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Has Anyone Used Dietrichs For Butchering?


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Just got back from there (Cabelas). They changed the store a bit...getting worse every year.

I got an email from them at 4:30 that my order was in, so my daughter and I drove out .........walked in got my order, walked around to the archery section and out maybe 20mins

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My father and I dropped three wild boar off at Dietrichs on our way home from Tennessee.  They did a really good job and made everything from Canadian bacon, ribs, jerky sticks and whole smoked hams.  Jerseyhunter sampled a lot of the stuff and I'm sure he can give you his opinion if you ask him.  They do a good business for processing deer with the PA hunters.

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I took rough ground venison there for hotdogs, snack sticks and ring bologna. Absolutely awesome! Not cheap but well worth it. Next time you guys are up there head on up 737 a little farther north and check out Dixon's Muzzloaders.

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