace you could park a car and I did 360 no cat eyes anywhere going to it or leaving, you COULDNT walk to this spot in the morning in the dark or get back to your car from here without cat eyes even with GPS you would be crashing thru Mountain Laurel or getting close to a couple cliffs with extreme Exposure, I leave my house in the morning in the dark and walk one hour and I know the area but still have cat eyes to get me in ( quietly ) and on other side of tree to get me out, then if it’s RAINING EVERYTHING LOOKS THE SAME! -Trail camera in tree -buck track in creek bed down from spring - porcupine I saw sleeping in tree while hiking Good Luck!
  3. Well starting to get dialed in on hunting, getting out every weekend now checking cameras and setting up new ones up, I usually go solo, I find when I am solo I see more and find more sign ! Well last week I found 2 sheds and set up a camera in a new area and had some bucks at night, went scouting about a 1/4 mile away and found a great little shelf off the AT that had some good sign and a abundance of acorns and old rubs and scrapes, I made a mock scrape and sure enough a bear walked by and in the first picture you see HIM turn to the right and look when he is about 3 feet passed the scrape , got his curiosity! ( just put in it a LITTLE doe pee) Well then I did get a nice buck check out the scrape and go toe to toe with the little buck, not to bad. Funny at these 2 new spots the one I have bucks and does during the day and the other just does during the day, once I get them going to both I will probably eliminate the one or maybe I will put up another lock-on stand by the other. Its still early but then again it almost isn’t ! Well yesterday I took my buddy to a spot that I haven’t hunted in 2 years because there are 2 bears each about 450-500 pounds there that believe or not travel together, I never see 2 males always together , it is a good 40 minute walk going at a good clip . I am not afraid of bears , I could probably make short work of a 500 pound bear but 2 would be difficult and I don’t hunt bears so I pulled my stand and cameras last year. Funny thing is when I pulled my stuff I saw a RECONYX CAMERA on a tree , wow good for this person putting in the work and getting out there, the nearest place to park a car and walk to this camera is 1 hour! So when I saw it yesterday I was surprised, then my buddy told me it was a VERY expensive one, I ONLY USE 120.00 dollar Bushnell so not up on the camera thing , so I was a little shocked about the cost! Anyway The DWGNPS is still a place in NJ where you could put out a camera and forget where you put it, i still GPS all my stands and cameras at first so I can walk in the dark and find them ! I actually forgot where I hung a tree stand 8 years ago and when I found it the tree grew around it enough that I had a heck of a time getting it OUT, then down ! It is not being used ( twigs and 3 pebbles not moved ) and there are a couple things that are peculiar that I won’t go into. If someone put it there and forgot it and can tell me 3 very distinct things about it I can give you the GPS coordinates or if you are unable to get it I will retrieve it for you next time I am in the area ! ( you can DM me) Its in a great spot for hunting bears so whoever put it there did there homework! Good Luck and Be safe out there!
  4. I actually built a personal gym for Steven Rattner on Martha’s Vineyard in 2010, his house was 16,000 sq-ft and right on the water. That side of the Island has rocky beaches and about a 15-20 drop down till you hit the water, so if any of the houses on that side of the Island flood good bye NYC ! Mr. Rattner was made the car Czar by Obama, Mr Rattner was one of the nicest guys I have ever worked for. I believe he was a Wall Street guy but also flew his own jet plane! Anyway Obama would stay at Mr Rattners house when he went to MV in the summer. Oh, and 2 years later a pipe broke and flooded the whole downstairs gym, movie theater area and I had to go back and do it again, hate when that happens! Good Luck !
  5. Wow, finally someone with a High School diploma ( or GED no offense Rusty)
  6. I have been using it for the last 20 years and it is always within a 1/4 pound of the deers dressed weight, they actually have another updated manual the ADWCC2 that can tell you The dressed out weight of the deer THE FOLLOWING YEAR ! I’m saving up for it right now BUT AS YOU CAN IMAGINE it is very expensive !
  7. Actually was hiking around the backside of Crater Lake and then Lake Success Sunday, still remains of a old hunting camp back there, still some old beer cans , I could just make out the lettering on the cans , Schlitz Malt Liquor and some Pabst Blue Ribbon ! Good Times !
  8. What are you his attorney? Read it again, it was obviously a joke! How could you get a accurate measurement of a “PERCEIVED TINE LENGTH “. How about its “ALWAYS WITHIN 1/4 POUND” of what ? I will try to be more serious next time, Good Luck and be safe out there!
  9. WOW, Doe154 I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but you are really dumb but in a nice way, I was just joking, (the ADWCC , Perceived Tine length, accurate to a 1/4 pound) all just kidding, when I first read your response I thought you were kidding then I realized you were serious and actually thought you were BEING SMART , NOW THATS FUNNY ! ANY HOW , Good Luck out there and be safe ! Again Many Thanks !
