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  1. Clinton Range is closed, anyone know of any other ranges to sight in an air gun? squirrel season is coming and looking to pluck a few
  2. Congrats BuddLake, I was in your shoes few years ago when I got into bowhunting after college. If you need any tips feel free to PM
  3. I feel you. I work 7 days a week in a small family business with my father, it's real estate so you don't turn away business when it comes. But god bless my parents because no matter how busy we are they hound me to make sure I take time to get out in the woods, and they don't even hunt. Hopefully you get things straighten out and get out there. Fresh air never killed anyone
  4. good for you, that could not have been easy
  5. Thanks guys, my end goal is to butcher my own cuts but until that is realistic I appreciate the tips
  6. Picking up first deer tomorrow, what’s a typical tip for the butcher?
  7. It looks way easier than lugging stands and sticks, I’m probably going to try it out for next year. Good video
  8. Didn't have time to snap pictures (racing daylight and by myself), but it was a small doe. Shot it at about 20 yards. I felt very confident in the shot but did not see the hit from all the adrenaline running. Got down out of my stand and my heart sank when the arrow I found was coated in a brown texture, so I was thinking a gut shot. After a minute of calming down and relaxing I found a small blood trail, about an hour later and trailing the blood about 75 yards I was so relieved that I got it done. Turned out to be a double lung shot. I'll never forget that whole sequence, incredible stuff. I appreciate the kind words guys
  9. Shot my first deer today on public land. Gutting it was a process but thank god fr youtube. Been a long time coming, absolutely hooked.
  10. I have an all around sportsman tag, was looking to go out tomorrow in AM, I'm just now double checking my license and I have: 1. All Around License 2. Antlerless Tag but I can't find an antlered tag. Am I missing something or what? If a buck comes cruising am I not going to be able to take that shot?
  11. started to downpour about 20 minutes before sunset. Figured I’d get out of my stand and use the rain to cover my scent and sound back to the truck. I start heading it, 50 yards away from stand the skies opened, bumped 2 does heading towards my stand. And ran into a big bear. Pretty frustrated about the opener but happy to be back in the trees
  12. Nothing but bears on my private Z8 spot this morning. Hoping for some luck on public land this afternoon. Happy Hunting everyone
  13. I didnt get mine last year until a week after the season started. I was pretty pissed
  14. What are your best practices for mosquito/bug repellent when out in the field? New stand location this year is in some marshy area
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