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WTB small pistol primers/powder


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Cheyanne mountain in borden town has had spp.  Only allowed 500 at 37 bucks.  Its doubled but at least they have them.  As for powder look around tite group can be found at around 38 dollars a pound.  231 and hp38 are non existent. If your in a bind and load 115 rn and down by toms river i have cfe pistol i could sell you. There are loads for 125 hap as well but I've had good results with 115 plated bullets from xtreme bullets

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lf you have some shotgun power that would work, l have a keg of Rem. 700x 12lbs from my trap shooting days l load 4.5g  to 5.7 max w/ 158g LRN heads that is of [Rifle only]

[ 9mm pistol Rem. 700x ] l don't know if your shooting lead or jacket but starting loads jacked heads 115g 3.9g to 4.2.

All this info is from Lee modern reloading book  SECOND EDITION a lot of good info there on reloading.

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