  10. Well went up on the mountain to check cameras and move a stand from the west ridge overlooking Walpack to the East side of the AT.Well I found a beautiful flat of land that has a swamp on the back side and a fresh spring about 70 yds away on the east side and some white oaks ,I knew this was a nice spot but I just wanted to see a good sign! Walking slowly thru some mountain laurel I see a bright white object from 20 feet away , I walk up and it is a Antler Shed ! Now I look for bones in case of coyote attack and 15 feet away is the other half ! As you can see I found the right side it is very chewed and the WHITE STOOD OUT IN THE GREEN MOUNTAIN LAUREL AND BLUE BERRY BUSHES! Doubtful coyotes would mess with a buck like this . Well I reach into my back pack and pull out my trusty ADWCC ( Antler Dressed Weight Calculation Chart) it’s basically a formula based on base circumference, Weight of Antler, Tine Length left and PERCEIVED TINE LENGTH LOSS DUE TO PREDATION (mice, squirrels and dam Porkys) after about 2 minutes I was able to determine this Buck would have dressed out at 179.63 pounds, just shy of 180, the ADWCC IS ALWAYS within a 1/4 pound, I have been using it for 20 years now and it hasn’t let me down yet. I never look for sheds and always find some but never a double, I am going to mount these !Well walking to my next camera i stop to catch my breath and I kick up 7 Grouse, 4 flushed, then 2, then 1 more ! They were all bedded within 10 feet of each other, I kicked up 7 about 3 weeks ago , wonder if it the same group? They always Flush when you stop to rest ! Well I go and check on new spot and I have a Very Big Bobcat, I put the fawn picture next to it for sizing, I love those Bob Cats ! Starting to get some nice Ridge Runners showing up REAL EARLY MORNING or else they are still totally nocturnal, Blue Berry’s are starting to ripen and the bears are eating them pretty good based on there scat, it’s going to be another great season ! Good Luck and be safe !
  11. 1-1/4 x 4 inch Eye bolt 1-1/4 x 4 inch wood screw Eye bolt 1-3/8 x 1 inch hex bolt - NOT BIGGER must Be 1 inch! 1- 3/8 NYLON LOCK WASHER 3- 3/8 hole x 1 1/4 FENDER WASHERS JUST LIKE IN THE PICTURE MUST BE FENDER WASHERS - i always face My cameras North west so you Will never get direct sun. -I take a 1/2 sheet of paper towel and fold it up to fit inside the camera secured with a little peice of tape, holds the batteries tight and keeps the inside of the camera dry and moisture free which eventually destroys all cameras. -every time i change a SD CARD I pull one battery and wait 10 seconds and put back in, kind of resets the camera without having to reset the TIME, DATE AND FUNCTION MODE. Learned this from a buddy of mine in Colorado where they have extremely cold weather down to minus 30 degrees, it wakes the camera back up , if you just pull a SD card and put in another SD CARD SOMETIMES you go back and no pictures or less because the cameras get lazy . Hope this helps, Good Luck
  12. Well went out on Sunday and moved 2 cameras and checked 2 more, seems like the deer flys are done just noticed some mosquitoes. For the first time in many years noticing a lot of fawns, I have never seen so many, great news! Lots of people hiking on the AT and Crater Lake was packed ! Well I put this camera in a new spot last week about 40 yds from a fresh spring at about 1530 feet elevation, I saw lots of tracks by the spring so I put up a camera ! I had 1600 pictures of deer in 5 days walking to the spring until this little bear decided to tilt my camera down ! Luckily I have my cameras up in trees about 15 feet and on swivels so when the bears swipe at them they swivel down and not break ! This camera got swiped by a maybe 84.31472 pound bear and then I had a porcupine trying to chew it up, those porcupines have a sense of humor! The camera is fine ! You guys in South Jersey have no idea how lucky you are to not have bears ! Anyway not to many bears on my cameras, all young ones who got separated from the mom this year due to breeding . Well you can see the bear approach, then swipes the camera and it tilts down, I catch him escaping sliding down the tree, then what do you know, I get a porcupine climbing up the tree and he chews the back of the camera, then I get I think a Black and White Warbler, then I think I get a FLYING SQUIRREL! The reason I think it’s a flying squirrel is it’s like in the middle of the night but not positive! Also then I think I get a mouse, crazy I didn’t know mice climbed 15 feet up trees! Thank You Mr Bear for re positioning my camera to get some cool pictures, it gets boring looking at Big Old Ridge runners all the time ! 7547 steps, 4.6 miles, 38 floors, kicked up only 2 GROUSE and then of course the dive in the pool and celebratory BEER ! Be Safe Out There!
  13. I have sent 3 cameras and a pair of binoculars back to Bushnell in the past 7 years, ALL WITHOUT A RECEIPT AND ALL AT LEAST 3 years old. You call them up and give them the serial number, they give you a RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER RAN #. You mail it to California where they repair them, costs about 8 dollars, you follow the progress on internet, total time 3-4 weeks round trip and you have a new camera, never been denied or had to pay! My binoculars I dropped out of my tree stand, no glass broke but the quick zoom, they were 7 years old , no receipt and they sent me a brand new pair !
  14. I think it blinks red but by putting them 15 feet in a tree I never have any problems with bears EXCEPT this one time ! Now Porcupines are constantly trying to move my cameras, they eat my seats in my Lock on Tree stand and they chew cables on tree stands! I always inspect my cables and straps on my tree stands from porcupine chewing .......
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