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NJ Fish and Wildlife providing FREE archery instruction at Great Swamp NWR

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Folks - As the title outlines NJ Fish and Wildlife is providing FREE archery instruction in July, August and even September. Certified archery instructors (NASP) conduct each class. All equipment is provided.
If you have a child, small group, etc that is interesting in learning how to shoot bow and arrow, this is a great opportunity.





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Hmmm.. Good point, I was under the impression it was 'free'. I'm checking with Great Swamp folks to get an answer on this. Will post as soon as I get an answer.


Thanks for pointing this out!!!!

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You say the class is free but the bottom of the poster says[Registration and Deposit required?]


OK - I contacted the person running this program.
His response; The deposit is refundable and is returned if the participant attends the first class which contains a lot of safety and instruction.
This is understandable and makes sense. It takes time and resources to setup these training archery ranges and move schedules around of the archery staff folks. I think all they are trying to do is make sure folks that sign up are truly committed to taking this free training.
Hope this helps
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