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Sniper Hog Light gun kit


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66lrx kit with red bulb. Beam is adjustable to wide fov or tight and bright. Comes with their upgraded mount that has elevation and windage micro adjustment knobs to put the beam exactly where you want it. 110v and 12v charger, 2 batteries and 2 end caps. One is a 2 button switch on a cord with high and low brightness and other cap is standard on off button. Comes with pelican case. Best lights out there hands down. $150 pickup in Easton



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3 hours ago, koz said:

Can ya add filter. I want red or green for predator hunting?

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No this is a led chip. You can order them in red green or white or multi that come with other color chips but red was what I needed so I opted to save $ and do 1 color. You may be able to order the leds from sniperhoglights but im not sure.

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