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  1. The beavers dam it up every couple years, then NPS COMES WITH A BACK HOE and digs out the dam and let’s out all the water, right now there is about 4 feet in it ! Here is the beaver dam this winter, the pipe goes under Crater Lake Road, the dam is about 6 feet tall.
  2. Actually in the Lake Success picture in the back right corner there is the remains of a dwelling looked like it was 14 x 20 maybe, kind of in between Crater Lake and Lake Success.
  3. Well haven’t been up on the mountain because of the heat, deer weren’t moving and I wasn’t moving. My daughter and I did a 8 mile hike on the AT before she left for her freshman year at the University of Michigan ( go blue ! ), started from the house in Stillwater and ended at Millbrook rd where my buddy picked us up. That was 8 miles, we had planned to finish at the Mohican lodge ( don’t know what it is cause we never made it ) which would have been 12 miles but 3 weeks ago parts of the AT were flooded out and we got our feet soaked, once the feet got wet you start getting blisters . Met 4 solo hikers that day doing the entire length of the trail , one was a girl about 20, she said she had left Mohican that morning ( about 10 miles north of the Delaware water gap ) and was going to camp in Stokes that night , she tod us that her pack weighs about 32 lbs and she left Georgia May 14th and she always carries 3 1/2 days worth of food, she said her total distance for the day and ending somewhere in Stokes was about 25 miles ! This young lady probably weighed 90 lbs! It is hard to imagine the shape these NOBO’S are in, I was totally amazed ! I was only carrying 10 frozen water bottles, 4 small Gatorade, some snacks and 2 sandwiches! The trail is 2165 miles long and when you cross into New Jersey at the DWGAP your are at about 1365 miles so 800 miles to go, I think anyone who has made it this far has a decent chance of finishing! She did say NJ is part of 160 mile stretch of the trail that is horrible for hiking ( ankle breakers they call it ), every step in a lot of sections is not on flat ground but uneven rock, well that made me feel a little better about doing 8 miles in 3 hours, and I’m in pretty good shape always hiking 4-5 miles everytime I go up on the mountain, oh well ! Well went and checked one of my closest cameras about 2 weeks ago and the bucks are still all in velvet as of 8-27-18, still hanging out together, only moving at night due to the heat ! Not many acorns falling , although by this one camera is under a chestnut oak and they are starting to fall and the deer are eating them every nigh ! I find Chestnut oak are the deers favorite acorn , they are big and white, then deer like white oak acorns and last red oak acorns, I find the deer don’t eat the red till after you get a freeze, they save them to last, they don’t rot. Chestnut oaks and white oaks rot quick ! If you can find a chestnut oak put up a tree stand, kind of like a long leave tear drop shape ! The beavers have dammed up lake success again, they do it every 5 or 6 years, then when the fish start to get a decent size NPS comes and brakes up the dam going under Crater Lake road with a back hoe ! Last picture Lake Success from the dam on Crater Lake road, Good Luck !
  4. 1190ftalt

    Camera stolen. Montville/Kinnelon area

    You could put one of these at the base of your tree that the trail camera is on, you will find out who was trying to take your camera because they will be waiting for you when you go to change the SD card . Don’t know if it’s legal or not , maybe bring some water with you and a cliff bar because they maybe be pretty thirsty, Good Luck !
  5. 1190ftalt

