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Hello Everyone!


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Hello fellow NJW&W members!


My name is Adam and I am a taxidermist from Jersey City, NJ.  Matt was gracious enough to provide me a link to the site so I can get to know all the fellow outdoor enthusiasts in this state. 


I just moved to NJ last fall from West-Central PA.  Back home I had a part time shop in my hometown.  Since I've moved here, I've gone full time in the field, mostly doing wholesale work for other taxidermists across the country, but also picking up some side projects from the city folks here as well.  I've been doing the art since I was 9 years old.  It all started with a 20 inch trout my parents refused to pay to have mounted.  After a trip to the library and being a hard headed kid, I taught myself the art.  While my first projects were far from perfect, over the years I've been able to hone my skills and focus on doing quality work.  In late 2004, I passed the PA Taxidermist's exam (which has since been discontinued) and got my license to open shop to the public in the state. 


I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone and encourage you to check out my website and facebook page for some information about my work.  If you are looking to have some work done, feel free to email or call me with any information.



As a bonus, here is yesterday's project - still in progress on my messy workbench:




banner1_zpsc4bb088a.png smallfb_zpsffb5c351.gif
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