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2 spots for Port Judith, RI fluke charter on Frinday, July 26.


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What's the limit in RI?


The limit is eight (8) fish @ 18".  Sea bass season is also open at that time and the limit is three 3 @ 13 inches.






Man that's gonna be an awesome trip!  That's where the big boys are!  Is bucktailing very popular up in RI as well?


Bucktailing is popular, but they tend to fish them differently than in NJ.  They most common setup is a double mini spro rig with a sinker at the bottom.  Also, gulp is not anywhere near as prevalent up there.


I've done well up there in the past.  My best was 15 keepers from a party boat.  I've caught a 7+ lb fluke on three of the 4 trips I have went on up there.   In my estimation, you probably catch more fish in NJ, but the keeper ratio in RI is MUCH higher.  I estimate that more than half the fish are keeper size.


I really think this will be a great trip and will give everybody a realistic chance of catching a doormat and provide a good opportunity to fill your freeezer with fluke and c bass.


There are 2 spots still open if anybody is interested.



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Man i wish i could go Joe.. Ill be on vacation with the family that week though.Tailchaser and I were talking about camping up near Pt Judith next year as we both just recently purchased travel trailers, and we would definatly be looking into to doing some fluking while were up there..Good luck joe..

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I've been up her all week with the family. Real nice vaca, camping is great. Conditions were tough on Wednesday when we went out. 0 drift , 0 wind. but on a half day boat we still managed to get 7 keeps between the 3 of us and a bunch of shorts.The biggest being a 5.7 lber my daughter caught to win the pool. Plus a ton of sea bass  The mate was telling me typically on their two full day boats they average five double digit fish a week when they have the conditions. I think I'll be planning another trip up here  :up:

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