    Camera stolen. Montville/Kinnelon area

    I hang my cameras between 12-14 feet by using tree spikes, takes me 5 minutes extra to change a SD card but never had one stolen and have 7 cameras out year round. Like others have said you can put them low or camo them in or put behind a piece of bark but if it’s over a Bright yellow corn pile they will find it. Regrdless get rid of the black or whatever color strap , they can be seen way before on the tree , it’s a Straight line which really stands out. Try using any one of the advantage 20 feeds which are brown and green looking pellets and are not noticed on the ground, other people will walk right over it and not know it’s a bait pile . Also these feeds are actually good and nutritious for the deer. This is a rare Hunter I get and only during 6 day gun and he never noticed, good luck !
  6. Here’s a closeup of one in February we saw walking on the Appalachian Trail .
  7. Well just got 3 new Bushnell cameras today in the mail, this one got ripped off the tree by the little bear and rolled off the cliff, took me about 30 minutes to find it, I knew it was a bear because the marks on the tree and the last picture taken, usually I mount my cameras 15 feet up in tree so the bears don’t destroy them ! I put this one on a cliff trying to get bob cat, no food but just a heads up after hiking up the mountain and sweating the sweat is on your hands and then the camera, well bears like salt , same thing if you are putting out food and then touching your camera, the bears will smell your camera . Going to put a new camera here up in a tree 15 feet up with rubber gloves ! Amazing the wildlife in New Jersey, good luck !
  8. Don’t know,every time a snake came in sh e stood like 2 ft away but did not defend the egg, once they were born she protected the babies !
  9. Actually did go back and put a camera on the nest! Unbelievable about 200 yds from AT at about 1500 ft altitude and it’s not a Grouse it’s a Black Duck ! well 3 snakes came in black racers, only 1 was big enough to swallo the egg, mother moved and let the snakes try to eat the eggs, once the baby’s were born she became protective! 7 hatched and she took them towards a little swamp and never came back for the other 5 eggs, something ate the other 5 eggs have that on camera to . a little over 50 percent survival rate, probably not bad for Mother Nature !
  10. Well went up on the mountain to check some cameras on Saturday, walked about 6 miles round trip, only about a mile on the AT from hidden falls south then off trail the rest of the way checking cameras . Actually past 21 people all heading north and one fella jogging on the AT heading to Sunrise Mountain, wow ! Nice day and the people are out ! Well after checking my last camera I start heading home and I stopped by a rattle snake den that I have GPS coordinates of to see if any were out sun tanning, no snakes out at all, probably still to cold at night ! I walk about 100 yds from the rocky slab and a Grouse jumps up in the air and starts hovering over my head flapping his wings like crazy almost suspended like 10 feet up over my head, I had already kicked up 3 on Saturday and they always fly in s straight line away ! Never seen one act like this, almost attacked me then flew up to the rattlesnake rock point and disappeared! Well then I look down 3 ft from where I am standing and I see a nestwith 13 eggs, quick took couple pictures and got out of there so as to not disturb the mother or nest! It was a decent size Grouse but I could not believe there were 13 eggs, not a lot smaller then chicken eggs, also lots of feathers so maybe on or 2 hatched ! Not sure if this was a local Grouse or a stocker grouse but I know if Grouse are breeding then it’s a good habitat sign! My buddy has a great camera with a zoom lense he wants to go back with me so I can show him and take pictures from like 40 feet but I’m just going to stay away, going to let it hatch in peace, really cool thing to see ! Good Luck !
  11. 1190ftalt

    High School Wrestling Season Is Here.

    Well good luck to your son, coach Gill used to invite teams that Kittatinny would not wrestle, best to see different competition, and was starting to get schools from NY, port jervis area, I remember when he would let the Blair JV team come, pretty good 2nd string wrestlers! Company’s like to hire wrestlers, the cutting weight, the hard practices in sometimes heated rooms, then going out on the mat and leaving it all there and then Acting NO DIFFERENT IF YOU WIN OR LOOSE and shaking your opponents hand, real life training ! Tell your son Good Luck and the most important part is that he is having FUN ! Good Luck!
  12. 1190ftalt

    High School Wrestling Season Is Here.

    Nice, brings back memories, used to coach for 10 years , great sport, only sport where the only way to get better is to lose ! Used to travel up and down the east coast going to great tournaments, my son was lucky to be on the 2006 Kittatinny State Chamionship team, 3 time county champ and 2 time top 4 in the state, what these fine young men learn on the mat carry’s them thru life , great Memories! GOOD LUCK !
  13. 1190ftalt

    Squirrels- good or bad?

    ^^^ THIS !
  14. Well hunted a couple weeks ago on October 2 and 3 Monday and Tuesday top of the mountain in Walpack, heading to my stand I see a small fresh scrape, maybe 1 ft round, i put a little scent in it and walk to my tree stand about 300 yds away, hunt till dark and walking out back down the mountain I pass the scrape and it is torn up like 2 ft wide and 4 ft long with a branch over it broke and a small sapling shredded, wow, pretty cool for only October 4! So next day I go up to hunt and I bring another camera with me and put it up on the run by the scrape on the way to my stand, I also see another small scrape by it! Well couldn’t hunt the rest of the week but when I checked the camera he was right back the next day then lost interest and didn’t come back for 10 more days, well next year in early October I am going up on the mountain with a lock on stand and find a fresh scrape, hang the stand and hunt it for the next 3 days! Real thick mountain laurel in this area hardly any big trees but really great hunting, oh and the porcupines are out in full force at all my stands, good Luck!
  15. . I usually hang them between 12 and 15 ft up and angling down , keeps the bears from destroying them.