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New To bow hunting


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I'm new to bow hunting been hunting since I was 16. just started bow hunting last year got out twice my buddy who was to hunt with me got sick and couldn't hunt last year due to illness. I'm looking for someone who would be willing to show me a few things and possibly take me out with them I'm located in union county I know its a long shot but got to give it a try and see if there one person on here who's willing. thanks

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You know what to do since you been hunting for many years!!! with bow hunting make sure your as scent free as you can be play the wind, wear camo from head to toe, plenty of quality of public land around the state, get to know the land your hunting, while hunting you may need to adjust yourself to the deer, look for sign (rubs, scrapes, droppings), also look for where the does are, once the rut comes the bucks we be where the girls are. also get in deep and early, stay as long as you can all day if you can. Just ask questions many good people here always willing to help.....good luck!!!

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or spray and pray..................see above








Actually if you hunt already its not a hard step to bowhunting. The better you become at archery the better a gun hunter you will be. Its all about getting deer as close as possible without them knowing your there!


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Not a nock on you . But to get a stranger to take you to their spot is a real long shot at best . Lol


I was in the same boat . I was born n raised a shot gun hunter.i took up bow when I was 34 (47now) nobody I knew personally bow hunted so i was at a big disadvantage . what i learned from my pop about still hunt'n ,trail n error ,reading a lot of bow hunt'n articals helped me a lot .


Like BHC said being scent free is the biggest part. Shower with scent free hair n body soap , wash your hunt'n clothes in a scent free laundry detergent n store them in a Rubbermaid storage container . Get out in the woods find some good deer signs n take it from there! Good luck!

You add camo to anything, it immediately becomes cool.

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I live 15 mins from Clinton, but hunt an 70 mins north on public land and enjoy it. Granted I don't see the number of deer like I have in the past but I know the land very well, and over the last few years I'm seeing better bucks, and of course bears, where they are when the hunt comes is anyone's guess !!!!!  If you want I can show you some areas, I will be up there this coming Saturday checking my cams, then opening day for that zone opens on the 28th

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