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  1. 1190ftalt

    11/07 Check In = BBD for Greybeard!

    Well Hunting Walpack off the AT top of the mountain looking down at MRS B’s campground ( don’t know what it’s called today) you can see the curve of the road in the picture. Amazing last 2 days couldn’t see more than 60 yds cause of the fog , today I can see the campground ( with my binoculars) and see 20 miles out in to Pennsylvania! Saw a big porcupine walk by about an hour ago and had a bald eagle circle over about 20 minutes ago, not a bad day ! Patience and Good Luck!
  2. 1190ftalt

    Hide your Trail Cam

    I hang all my cameras about 15 feet up in a tree, use wrap around belt tree steps, I do it because the bears destroy them very rarely get a hunter on there, maybe 3 in last 5 years! Takes 5 extra minutes to change the SD card once you get the hang of it ! Try to pick a tree that has branches in the right spot so you can use less steps and a hand hold branch up top while your standing on the top step and a safety belt of course! Here is a smoke pole hunter walking under my camera a couple years ago, now I am sure that this gentleman would not have taken my camera if it was 4 feet up on a tree he was walking towards with a black strap wrapped around the tree with a 3 foot tail dangling and blowing in the wind! I truly believe in people’s honesty and good nature, BUT if you are going to hang the camera 4 feet up on a tree at least lose the black belt, and I highly recommend getting the TRAIL CAMERA ASSAULT SNARE INTERCEPTOR (TCASI) batteries not needed. Well when you go to change your SD card not only will your camera be there but you will have a new best friend ! Good Luck and be safe out there!
  3. 1190ftalt

    Delaware water gap hunting.

    Rusty, on the first map I posted it shows Mt Paradise, Rattle snake Mountain and Bird mountain, my friends from Colorado told me years ago me that there are actual Cairns built at these spots ( black stars on the map ), I went there and sure enough there are Cairns built there! Mt Paradise is right by the radio tower but then there is a star by Bird Mountain and it says Wireless ? I have never seen a tower there, just wondering what Wireless means ?
  4. 1190ftalt

    Delaware water gap hunting.

    There is a Colorado mountain climbing and hiking website that I am a member of that has detailed maps of the Appalachian trail along with pictures and written descriptions of people actually hiking it, SummitPost.org, it is amazing how detailed it is and they are from Colorado, very informative if your into hiking ! Here are 2 examples of topo maps you can download and you don’t need to be a member ! Go to the bottom of the page click on site geo - map and then New Jersey and then Kittatinny Mountains, great reading and like I said for hiking or outdoor activities, hope this helps, Good Luck !
  5. Great idea to go in with a climber during the rut, do some grunting and rattling and you never know. There are 70,000 acres to choose from and you can drive down Crater Lake road and park and walk in and find a straight oak tree and your good ! I can walk from my house to Crater Lake in about 30 minutes, I have hunted behind the old Lake Success, very nice area but all the old roads back there so it is very popular with people walking with there dogs. Lots of amazing scenic hunting spots, Good Luck !
  6. Well was doing some scouting off the Appalachian Trail and found a area with a big deep scrape fresh and many big trees with rubs, I currently have a tree stand about a quarter mile away but I have noticed that you can move a tree stand 150 yds and the amount of traffic is night and day ! Well I didn’t move the stand I just hung another one ! I also put another camera by the scrape so hopefully I will get this 3 beam buck for a closer picture! Well I check the camera SD card and I have” I think” a buck with 3 main beams, 2 on one side and one on the other, tried to blow it up but with my limited computer skills that’s the best I could do! The first 2 pictures are the 3 beam buck and the third pictures I think is it also based on the time ,the last 3 pictures are from another tree stand. Well we wait all year for these 3 weeks and I am in the game, that’s all you can hope for! Good Luck and be safe !
  7. 1190ftalt

    Hunting Winter Clothes

    I go with - base layer Merlino wool (long underwear) top and bottom 60- -mid layer warm fleece top 80- -top layer Predator coveralls and jacket fall grey -turtle neck with adhesive warmer on neck - fleece gloves/ mittens with warmers in pocket -pull over long sock for neck (Remington) love this thing ! - 2 pairs of wool socks then adhesive toe warmers Bring a thermos with hot cocoa or chicken noodle soup, if you are sitting in extreme cold and take a hot sip of soup or tea your body immediately gets warm! Eat food and drink water or Gatorade, you must stay hydrated and belly full to stay warm , very important! NO COTTON, cotton kills ( well at least out in Colorado) I’ve winter hunted out in Colorado and skied that’s a different kind of cold! If it is a real windy day I bring a soft shell jacket. I walk to my stands about 2 miles so I wear light pants and a sweatshirt and hiking boots to get there then I get completely undressed and dry and get dressed one layer at a time and then put on my rubber boots before I get up into my tree . I back pack all my stuff in, I do not hike to my stand in my boots because you will get sweat in them and you will get cold later. A screw in umbrella that wraps around the tree so you can sit all day in the rain, I’ve been very successful hunting in the rain, best time to hunt, deer always moving and most guys stay home when it rains! - Most important thing is tell people WHERE you are hunting and WHEN you should be back ! - Most important thing is a whistle and a compass and know how to use a compass ! If you ever get hurt in the woods and are immobile you will quickly lose your voice yelling and it won’t carry to far anyway, a whistle cans be heard miles away, universal distress signal is 3-short blast, good luck and more importantly HAVE FUN !
  8. 1190ftalt

