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  1. started to downpour about 20 minutes before sunset. Figured I’d get out of my stand and use the rain to cover my scent and sound back to the truck. I start heading it, 50 yards away from stand the skies opened, bumped 2 does heading towards my stand. And ran into a big bear. Pretty frustrated about the opener but happy to be back in the trees
  2. Nothing but bears on my private Z8 spot this morning. Hoping for some luck on public land this afternoon. Happy Hunting everyone
  3. I didnt get mine last year until a week after the season started. I was pretty pissed
  4. What are your best practices for mosquito/bug repellent when out in the field? New stand location this year is in some marshy area
  5. Thanks guy, I'm local to woodbridge arms/archery and the owner is great. I'll start up on my research
  6. Looking to upgrade to my compound after this upcoming season. I've been using my beginner bow Bear Crux for about 4-5 years now, and quiet frankly I have no complaints with it. But I am thinking about upgrading to a higher quality model. I'm not overly picky and not really sure where to start. Any suggestions on what I should be considering?
  7. I bowhunt but was looking to finally site in my 12 guage. May take you up on that offer eventually
  8. I get there few times a week. Nice spot, nothing special. Was able to beat the heat with those 100+ degree days with that shafe. Like it was said above, bring some bug spray.
  9. With all the heat its probably just condensation with cool AC ductwork and warm air causing ductwork to condensate a bit, pretty common. Having insulated ductwork would help that, although would be tough to retrofit. Just note if you run low on Freon R-22 again it is banned on Jan 1st 2020 and will be tough to come by
  10. I thought it was illegal to bait or use mineral on public land, but I thought I read on another post about a week ago it is LEGAL. I was thinking of just throwing a small mineral site down if its ok, can someone clarify?
  11. Going camping at Wharton this weekend with some friends. Was thinking of sneaking out in the early AM and getting some fishing in. Any rivers or ponds/lake for some trout or bass (not bringing the kayak)? Not looking to blow up specific spots or anything, just not familiar with that area of the state.
  12. I'm looking for best campgrounds to do a little fishing, any thoughts? Just not spruce or round valley (looking for something new)...and I do love the pine lands
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