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  1. Check out the Leupold Rifleman 3x9. The prices are great, comes with the Leupold lifetime guarantee. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/leupold-rifleman-waterproof-3-9x40mm-rifle-scope?a=1332935
  2. Inline are allowed, antlerless deer only. The flintlock season starts the day after Christmas.
  3. I got out this afternoon for the last day of the early muzzleloader season in PA. Wind direction was perfect for one small spot I hunt in Bucks County. I spotted several deer out in a field as I was walking in. Luckily I was able to put on a short stalk through a cedar and pine patch. The wind noise and direction, coupled with pine needles to walk on, let me get to about 80 yards and get to a tree for support. I was able to pick out a mid size doe and get a shot off.
  4. Nikon Rifle Hunter 550. I've had it for six seasons, no problems.
  5. We fished together on the Bingo a few years ago and you got a few nice fluke on one of my rods, remember? That was a conventional set up and you did really well with it. Having the button under your thumb to release line is the best way to go. The conventional reels are also less prone to damage, such as a bent bail. If you do get a spinning reel, the Stradic you mentioned is excellent.
  6. I always try to keep things interesting. We did put some fluke in the cooler.
  7. You fished in my 17 foot Whaler a few times. They are hard to beat for durability and safety. There are plenty of them available.
  8. Blackhorn good, Powerbelts bad! You'll be better off with the XTP bullets.
  9. I do the same. The regular XTPs are fine, but the 300 XTP Mag didn't open well. It did shoot great groups. The Harvester Crush Rib sabots realty make the difference for me as far as accuracy.
  10. Sorry to hear about your Dad, Matty. It sounds like he's taking it well. Hope things go better for him.
  11. How does a PA resident buy a firearm in NJ? I don't have a firearms ID and don't see why I need one. I can legally buy guns in PA, and the gun is leaving New Jersey. To top it off it's a black powder percussion that I can buy in PA without a background check. I just came across it online and it's a great deal. I would like to get it, but it might be too much aggravation.
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