    Appalachian Trail - Tree stand safety

    Billy Bob Hunter, I was just trying to try to help someone avoid a possible bad situation based on my experience, I have no idea what you were trying to communicate, maybe too much of Al Hughes moonshine? Anyway your wife just left the firehouse and will be home soon, Good Luck and be safe ........
  9. Well walked up the mountain from my house this morning to check some of my trail cams and to take down a tree stand and move it to another tree off the AT, I put this stand up for a buddy of mine oktober of 2016 for him to gun hunt that year. Well I go to the general area where I know I hung it off the AT and it’s not there ! I walk to the furthest point I know it can be then back track, no stand, never had anything stolen, I never see any hunters, so I start heading north towards my first camera and there it is ! The tree got blown down apparently, looks like carpenter ants ate thru the base and then it got blown over ! I always take my stands down in February but never got up to this one . I actually was regretting having to climb and get this one down today because after 2 years the the tree grows tight and it’s hard to break the cinch strap buckle, it gets locked in place ! Well not only is the stand on the ground but it fell on the stand side but the stand never hit the ground! I was able to take off the stand the way you see it, piece of cake !!!! I knew I was going to have a good day today ! The tree was alive 2 years ago, base of tree looks like ants ate it, I never saw ant damage 2 years ago ! Well always wear a safety belt hanging a stand or in s stand. Check and make sure not only is the tree healthy but the base of the tree the best you can. Make sure there are no dead trees next to you or trees with bad base do to ants. This tree fell EAST, heard trees mostly fall east because sun comes up in east so the grow that way to get the early morning sun ( don’t know if that’s true ). Picture of the stand on the tree is after I first took off the sway strap (bottom) as you can see by the black mark on the tree. Saw a lady on the AT with big hedge clippers, she said she works for the Appalachian Trail society and was clearing branches, she asked me where I was coming from and I said my house, she said you walked from your house ? I said yes ! She said she lives in Piscataway and this is her section of the trail ! I thanked her for all her hard work, it is a really beautiful trail ! Well that tree stand is in another tree ( after I checked every bolt and belt ) overlooking a restaurant I won’t name that not only feed people but they feed deer ! Things are starting to heat up, lots of scrapes and rubs and it’s finally getting cold ! Didn’t have a chance to check my pictures yet but will do soon . Good Luck and remember safety never takes a holiday ! I got a major reminder today !
  10. 1190ftalt

    10/13/18 afternoon check in

    Yes, less people hunt especially up there, the deer get bigger and older, going to check cameras tomorrow but have many deer already over 3 1/2 years old, good luck !
  11. 1190ftalt

    10/13/18 afternoon check in

    Still real windy but a least the sun is out ! 3E28B5EA-E507-48D4-A9A2-BF5A0CC2B68E.MOV
  12. 1190ftalt

    10/13/18 afternoon check in

    Hunting On top of mountain in Walpack at 1539 ft elevation, very windy, wind out of west constant with gusts 20 mph ! Saw a porcupine walk by bout hour ago, supposed to go down to 39 later so deer should be moving ! My trail camera is in the tree to the left of my stand if you can see it, GOOD LUCK !
  13. Well, was hunting last Saturday opening day at my new , most favorite, best , all time , secluded ,secret deer hunting spot, off the Appalachian Trail looking west towards Pennsylvania ( I always think my newest spot is the best ) .I generally hunt on top of the mountain with my stand facing north and slightly west to avoid the sun rising in the morning and when it sets in the evening, usually I don’t hunt the west looking side of the mountain because it is windy all day, most times the wind is out of the north or northwest. What I have learned over the past many years is when it’s windy I see a lot of deer moving, you just have to be very focused because it’s hard to hear ! Also make sure if you are in a lok on tree stand hunting in the wind that you are in a thick oak tree, if you are in a thin tree and it’s windy you will get blown around all day and not good for shot placement ( deer comes in, looking thru peep sight, moving target, ALL BAD !). Well last Saturday got very hot during day, deer lay down and watch TV all day, all bad ! Also bow hunting on top of the mountain while the fellas are sighting in the muzzle loaders across from the Flatbrook or shotguns at the fish and game headquarters and I hear the shots all day echoing up, well you know it’s that time again and it doesn’t get any better being in a tree stand on top of the mountain! We need some cold weather, deer are moving at night, starting to separate from the fellas, starting to rub, lots of small scrapes . Oh, and this one camera is on a scrape and I get this bear walking in ! There are so many bears, soooo many,to bad you can’t bear guide in NJ Met one guy on the AT who left Georgia June 12 and he said he had 8 more miles to go, he was getting picked up at route 206, he said it was 8 more miles to go, asked me if the bakery is open, told him there is a GYPS tavern to the left, no bakery, he said they have beer ? I said yes, big smile ! He had just hiked about 1370 miles, started to get emotional, can’t imagine doing that and I’m in decent shape, he said he was 61 years old ! Well you never know what you will run into up on the AT! Had this walking stick bug on my leg, took his picture and safely released! The picture of the rub on the mountain. laurel , well my tree stand is 61 yds behind it 23 feet up in a tree in the picture ,see if you can find it, GOOD LUCK!
  14. Yes, but the good thing about hunting on top is it’s all DOWNHILL , never see anybody, but do hear the hikers walking on the Appalachian Trail, years ago people hiked from Georgia to Maine with one hiking stick made out of wood , now they all have 2 metal ski poles so I hear them clank, clank , clank, well when the deer come in they hear the hikers and they look past my tree stand towards the hikers and are fixated on them and not ME ! If you go out in the woods now and find a fresh scrape, put a little scent in it now, doe pee in the middle, Buck urine around the outside, put up a stand and hunt hard for a couple days, that buck will be back ! Here is one from last year, look at the date, October 4, saw a scrape, put up a camera, no bait, read the signs ! Good Luck !