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  1. Bear Crux Bow: $100 Lock-on stand: $25 Bow Case: $65 Window AC Unit: $75 Good condition Also have additional lock-on available for $35 (currently no pictures, it is more comfortable than the one listed, if interested I can get some photos) Located in Union county. PM if interested, willing to drive if reasonable
  2. South Dakota, public land camping/hunting for most the trip, private land access for 1-2 days
  3. I have my first out-of-state bowhunt coming up, going solo. I have everything planned except for one crucial part that I'm looking for some ideas on. I was thinking about options as far as potentially transporting a deer if I get lucky. With restrictions as far as CWD goes, does anyone have much experience on best options? My initial ideas are: 1. Butchering the deer myself, which I've never done before. Although with all the resources online I feel confident to try this myself. 2. bringing to local butcher, but would they send/ship meat back here? That seems pricey. 3.
  4. Great show, Rinella and his enthusiasm for conversation and hunting is one of the bigger reasons I got hooked on hunting/fishing years ago
  5. I love my tacoma, I put 25k miles a year on it and beat the shit out of it. Never had an issue over 4+ years
  6. I have a few coming through my property, I plan on taking one if everything sets up perfectly this year.
  7. Other than population control, any other reasons for the EAB early season?
  8. $30 seat is worn but otherwise solid located in union county
  9. Getting lost in the woods setting up blinds/stands that were all clear when scouting in winter/spring but now are covered in thorns and weeds. Every year.
  10. Got permission on a small farm out in Hunterdon county and I set myself up there the other day for the first time getting ready for EAB. I noticed spotted lantern flies everywhere, the landowner is wondering if anything can be done about them? It's a small hay farm with only a small patch of timber, nothing too extensive. Any ideas?
  11. There are multiple organizations saying that the death rate is significantly lower based on antibody test results. I can’t remember exact city/states off top of my head but I believe both Florida and California estimate tens of millions of people had it without ever getting tested. That would significantly lower the overall death %. Which on one hand is good, meaning it isn’t nearly as deadly as assumed, but also a negative because it means it is unbelievably contagious and would/is overwhelm the healthcare system. All in all, I don’t think it’s nearly as deadly as media makes it out to
  12. sucks, I saw a nice buck dead today on side of road 206-Hillsborough, damn shame.
  13. Going to try the new Annihilator fixed broadheads this year, they seem simple and effective
  14. Isn't the area already closed for hunting and leased out to a local club? I grew up right there and was pissed when I got into bowhunting and learned it's all leased out to a local club. Any reason for voting to closing trails/access?
  15. I would definitely go to a local store and talk with a pro when purchasing. I love the big stores but it is always best to support local business if possible
  16. Been there every other day this week. Targets provided can be shot up to about 40-45 yards. Bring you're own target and can go as far back as 100yds god willing lol. Just a heads an FYI...it's near impossible to shoot with all the bugs swarming once the sun starts going down. 7pm today the bugs were crazy
  17. Woodbridge Arms & Archery in Woodbridge. Dom is shop owner, tiny shop but the guy knows his stuff
  18. Questions, I've always been up in a stand, going to use a ground blind for a specific location this upcoming season. How do you go about setting it up without stinking up an area, it's been sitting in a closet for a while (condo life), any idea on how to control scent or any specific tips on setup? Bow hunting central/north jersey Thanks
  19. neck gaiters 100% if you are looking for comfort. I use it everyday at work/going about my business and by this point I don't even realize it's on.
  20. I hunt public in Central NJ in some well known WMAs. I have a flexible work schedule so I only hunt weekdays, I refuse to go on a weekend to avoid crowds. It's not too bad if you get far enough away from parking lots, I'm sure it's worse than most states but I've never hunted out-of-state
  21. Looking to take a bear this year, I see them all over. Might as well get some meat. My dad watched a tractor trailer roll over one on 78 few days ago
  22. It’s called efflorescence, it’s fairly harmless in most instances. It’s caused from water (usually groundwater) soaking through foundation and pulling some mineral with it, leaves behind a chalky coating. Like mentioned above, this is probably a ground water issue, and a fairly normal one. If you’re not getting water in the basement than I wouldn’t be concerned. I’ve heard mixed reviews on drylok, personally I don’t think it’s a good idea. You want masonry to be able to breathe a little bit or it could cause more issues. A dehumidifier won’t address the issue, but merely mitigate the
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