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  1. I've been using four spy points this summer on a few properties, it's what fits my budget. So far so good. Cameras have been out for two months and both have 95%+ battery life. I've had a lot of trouble with cameras past few years and these seem to be holding up well. Solid budget camera
  2. Kayak still for sale. Just an FYI it’s in gold condition, only used 4-5 times. Any questions feel free to PM
  3. I'd appreciate that, looking on going late june
  4. Anyone guiding? Looking to take my first bowfishing trip this summer
  5. Any suggestions? Looking for a weekend camping/hiking trip on eastern side of the state
  6. saw dust wont affect boiler system, if you have forced air I’d be more careful and change your filters more regularly. Dust will crap out the motor and get into the ductwork
  7. Cabelas Archery All Weather Case-$100 12ft Single Person Kayak (Field & Steam Eagle Talon)- $400 Compound Bow (Bear Crux, 4 years old)- $225 -archery case & bow in good shape, minor dings/dents in case -Kayak only used 4-5 times over two years. Good condition. located in Somerset county
  8. somerset, hunterton, morris, middlesex counties? Pretty much anywhere in central NJ
  9. Bear Crux Compound bow: 60lb draw weight, 28" draw length, good condition. Great for a beginner archer. Includes brand new 4-pin site (still in box), stock quiver, stock stabilizer. Eagle Talon 12ft single seat kayak. Brown/Green camo design, only two years old with less than 5 uses. Good condition. PM for price or details/photos. Located in Somerset county.
  10. I switched from a trigger style to a thumb button. I was punching the trigger too much, and when I switched to a thumb button I feel I have more control and increased my accuracy a good deal. Everyone uses and talks about the back tension release. I’m thinking about investing in one but not yet.
  11. Anyone know any spots still open worth checking out? Supposed to be nice this weekend
  12. I voted for him but I don’t like him as a person. It was more anti-hillary/media than a pro trump vote. I generally agree with his overall ideas and think he has gotten stuff done, but some of the off hand comments/tweets he makes are so unnecessary and egregiously stupid.
  13. I went to college on the Easter Shore, unfortunately didn’t get into bowhunting until I graduated. There is nowhere more peaceful than EShore of MD. Great photos
  14. If you’re looking to help a newbie out let me know👍🏻 I can confirm I’ll stand 6+ feet away haha
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