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  1. Yes I Archery Hunt, I have 4 -6 stands up on the mountain, I move them to a different spot every year . I also hunt 6 day Buck and Muzzleloader since 1999, that was the year Fish and Game moved Muzzleloader to the week before Shotgun , Well the Muzzleloader course was Packed ! Archery is by far my Favorite because you can Read The Signs .
  2. Well was taking a ride with my Buddy to go check some of his cameras and we see a Black Phase Rattlesnake coiled up in the Middle of the Road, I got out of the Truck and slowly encouraged the fella off the road, it was a Hot day and it was getting some sun but with all the people driving thru The DWGNPS Land he would have been flattened within minutes. Never like seeing a beautiful Snake crushed on the road. Always wondered do people not see them or do they aim for them? Well got this Rattler safely 20 feet into the woods and it went Under a rock, hopefully it doesn’t come out and go back to the Road ! Well once I see my first Rattlesnake of the year I go on high alert when hiking OFF the AT, next day I am out checking cameras off the AT I come up to a log I always crossover and coiled up at the bottom is a Rattlesnake! I usually see between 7 and 20 Rattlesnakes every year and have only had 3 that didn’t Rattle when you get within 10 feet and they were all babies, this one Didn’t move or Rattle at all, I actually thought it was Injured. Well after observing it for a little it started to move and a little rattling , Very peculiar behavior, either it just shed or was Lethargic from the cold weather the night before, it was as if it couldn’t see me, weird . Anyway I think it was just cold ! We had 1 inch of Snow in May 8th up here on the mountain and it’s been going down into the 30’s. This one had 15 rattles on his tail, they gain a rattle every time they shed and can shed a couple times a year depending on how much they eat so you really can’t age them by the tail. They can live up to 30 years in the wild ! Anyway WATCH WHEN STEPPING OVER LOGS AND BY ROCKS THAT ARE GETTING SUN ON THEM ! Kicked up 4 Grouse hiking, Lots a people getting out and Hiking the AT, Porcupines are all over and the Bucks are starting to grow some Horns . Good Luck ! IMG_4777.MOV
  3. Well the first picture is from a Article from QDMA , these are the stomach contents of a deer in June, amazing they are still eating Red Acorns ! Basically the white are great when they first drop but don’t last long , are eaten or rot , The red are the ones that carry them thru the winter and spring till things green up ! I can’t imagine what Bears eat now . Still surrounded by Porcupines, have a nice Bobcat, a 318 pound Bear (dressed) and Kicked up a couple Grouse, one almost flew into my Head! Lots of People Hiking on the AT, actually saw 2 thru hikers, they said they have had some Cold Nights ! Good Luck !
  4. Well put a camera out in a new Spot where I got a really Cool NON TYPICAL 9 pointer out Of about 5 years ago with a 12 inch Brow Time. Took 3 people 3 hours going down hill thru cliffs , Blow downs and mountain Laurel, this was a case of we should have dragged the Deer uphill 100 yards and around the side of the mountain, We Went Straight Down , ALL BAD ! I put up a older Bushnell Camera that has been making a VERY LOUD 3 second clicking noise every now and then , I notice some cameras if you put your ear to them you can hear Them click sometimes, deer definitely hear it ! Well this camera was only there 1 hour, the Bear came in and heard the clicking , climbed the tree, ripped it down , and chewed it up pretty good, and breaking the glass on front, funny thing the Camera Still works and Doesn’t make the clicking noise anymore! This is the third camera I am sending Back to Bushnell in the last 6 years , the other 2 Bushnell replaced no charge And one of them a Bear chewed up ! It cost like 6 dollars to mail it to California, hopefully they replace this one also . Lots of Bucks all grouped up at other cameras, hitting minerals, saw 2 black racers I believe, they were 15 feet from each other coiled up and didn’t move, it was like 42 degrees and windy ! Amazing how many 1 inch snow days in April per the Cameras, my Snow camera is facing north , the snow is coming out of the west as you can see with the snow painted on the western side of the tree and the deer approached from the East Downwind! Actually calling for snow next Saturday! Turkeys have Gone silent and I kicked up 5 Grouse walking, Lots of Hikers on the AT, people getting out and Sending, All Good ! Good Luck !
  5. Congratulations on a Nice 8 pointer, looks Like a 4 1/2 year old, What did it dress out at ?
  6. Just picked up a China Flu Full Body Quarantine suit today at Walmart, only set me back 29.95 and it came with 2 disposable Face Masks, they were selling like Hot Cakes .
  7. Well went up on the mountain to check some cameras and kicked up 6 Grouse walking around, they never cease to amaze me how how they fly from your feet ! Heard they closed down the Appalachian Trail to thru hikers , many are starting now in Georgia but I think they have to wait 2 more weeks ! I went by a spot on the AT that I normally see 3 or 4 tents in the summer and there were 12 tents there and people hiking all over the AT, guess people have off from work and are getting fresh air ! Went by a bear den that I saw a month ago and there was no bear in it but I noticed this bear comes out in the winter in the snow because I followed his tracks a couple weeks ago, decent size Male and now he walked by my camera! Lots of deer, Lots of herds of Does and Bucks , All Good , Good Luck !
  8. I was given this stove for Free, rusted real bad , recommend sanding it outside like I did on a WINDY DAY ! Couple coats Fire paint and looks brand new. Looked it up and it’s a Quadra-Fire stove, has Catalytic Converters in it ! Good Luck !
  9. Good Times, I was on the AT Sunday from Millbrook Rd to Rattle Snake Mountain, I have never seen so many HAPPY HIKERS in March !
  10. I’ve seen guys dragging deer out on the AT, I would assume they have unloaded there gun if they are crossing it or walking on it for a short distance.
  11. I don’t do much hiking on the AT South of Millbrook Rd, yesterday there were 50 cars there! If you get down into the Gap area I heard there was a fire that burned 70 acres, post pictures if you can ! Good Luck !
  12. Yes I have noticed if I am scouting a new area off the AT and then stop and sit quietly for 30 minutes sometimes deer will start coming in, they feel safer following then getting pushed .
  13. Well got out yesterday to do some Hiking on the AT and check some remote cameras I hadn’t checked in a while do to popping my calf muscle.I must say I was pleasantly surprised to see about 60 people Hiking on the AT, I have never seen that many in March, all the folks I crossed paths with were HAPPY AND SMILING, many parents with children also! I got a sense they wanted the fresh air and beauty of the mountains and wanted to get away from the Negative Bombardment! Well on one of my cameras I got a deer driver, the funny thing is the deer circled around back and were following him ! I actually don’t see a license or Gun unless he had one of those new AR-14’s, I heard they are very small, Light and compact. I don’t even know where he could of been pushing to, you really can’t drive that part of the mountain but who knows maybe it was a couple guys hunting them like rabbits in the snow? I was about a half mile away on top in one of my tree stands and didn’t here even one shot, who knows ! Well checked another camera , I have 6 bucks coming in every day with no horns and I have one buck who comes in every 5 days and still has his horns. He is totally Solo, maybe because he still has his horns, maybe because he doesn’t play well with others ? When he does come in he quickly pushes the other deer out without much of a fight. Another thing I have noticed is the sheds we find now are way bigger on average then years past, less hunters , bigger deer, bigger sheds ? By the way Crater Lake Road is locked at Blue Mountain Lakes, Good Luck !
  14. Congratulations on YOUR Buck of a Lifetime!
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